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Hey :) I just saw your previous ask and do you have any fic where Tony's convinced the team hates him? (Pre-cw) I love them too ^^

Hi there! Let me start by congratulating you for your fantastic taste lol. I wasn’t sure if you meant whether I have written such a fic or whether I can rec any, so I’ll just go with both, hope you don’t mind!

I’ve written one fic that might meet these criteria, which you can find here. (It’s a high school AU but otherwise it absolutely fits.)

Now as for others I can recommend:

[Please check the tags of these fics before you read them if you want to avoid any triggers, as I won’t put any warnings or even specific pairings into these recs]

  • and you needed someone to show you the way by SailorChibi: This precious gem is basically 25k of Tony revealing how little he thinks of himself whilst kidnapped, and a very pissed off team coming to his rescue. There’s also a pretty side-dash of soulmate angst. I also recommend Tony Stark, Pokemon Trainer (nobody appreciates how much Tony does for the team) and hold the things you wanna say (in which Tony works himself into exhaustion because he doesn’t consider himself part of the team) from the same author
  • First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass: A beautiful, heartbreaking series in which the Avengers do in fact start out bullying Tony until things come to a head- and then have to deal with the fall-out. (There’s a happy ending, I promise!)
  • Breathe by Avengerz: In which a villain buries Tony alive and convinced the team won’t come to save him. I almost died reading the first part (and would’ve offered the author my soul for the second one, but it was written before I got the chance.)
  • Not a special snowflake by Annehiggins: Tony rants to his kidnappers about all the reasons why he’s a worthless hostage- only the Avengers hear it too, and they are not impressed. I just love this concept.
  • Irreplaceable by orphan_account: Another kidnapping in which Tony’s convinced he isn’t needed. The team begs to differ.
  • Infinite Disaster by Waterfall_Creek97: Pretty much same premise as the two above, a kidnapped Tony who’s sure the team hates him.
  • And the Sky is Grey by Teyke: This involves a serious misunderstanding between Steve and Tony that gets out of hand. Also contains a protective JARVIS, which is in itself worth the read.
  • Somebody’s Hero by EternalSheWolf: I gotta be honest, this one isn’t a Tony-thinks-the-team-hates-him fic but it is a Tony-doesn’t-think-anyone-will-ever-come-for-him fic and all sorts of amazing, you should definitely give it a shot!

Alright, I’m gonna stop here, but I hope there are a couple that you either don’t know yet or are happy to re-read a second time! Enjoy :)

  • Steve Rogers: How could Tony keep a thing like Ultron from us????? Tony you're so out of line!!! WE'RE SUPPOSED TO MEAN A TEAM THAT MEANS NO SECRETS.
  • Steve Rogers also: I didn't tell Tony about my friend killing his parents because clearly Bucky who is still dangerous must be protected over this man's feelings which I don't really care about even though him finding out later rather than sooner is gonna blow up in my face.

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peter falling asleep on tony!! head in his lap!! fully wrapped around him while they're sitting on the couch after pete had a nightmare (he sometimes stays weekends at the compound)!! on his shoulder during a movie!!

this is really cute but i need y'all to know that if peter fell asleep on tony and drooled on him tony would probably shove peter off of him and then say something like “oh god does your drool have spider venom in it?? did you get venom drool on me??? nasty????? go home”


SUPERLATE POST NEW YEARS HOLIDAY 616!AVENGERS FAMILY BREAKFAST yes they’re wearing each others shirts and yes its still ugly sweater season and yes i did sneak in buckynat and jarvismay too (dont h8 its cute as hell)

and i bet the rest of the avengers are used to schmoopyness between steve and tony so they just mercilessly make fun of them now and take blackmail photos and tony’s sick of it while steve smiles serenely on (but he totally hunts down the photos and deletes them later) anyways if you can’t tell who they are: sam wilson+redwing, carol, jess, thor, peter, bruce, logan, clint, natasha, bucky

