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I know I’m late but this dark skinned girl lost a lot of weight while I was in the hospital & rehab when I was tboned in an accident . I wasn’t supposed to survive but 6 months later, I relearned how to walk!! Dark skin appreciation 😘 sorry for how crazy I looked but when the struggle is real….it shows lol


And for what it’s worth, not a single vote in here has your name on it. 

This is a historic tribal council. Most idols ever played at a tribal – three. Most people ever safe at a tribal – five. And the most significant and devastating part of tonight’s history-making tribal for you, Cirie, is you become the first person in 34 seasons to be voted out simply because there literally is no other choice. There’s no need to revote.


“11th person voted out and the first member of our Jury - Heather Chandler, please bring me your torch.”

Did you know that when I’m not drawing, 90% of the time I’m crashed out on my couch binge watching Survivor? 

So this is the product of that .

While drawing this I had the whole thing plotted and planned out to the Final 3 but I won’t bore you with the details unless you’re interested lmao! 

Obviously they are older so they could be on the show. JD took on his dad’s business and Veronica’s going to Harvard.


Pulse survivor Ricardo Negron reflects 1 year after shooting: “Every day I wish it didn’t happen”

  • Ricardo Negron had signed his receipt and was getting ready to leave Orlando’s Pulse nightclub when he heard gunshots. He saw people hit the floor, so he did the same. 
  • When the shots paused, he and others migrated to the back patio to wait for rescue. He had walked in at midnight to see a drag show, but he left a survivor of the worst mass shooting in modern American history.
  • Since that night one year ago, Negron has become one of the many Latinoswho has started to rebuild and care for Orlando’s Latino community, which the shooting devastated
  • As people like Negron soon saw, no infrastructure existed to help survivors and families. 
  • Through his work at the Hispanic Federation’s Proyecto Somos Orlando program, he has become part of the vanguard building it.
  • “It’s honoring. It’s humbling. At the same time, it’s scary,” Negron said in a phone interview. “Sometimes you feel like you can’t do enough because of all the needs that exist.” Read more (6/12/17)

i see a lot of shoutouts specifically for victims of rape and sexual assault, but not many for victims of other types of abuse. all abuse is inexcusable. yes rape and sexual abuse are awful, but they are not the only ways someone can be abused. so here’s a shoutout to all of us victims. we all deserve one.

shoutout to abuse victims for being strong enough to survive.

shoutout to victims who were sexually abused.

shoutout to victims who weren’t sexually abused.

shoutout to victims who were emotionally abused.

shoutout to victims who were physically abused.

shoutout to victims who were verbally abused.

shoutout to victims of domestic violence.

shoutout to victims of financial abuse.

shoutout to victims of social abuse.

shoutout to victims of neglect.

shoutout to victims of bullying.

shoutout to victims of passive-aggressive behavior.

shoutout to victims who were abused by a loved one (parent, sibling, friend, or anyone else)

shoutout to victims who denied their abuse because “it’s not that bad” or “it’s not as bad as it could be” or “at least it’s not ___”

shoutout to victims who constantly apologize for everything.

shoutout to victims who can’t speak up for themselves.

shoutout to victims who dissociate.

shoutout to victims who have flashbacks.

shoutout to victims who were traumatized by their abuse.

shoutout to victims who weren’t traumatized by their abuse.

shoutout to victims who developed PTSD from their abuse.

shoutout to victims who developed C-PTSD from their abuse

shoutout to victims who didn’t develop PTSD or C-PTSD.

shoutout to victims who haven’t yet or are unable to heal.

shoutout to victims who are in the process of healing.

shoutout to victims who have healed as much as they can from their abuse.

we are strong. we deserved better. and we can recover.