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tag urself thing bc i can’t draw


-can be whiny

-will fite u for good book

-hidden sass + smartass

-cries during every movie ever

-doesn’t know what they’re doing

-most insecure and clingy

-tries to be cool but fails

-very aesthetic


-purest angel


-cold 24/7

-internal screaming

-someone help him


-very good with weapons

-gives the best hugs

texas man


-F I T E   M E

-extreme anger issues

-will try and punch through brick wall


-likes sporks

-probably has piercings

-won the asshole of the year award


-M E M E S

-worships mickey mouse

-actually very understanding of everything

-needs a hug but hides it


-can’t cook

-cartoon maniac



-sexy and knows it


-doesn’t deserve heartbreak

-very smol in reality

-probably likes square dancing


-internally wants to fite

-not polite

dairy queen

-overworked dad friend

-muscle milk

-doesn’t understand technology


-can be scary

-but gives really good hugs

-stays away from emos

-isn’t appreciated enough


-C A R S

-ball of hatred

-likes lemons

-very rarely shows nice side

-easily irritated

-he’ll fite anything

-actually very smart but no one acknowledges it

-bumps into furniture and then yells at it


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Name: Justine
Nickname: ‘’Jujube’’, ‘’Joo-joo-bay’’ according to @bisexual-poptart, Ju
Gender: Girl :)
Star Sign: I’m an Arie
Height: 5'5"
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hogwarts House: Slytherin 3:)
Favourite Animal: I really love wolves for some reasons….
Average Hours of Sleep: 7
Current Time: 9:07PM
Dog or Cat Person: DOG
Blankets I Sleep With: 3
Dream Trip: Around the world!!

Dream Job: Pathologist

When I Made My Blog: I?? Don’t?? Remember?? A bit more than a year ago I think

Followers: 525 (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!)

Account Peak: The hell does that mean?
Why I Made My Tumblr: Because my friend had one so I made one for myself, than another Tumblr because I have a secre identity hidden from my friends LOL
I Tag: I’m going to make a change and tag random followers :) @eden-winchester @i-am-eurus-holmes @knitting4ever @straightasdeanwinchester @nothin-after-79 @doughnutsanddragons  AND EVERYBODY ELSE


tagged by @imperialidiot (i’m almost done with finals aashwi so i can finally talk to you again yayyy ^ ^) and @angels-cake (aksjdlaksd omg i’m probably even more awkward than you sunshine but i would also love to get to know you better)  to make a moodboard with only images saved on my device

i only have pictures of my travels and food…hahaha always my mood tbh so it fits perfectly > <

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Name: Ankita ( My name is so common that I answer to people all the time who aren’t even asking for me)

Nicknames: Tee or Tea . (Yeah that’s my nickname, don’t question)

Zodiac sign : Aries

Height : 5′1″ (Yeah a hobbit, don’t laugh)

Orientation : Bi (closeted)

Ethnicity : Indian.

Favourite Fruit : Bananas 

Favourite Season : Autumn 

Favourite Book Series : Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes (some book series in my mother tongue as well), Dan Brown.

Favorite Flower: Rose

Favorite Scent : Petrichor

Favorite Color : Blue

Favorite Animal : Dogs

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa : Tea. Can’t betray my nickname.

Average Sleep Hours: 7-8

Favorite Fictional Characters : Sherlock Holmes, John Watson (no points for guessing these two), Hermione Granger, Legolas, Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural (I stopped watching spn after they killed her), Chandler bing (I wanna be like him), Robert Langdon.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With :1

Dream Trip : London, Paris.

Blog Created : August 2016

Number of Followers: 6360

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so yeah

last song: Covered inn Chrome - Violent Soho << the most rad aussie indie rock band you will ever listen to

home screen - pj is beautiful

lock screen - dodies snapchat ‘given up sleeping lol’

selfie - *crops half face out* *adds disracting shapes*

okay here’s who i tag (optional!)

