tagged them all so you can blacklist accordingly!

Reminder to be mindful and tag your posts accordingly when the DLC comes out.

Because not all of us will be able to play it at the same time and spoilers are bad, really bad, they literally spoil the fun.

I will tag all my DLC related posts with 

  • trespasser dlc spoilers 
  • trespasser spoilers
  • trespasser dlc

So you know what to blacklist if you don’t want to get your fun spoiled.

Also, I will definitely blacklist all everything about the DLC myself when the DLC comes out because I’m not sure when I will get to play it (it would depend on whether or not flycam works with the DLC, because I’m unable to play without flycam since it stabilizes my game during cutscenes for some curious reasons), and don’t want to get spoiled myself.

So, please, please, please, tag your posts! And best tell everyone beforehand which tags you’ll use so we can blacklist them accordingly, since not everyone will use the same tags for the DLC.

That would be all.