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mm ok, two best friends who have known each other for ~insert whatever time frame here~ and one of them, muse a is comfortable in their sexuality, like def knows they’re bi/gay/whatever. obviously muse b knows this and supports it because best friends and all, but then b starts feeling differently like ‘oh, maybe /i/ could be attracted to the same gender too, hm this is new’ and tells a about it. a is supportive of their friend and wants to help them so like idk takes them out to get drunk and hook up w someone or something like that, who knows, anyways it doesn’t end up working and a is sad for b because they couldn’t help them but then b in a drunken (or perhaps not) state is like “well, you could kiss me” and a is just like………. “if that’s what you want” and just, eshdfjgdsfla. go wherever from there but just, angst of b trying to figure out who they are and a realising ‘oh shit, i think i might be falling in love with my best friend now what’ and ahah dshfbszd i need it bye.

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you always leave such well-thought out compliments and thoughts and observations in your tags. how do you do it. tell us your secrets to being able to take that time and effort for all these things. i want to live my life more like yours, where everyone i interact with knows how much i appreciate them.

Ahah, well ! It’s actually hard sometimes to tag things properly, because I don’t always have the strength when I see something cool, so I usually put them in a separate tab until I can tag them nicely. It also means I don’t reblog a lot !
But I just find that everyone profits from nice tags, so I always try to put something interesting. It all boils down to “why did I like that thing that I want to share” ? And if you can write why you liked it, people will be happy, and it doesn’t even take that long for you, so ! I think everyone wins in that case.

Have a nice day !