tagged them all so you can blacklist accordingly!

A PSA that if Dan uploads a video about mental health and you don’t want to watch it or are not in the best place to watch it then don’t feel bad and just log off for the evening. If you can’t deal with that right now then that is so so so fine!

Also, phandom members please remember to tag ALL your posts with trigger warnings. Some people come to tumblr to escape their worries and if their dash is full of triggers that will make a safe space unsafe. 

If there are people who don’t want to watch a video on that subject at the moment and don’t post anything about it please don’t jump to the conclusion that they don’t care or they dislike the video. Even if it’s an educational and thoroughly important video, it might just be too much for some. 

Remember that you don’t know what’s happening in other people’s lives and so tag things accordingly and have sympathy for those who will react differently than you for that video. For many I’m sure it will be of great help, but for others it might be too much.

This goes for all posts on mental health awareness day. Please please tag stuff so others can blacklist them if they just need to look at gifs of puppies. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care, they’re just dealing with things in their own way <3 <3 <3

It’s Spoiler Season

Just a quick PSA to make it clear that I DO plan to watch this season’s episodes as soon as they drop on the app (Midnight Saturday, if they follow the same pattern as last season).

I will try to put any obviously-stated spoilers beneath a cut, at least until the real-time airing. But, as a lot of my reactions come in the form of gifs and dumb jokes, be prepared for posts that may hint at a spoiler and will not necessarily be below a cut.

All that to say, please please please please please take your own precautions against spoilers, as the only promise I can make is that I will tag them accordingly using the following:

  • #outlander season three
  • #outlander spoilers
  • #outlander 3x01 (this number of course will change by episode)

Please take advantage of all the great features on xkit to blacklist these tags, until you are ready to see. Please note that there is also a mute feature, which would allow you to hide me from your dash until you are ready to see my posts

Happy Season 3!

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Hi everyone! (& thanks to @agentverbivore​ for the fantastic banner!)

Welcome to AOS Advent 2017!

For those of you who didn’t take part in the inaugural event last year (or just can’t remember back that far) this is an obligation-free signup-free content creation extravaganza! 

Between December 1st - 24th I will post one prompt per day. The prompts are holiday, mostly Christmas, themed, but you’re welcome to take it in as much or as little of a tooth-rottingly festive direction as you so choose. You have until January 31st to fill prompts and have them promoted here!

Simply tag #aosadvent2017 in the first five tags, and somewhere in the tags #prompt: word. (eg #prompt: star) so that I can tag it correctly.


  • All types of content are welcome!

  • Multi-ship friendly; all major characters & ships in works will be tagged accordingly for finding or blacklisting.
  • As far as I am concerned you are very welcome to post to the tag with gifted or exchange-based fics, art etc. They do not not have to be created exclusively for this event.
  • If you’re late to fill a prompt, or don’t fill one every day, that’s cool! My main goal with this is content creation, so the more the merrier! That’s why the tags are prompt rather than day-based. (& remember, this blog will be on the lookout for new works until Jan 31st)
  • Please spread the word!

For questions or comments, please message me at my main blog here (x).

Thanks, and enjoy!
~ Clara

P.S. Below the cut I have tagged some networks and pages that I think might be interested. Feel free to check them out and/or add your own! We are happy to cross-promote.

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anonymous asked:

thorki isn't incest by definition because they are not blood related, they see each other as brothers though, just like very very close friends would/could.

It’s still not incest, and that’s an actual FACT, so I’m not tagging as such. Sorry, jurist here, we take things like actual definitions seriously.

We all ship different things, and I totally respect that you may not like them together romantically, that’s really okay, good for you. But I do and this is MY blog, where I’m happy to post stuff that I like and enjoy, thorki included. If you like my content I’m glad. If it offends you, you’re free to unfollow.

Everything I post is tagged accordingly, so people can blacklist what they find upsetting, which is why I don’t understand what we’re discussing here. Cause if you’re here to try to convince me that I’m shipping something “wrong”, you’re just wasting your time.

I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna get into this argument again, cause tbh I’m quite tired of people stopping by to criticize and throw hate at me over couples that I like and reblog about.

I’m here to have fun, spread positivity, and post happy original content about the stuff I like, I don’t have time nor patience for negativity, I already get that from my rl. Thanks.✌


conclusion: they picked sousuke in the end so connie went back to slaying titans The End

inspired by all the comparisons/mislabeling/mistagging between connie and the buzzcut boys in sports

Reminder to be mindful and tag your posts accordingly when the DLC comes out.

Because not all of us will be able to play it at the same time and spoilers are bad, really bad, they literally spoil the fun.

I will tag all my DLC related posts with 

  • trespasser dlc spoilers 
  • trespasser spoilers
  • trespasser dlc

So you know what to blacklist if you don’t want to get your fun spoiled.

Also, I will definitely blacklist all everything about the DLC myself when the DLC comes out because I’m not sure when I will get to play it (it would depend on whether or not flycam works with the DLC, because I’m unable to play without flycam since it stabilizes my game during cutscenes for some curious reasons), and don’t want to get spoiled myself.

So, please, please, please, tag your posts! And best tell everyone beforehand which tags you’ll use so we can blacklist them accordingly, since not everyone will use the same tags for the DLC.

That would be all.