(clint sam and bucky are hung over as hell and natasha’s dissapointed in bucky. also bonus points for picking out objects from comics canon)

  • Steve: Get away from him, Tony, he isn't who you think he is!
  • Tony: What?
  • Steve: He's been lying to us this whole time -- Bruce Wayne is Batman.
  • Tony: *gasp*
  • Bruce: Tony...
  • Tony: *turns to Bruce* Is that true?
  • Bruce: Tony, I'm--
  • Tony: I TRUSTED you!
  • Bruce: It isn't what you think, let me explain!
  • Tony: Was ANYTHING you said to me even remotely true?
  • Bruce: I wasn't lying when I told you how I feel about you.
  • Tony: Were you ever going to tell me?
  • Bruce: You don't understand, my life--it's too dangerous, I only meant to protect you!
  • Tony: I don't even know who you are anymore.
  • Bruce: Please--
  • Tony: Just... *face crunches up*
  • Bruce: ...
  • Tony: *suddenly starts cackling like a hyena*
  • Bruce: *face-palms*
  • Tony: *gets himself under control* I'm sorry, I blew it. My bad.
  • Bruce: That wasn't even a minute. I'm so disappointed in you right now.
  • Bruce: How is that even--she's standing behind you!
  • Tony: Her face is reflected in the cabinet over there, I held on as long as I could.
  • Clint: What the hell.
  • Steve: You knew? This entire time?
  • Tony: Oh, yeah, he told me that he's Batman AGES ago.
  • Bruce: I did not tell you anything. I saved you from a mugging and you stuck your tongue down my throat.
  • Tony: To be honest, you can only nibble on somebody's jawline so many times before you recognize it anywhere.
  • Clint: WAY too much information, Shellhead.
  • Steve: I'm so done with all of you.

Ya’ll are gonna think I’m so lame but I was reading through the tags of the ppl reblogging my Tony rant and I just… imagined Tony reading all those tags that call him “precious” “must be protected” “light of my life” “tony stark defense squad” “i’ll protect tony stark with my life” and him just being like so confused because you know how Tony can’t accept that people love him and admire him and he’d get all flustered and be like “but why? Why do these people love me? Do they know me? I don’t deserve this” and it just maDE ME LOVE HIM EVEN MORE I’M SO EMO.

Smitten Kitten (Final!)

This is our last update, our happily ever after with these Alpha Shifters and their high maintenance little mate. And its like…disgustingly fluffy. So fucking fluffy I feel like I should apologize lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed this story, it was my first shifter fic so a little intimidating to write but I think it came through all right :)

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and love for this fic, love my readers you guys are the best.

Catch all the other chapters HERE.

Enjoy :)


“If I watch this anymore I’m going to be sick.” Rhodey made a face, but didn’t even try to look away and Wanda rolled her eyes.

“You should be pleased, Colonel. Seeing your best friend so happy like this.”

“Yeah. No, I am happy for him.” Rhodey admitted. “But come on. This is…. this is… they do this every morning? Exactly like this?”

“Every. Single. Morning.” Natasha emphasized. She was the only one in the group not watching, studiously reading her magazine and ignoring the three mates in the kitchen.

“It’s the cutest thing in the world.” Clint interjected. “How long have we waited for each of those guys to be happy? And now they are happy together, what could be better than this?” He calmly lifted his phone and snapped a picture.

“Clint, what the fuck?”

“For science?” He offered with an embarrassed smile. “Maybe blackmail. But come on. It’s adorable.”

“I believe Hawkeye is correct.” Vision said smoothly. “To see our Captain, Sergeant Barnes and Anthony so happy after they have all been through so much… perhaps we can allow them this unorthodox display of affection.”

“Well I still think it’s gross.” Rhodey huffed and crossed his arms. “Really, it’s almost indecent. I can’t believe I’m actually still watching this.”

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