havananeilson  asked:

3, 7, 17, 13, 1?

3 - check

  • How do you handle the toxicity sometimes found in the roleplaying community, particularly in fandoms?

I usually do not join fandom rps since I dislike how most people play the characters. But anyway, as a person who has admined a rp group with over 2k registered users, I gotta say I just learned to not give a damn about people’s opinion and tiny pathetic little dramas they provoke, invoke and spread throughout the community. Haters make me laugh, drama-lovers make me stay away from then and as a whole, I’m in a boat that swims with the current and goes away from all unnecessary drama. 

  • As a writer, who is your biggest inspiration?

Let’s be selfish. My-sleeping-self. Like, when I sleep my brain creates amazing plots and all my books, stories and poetry are based upon these dreams. I even have scripts for movies, drawings and graphic designs based on dreams I have had. (but a real writer… all fictional writes, i can’t pick one)

  • What advice can you give to someone who has just begun RPing on tumblr?

Erhm… Rp with me and I will show you while we play how to do it? Idk, that’s pretty much what I gave my 1x1 rp buddy who had never played on tumblr before.

  • What is your favorite genre to write?

Fantasy, horror, romance. All in the same book/story usually :3