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pretty much my old art and ONS with a side of Ass Class there XD

and some things i reblogged… XD oh my

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time where u are now: 1434 also no one asked but its raining
last thing u watched on tv: brazilian soap opera
favorite color: i like bright green bright pink nd any dusty color
favorite ice cream flavor: lemon pie !!!
what you ate for dinner tonight: doritos
what youre currently wearing: a sweatshirt and my only pajama pants
favorite movie character: laura from men in black 2
top places to visit on ur bucket list: disneyland im dead serious ive never been there and it makes me so sad
harry potter house: snake
if you read fanfic last one you read: i dont but liv made me read a bts fanfic where they all rot to death and i liked the way it was written it was good
favorite sleeping position: i like to sleep on my tummy or on my side either way i cant sleep without my teddy bear and thats what matters
if you could instantly teleport yourself anywhere right now: moon

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5 Things Tag

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5 Things You’ll Find in my Bag

  1. vanilla softlips chapstick
  2. wallet
  3. car keys
  4. random coins 
  5. phone

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bedroom

  1. my stuff animals
  2. my kpop albums
  3. my books
  4. my bed
  5. my jewelry box

5 Things I Always Wanted to do in Life

  1. travel abroad with friends
  2. watch a sunrise
  3. study abroad
  4. go to Disneyworld
  5. attend a concert

5 Things I’m Currently Into

  1. “dk” - isabelle
  2. poki
  3. sleep?
  4. colorful pens!
  5. Brave Girls’ Rollin 4th Mini Album

5 Things on my To-Do List

  1. start studying latin vocab
  2. attempt some chem problems
  3. write up my religion reflection
  4. be productive this weekend
  5. get milk tea

5 Things People May Not Know About Me

  1. made the soccer varsity team during freshman year and became caption the last 2 years
  2. won my school’s speech contest for 5th and 6th grade so had to go to the district rip
  3. lowkey have a fear of water because of a close to drowning experience woo great memories :)))
  4. my brother calls me mom #2 since i’m always taking care of him when our mom isn’t there
  5. i can’t eat watermelon :(

“nah haha i don’t have a type”

“yeah so?”

“okay but-”

“yes, but i-”

alright jfc I get it


S H U T  U P

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1. Do you have a favourite book? Or multiple? If so, which one(s) and why?
The Red Queen series is definitely up there. Especially the first book. I just love VA’s writing style, and the characters and the world building blow me away, and the plot twists are so amazing and I’m just…I want to write like this one day. I want my writing to make people feel like Red Queen made me feels.
Also I just really love VA so there’s that.
I also really like Carry on By Rainbow Rowell. It was just such a soft story…reading it made me feel warm inside.
I’m also a huge fan of the Lunar Chronicles, specifically of Cinder. Again I love the writing, the characters, the world building…and Cinder and Kai just had such a wholesome relationship…idk
I love so many more books…honestly books are amazing there are too many good ones out there and I’m sad that I don’t have time to read the all

2. Favourite song/artist?
I love music, but I don’t have either. I’m sorry.

3. Pinapple on pizzas, why is(n’t) it bad?
No. Because Pineapple is disgusting. 

4. Do you use Farhenheit or Celsius? Do you understand the one you don’t use?
I use Celcius, but I kind of understand Fahrenheit since I spend six months in the US. But tbh, Fahrenheit is a really pretty fucking dumb system.

5. Favourite scent? Where is it from? Why is it your favourite?
Again I don’t like choosing favorites…but I love the smell of the ocean because it brings back good memories. I also really love lavender, gasoline and the smell of our basement for unknown reasons.

6. Favourite memory?
I don’t like sharing them…idk, I’m sorry, it just makes me feel weird. 

7. Can you say a sentence in a language you have never studied?
I can say Thank you in Finnish? Kiitos for tagging me m8

8. Opinion on James Charles?
I don’t really have one, since I don’t know much about him. But I envy his make up skills.

9. Ever kept a diary? How did it go?
I tried like 500 times, but I could never keep it up for more than one day.

10. Allergic to anything? How did you find out
LMAO so much shit mites and cats are the worst, but then also dogs, guinea pigs, tomatoes, nuts (esp peanuts), and a bunch of other annoying allergies esp some pollen, but I forgot which ones in particular bc I last got tested ages ago but if I forgot to take my medicine for too long I’d probably have to go to the hospital bc my mites allergy is so bad lmaooo

11. Have you got a life quote that you try to live by? Why is it your life quote? What does it mean to you?
I don’t. I can’t remember to eat how do you expect me to remember inspirational quotes.

My questions:

1. How many stuffed animals do you have?

2. Do you collect anything?

3. What’s your favorite foreign snack, if you have any?

4. Favorite Make up Guru?

5. Is there a story you are dying to write/draw/get out there somewhere? Tell me about it! What is it about? What do you love about it? How did you come up with it?

