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Fav drink headcanons for people that aren’t Edd, Eduardo, or Tom

Matt - Milk (I think this is canon cause there are multiple scenes where Matt is just drinking milk)

Mark - Milkshakes

Jon - Redbull (yes really)

Paul - Gatorade

Patryk - Powerade

Bing - Coffee (black)

Larry - Tea

Laurel - Pepsi (@torddkin came up w/ this and I really liked it!)

Hellucard - Monster energy

Diwi - Fucking water

Every Last Reason

Enjoltaire (Enjolras x Grantaire)

Trigger warning: this fic contains alcohol abuse and self loathing.

Small talk and wine filled their living room, Enjolras had accepted one glass of wine for the night, but Grantaire being himself had obviously got things out of hand and now he curled drunkly on Enj’s chest as the blond man’s hand played lovingly on the dark mess of curls.

 "We should probably get some sleep" Enjolras said, suddenly realizing it was nearly 3 am. 

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hi hi! so for a few weeks months now I’ve been trying to get everything on this blog organized, and a couple weeks ago I came to a conclusion: I can’t. I’ve had this blog for four and a half years; it chronicles everything from my senior year of high school to the post I reblogged this morning. I love my tumblr, and I am certainly not thinking of leaving completely. But now it’s time for a fresh start. 

@snowcaitiln is where you can find me from now on. so far I’ve only posted my stuff (and a fandom secret santa like ten minutes ago), but tonight and tomorrow I’m going to go on a following spree and fill up my queue so it will be active asap! 

I am wicked disappointed (to say the least) that tumblr has turned off tracked tags literally the day before I posted this, but whatevs. I hope everyone finds this. I hope you all follow my new account. 

but kait, what do I get if I follow your new account? well, everyone asking this question, you get a bunch of cool stuff, including:

  • a follow forever when I reach 100 followers
  • tumblr awards when I reach 400 followers
  • psd packs when I reach 500 followers
  • even more super fun and exciting surprises after that!!!

in conclusion, I moved. this account will still be here, but I won’t be active at all. this post will be queued on repeat for a few weeks, so if you want to unfollow this account, please do. 

follow me over at @snowcaitiln for lots of fun stuff. 

and for my wonderful people I’ve talked to on here, here’s something so you’ll (hopefully) see this.

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and all of girl meets group chat, ofc.