6. Dan or Phil?

7. Do you believe in Aliens? 

8. What’s the most interesting Tv Show(s)/Movie(s) you’ve ever watched? Why was it so interesting?

9. How do your bedroom walls look like?

10. Thoughts on Polaroids?

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I was tagged by the lovely @insane-halloween-lover Thanks for tagging me :D

1. Manolo Sanchez, “The Book of Life”

Manolo, my son. I love him not just because he’s a beautiful singer (especially in Spanish) but because his morals and values line up pretty much with mine, which is always nice. The boy walks the straight n narrow, so to speak, and he still manages to have fun and rebel a little against his family’s ideals, which sometimes is what I would like to do. Also his relationship with his family is pretty much a perfect reflection of mine (specifically near the end of the movie when they’re fighting Chaqal). I mean, this boy is my phone case. That’s gotta count for how much I love him, hehe.

2. Charlie Eppes, “Numb3rs”

Do I have to explain this one? My other son, Charlie, genius with social problems and child-like wonder and curiosity and wonderful humor. I relate so much to him, personality wise and on a deeper, intellectual level. Honestly if you wanna know more why I love him, go through my Charlie Eppes tag and just… enjoy the ride.

3. Tarrant Hightopp/Alice Kingsleigh, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”
Speak of curiosity, eh? Hehe. Tarrant and Alice, my favorite character duo since the beginning of Time himself!! I relate to both of these characters so much and I love them so much. Tarrant is such an oddball and a dork and a ferocious friend (*ahem* husband to Alice *ahem*). Alice is filled to the brim with curiosity and wonder and selflessness and aaaa! I could go on forever. They’re my favorites because of their characteristics and the way they balance each other out is perfection. I gotta stop now or I’ll never shut up

4. Jefferson the Mad Hatter, “Once Upon a Time”

Another Hatter!! Of course. I love every version of the Hatter, I’ve always related the most to the character no matter what the retelling. Jefferson, especially. He does everything he can to help his daughter and make sure she has nothing but the BEST, even at the expense of his own life. He loves his baby girl so much and I absolutely love that she is his motive, he must live for Grace, he must work for Grace. What he often forgets is that like her name suggests, Grace will always give him grace, and is content with whatever they have as long as she’s with him. And again, I love him.

5. The Doctor, “Doctor Who”

Doesn’t matter the rejig, I love this character. Defender of the universe, protector of Earth and last of the Timelords. This man has been through so much and he’s grown so much from his first (seen) incarnation. I’m still with 11 at this point in my journey with the Doctor, but as far as I know, whoever plays him does a wonderful job and captures his character extremely well. He’s just so complex and with every episode we learn more about him.

6. James “Jim” Moriarty, “Sherlock”

Specifically the BBC version, mind you, but I have loved every portrayal of Moriarty I’ve seen thus far. He is very much the “old fashioned villain” in Sherlock’s narrative, and yet so much more complex than that. I would love to know more about him, definitely going to have to read the original books and delve more into my favorite villain.

7. Princess Kida and Audrey Rocio Ramirez, “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”

My girls. My wonderful, sassy girls. I’ve loved them since I was a kid and I still love them to this day. They are wonderful female characters, with sass and intelligence and beauty. Everything I ever wanted when I was a tiny Mello and now what I hope I have. Also, have you seen their badassery? They rock.

8. Rapunzel, “Tangled”

I relate to Rapunzel so, SO much. As an artist, I love that she draws/paints as much as I do. I love her spontaneity and her wonder and curiosity. She isn’t as naive as people think and there’s so much more to her than pretty green eyes and long blonde hair. She is a fun loving, goofy, strong character with an affinity for art and people. She’s so kind even to the people that scare her, and she’s not afraid to put her foot down. If I had to picks a character that describes me, I’d say Rapunzel, almost to a T, describes me. That’s probably why she’s my favorite (new) Disney Princess.

9. Danny Fenton, “Danny Phantom”

What can I say? I love the Ghost boy. He’s a dork, he was one of my first childhood crushes, and he is a very great character even after coming back to the Phandom for the first time in about 7 years. The fact that he’s still an amazing character after all this time speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Hehe.

10. SIRIUS BLACK, “Harry Potter”

All caps for him because he DESERVES IT. Sirius Black, my favorite character probably of all time besides Alice and Tare, is single handedly one of the best characters (in my opinion) in the entire Harry Potter series. I really wish we got to spend more time with him (I’m sure Harry wishes that too… oh look tears) and got to know more about him. He escaped Azkaban to protect his godson, his best friend’s son, and if that isn’t pure loyalty then shoot me. This man was wrongfully imprisoned and took the punishment because he thought he deserved it. He thought he got his best friend and his wife murdered when it was really Peter and my WORD Sirius deserved so much better. Sirius is my favorite, I can rant about how he should’ve lived for hours. I will never EVER be over his death. “Sirius, I’m seriously missing you.”

Alrighty, time to tag!! I’m not sure I’ll tag ten people, but if you wanna do this, feel free to!!

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20 Questions

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Rules: Answer 20 tag 20(ish)


Nickname:  Asian Leprechaun, Sister Chewy

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 4'8"

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: American

Favourite fruit: Strawberries, Bannanas, Kiwi and Pineapples.

Favourite season: Fall! The air is crisp with some bite to it. Cool enough for a hoodie or jacket but not cold enough for a heavy winter coat. Dark, earth tones in fashions. Warm drinks like Chestnut flavored coffee and peppermint cocoa. The start of the holiday season and all of that wonderful excitement. Goards! I love goards, squashes and pumpkin spice everything are where it’s at for me. The beauty of all of the leaves changing colors.

Favourite book: Fanfiction. This is so embarassing. I love to read but I haven’t read actual book in ages.

Favourite flower: I don’t like flowers.

Favourite scent: Leather, a stinky dog (not a wet dog), freshly cut grass, coffee

Favourite colour: grey

Favourite animal: wolf or dog

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee

Average sleep hours: maybe 6? who knows though I don’t keep track.

Cat or dog person: Dogs. I love both though. I just feel that dogs rely on you more which makes it easier to bond with them. And because I just love to carry them and pet them and there so cute. Well both are but I think because I grew up with a dog.

Favourite fictional character: I love a lot of fictional characters, but Sharon Raydor just speaks to me

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3. One of them is a heated blanket. I’m always cold. I have a very hard time holding any kind of body heat.

Dream trip: A trip to an inhabited planet with friendly aliens. But one that i’d actually get? Probably a trip to Hong Kong, Tokyo, L.A., Italy, The Pyramid of Giza, Machu Picchu. Basically everywhere.

Blog created: Years back but didn’t actually use it until last year. Originally created as a portfolio for my Graphic Design class. But I never used it and ended up coding one instead. And then I fell into the DS9 fandom which is pretty much non existant these days and the BSG and them MC and the rest is history.

Number of followers: 238

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  • Relationship status:  Single <3 {with @borntobeafangirlxd <3}
  • Lipstick or chapstick: A bit of both
  • Last movie I watched: Kong Skull Island
  • Last song you listened to: Ride Till I Die by Kay One
  • Top 3 shows: Owari no Seraph (Forever number one), Assassination Classroom, Kuroko no Basket
  • Top 3 characters: Guren Ichinose, Kureto Hiiragi, Akashi Seijurou
  • Top 3 ships: (Unfair~) Kuregure,Crowgure, Kygure (Ky Luc x Guren)

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I knooowwww I just did one of these but I just wanna get all of them done because otherwise they just sit around in my drafts, So here we go:

A: age: 15
B: biggest fear: Becoming so anxious that it stops me from breathing for too long and I die (lovely I know)
C: current time: 10:55pm
D: drink you last had: Cold chocolate
E: everyday starts with: squinted eyes and my phone
F: favorite song: That is impossible to answer. It’s probably by MCR tho lets be honest…
G: ghost, are they real: I really hope so, I wanna spook people when I die lmao
H: hometown: Nope, Not tellin y’all
I: in love with: Music and my cats
J: jealous of: Gerards sassy ass 
K: killed someone: Not yet ;)
L: last time you cried: Within the last week
M: middle name: I AINT TELLIN
N: number of siblings: 3
O: one wish: To meet somebody I idolize and have them personally give me advice. idek, Maybe just to get through life and say that it was all worth it.
P: person you last called or texted: My Dad…
Q: questions your always asked: “IS THAT REALLY HOW YOU PRONOUNCE YOUR LAST NAME???” no… god damnit IT’S A SILENT E…AHAJDHIASICAO.
R: reasons to smile: (and cry lol) ships, my cats, good frickin music, fandoms, my frens, my crazy ass family.
S: song last sung: Early Sunsets Over Monroeville, By My Chemical Romance.
T: time you woke up: 9:30am
U: underwear color: Black, Is it sad that I had to check?
V: vacation destination: I WANNA GO BACK TO ENGLAND SO BAD LETS GO
W: worst habit: saying i’ll sleep at a resonable time and then ending up sleeping at 2am
X: x-rays you’ve had: Some for my teeth I think, idfk
Y: your favorite food: Well right now i’m craving raspberries.
Z: zodiac sign: Scorpio

taggies: @shipsareamazing123 @mychemicalchinchilla @just-a-crazy-nerd @omg-i-cannot-even @anyone else who wants to :)

Have fun y’all and you don’t have to do it <3