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Hey :) I just saw your previous ask and do you have any fic where Tony's convinced the team hates him? (Pre-cw) I love them too ^^

Hi there! Let me start by congratulating you for your fantastic taste lol. I wasn’t sure if you meant whether I have written such a fic or whether I can rec any, so I’ll just go with both, hope you don’t mind!

I’ve written one fic that might meet these criteria, which you can find here. (It’s a high school AU but otherwise it absolutely fits.)

Now as for others I can recommend:

[Please check the tags of these fics before you read them if you want to avoid any triggers, as I won’t put any warnings or even specific pairings into these recs]

  • and you needed someone to show you the way by SailorChibi: This precious gem is basically 25k of Tony revealing how little he thinks of himself whilst kidnapped, and a very pissed off team coming to his rescue. There’s also a pretty side-dash of soulmate angst. I also recommend Tony Stark, Pokemon Trainer (nobody appreciates how much Tony does for the team) and hold the things you wanna say (in which Tony works himself into exhaustion because he doesn’t consider himself part of the team) from the same author
  • First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass: A beautiful, heartbreaking series in which the Avengers do in fact start out bullying Tony until things come to a head- and then have to deal with the fall-out. (There’s a happy ending, I promise!)
  • Breathe by Avengerz: In which a villain buries Tony alive and convinced the team won’t come to save him. I almost died reading the first part (and would’ve offered the author my soul for the second one, but it was written before I got the chance.)
  • Not a special snowflake by Annehiggins: Tony rants to his kidnappers about all the reasons why he’s a worthless hostage- only the Avengers hear it too, and they are not impressed. I just love this concept.
  • Irreplaceable by orphan_account: Another kidnapping in which Tony’s convinced he isn’t needed. The team begs to differ.
  • Infinite Disaster by Waterfall_Creek97: Pretty much same premise as the two above, a kidnapped Tony who’s sure the team hates him.
  • And the Sky is Grey by Teyke: This involves a serious misunderstanding between Steve and Tony that gets out of hand. Also contains a protective JARVIS, which is in itself worth the read.
  • Somebody’s Hero by EternalSheWolf: I gotta be honest, this one isn’t a Tony-thinks-the-team-hates-him fic but it is a Tony-doesn’t-think-anyone-will-ever-come-for-him fic and all sorts of amazing, you should definitely give it a shot!

Alright, I’m gonna stop here, but I hope there are a couple that you either don’t know yet or are happy to re-read a second time! Enjoy :)

  • Steve Rogers: How could Tony keep a thing like Ultron from us????? Tony you're so out of line!!! WE'RE SUPPOSED TO MEAN A TEAM THAT MEANS NO SECRETS.
  • Steve Rogers also: I didn't tell Tony about my friend killing his parents because clearly Bucky who is still dangerous must be protected over this man's feelings which I don't really care about even though him finding out later rather than sooner is gonna blow up in my face.

SUPERLATE POST NEW YEARS HOLIDAY 616!AVENGERS FAMILY BREAKFAST yes they’re wearing each others shirts and yes its still ugly sweater season and yes i did sneak in buckynat and jarvismay too (dont h8 its cute as hell)

and i bet the rest of the avengers are used to schmoopyness between steve and tony so they just mercilessly make fun of them now and take blackmail photos and tony’s sick of it while steve smiles serenely on (but he totally hunts down the photos and deletes them later) anyways if you can’t tell who they are: sam wilson+redwing, carol, jess, thor, peter, bruce, logan, clint, natasha, bucky

(clint sam and bucky are hung over as hell and natasha’s dissapointed in bucky. also bonus points for picking out objects from comics canon)

Clay overreacts when he sees Tony & Ryan

Thanks to @omiko429 for the fic idea. I’ve been wanting to write clony ever since I started shipping them but I didn’t really have any good ideas. Posting my writing on Tumblr is new to me, I’ve only ever written tvd stuff and it’s all on ff.net so I hope this is alright. Enjoy 👍🏾

Clay’s POV

It was Courtney Crimson’s 18th birthday party. 

Of course when I got invited my initial thought was no way am I going to that but unfortunately Tony had talked me into it and accepted her invitation for the both of us.

 As soon as I stepped into her house l tripped on a red cup but luckily Tony had a grasp on my hand and was leading us through the crowd towards the kitchen.

The house was packed with drunk upperclassmen, the music was blaring so loud I could barely hear myself think, and I felt like I wanted to choke from the mixtures of cologne and perfume swimming in the air.

But other than that I was okay.

“You want a drink, Clay?”

“Sure. I’ll just have whatever you’re having.” 

Tony handed over a bottle of beer. I internally sighed out of relief that it wasn’t something super strong. I remembered being drunk once before and it was not a good feeling. 

We ended up sitting on the couch, drinking our beers, and just enjoying each other’s company.

I guess this party wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe it’s because I was here with Tony. He always made things better.

“You gentlemen enjoying yourselves?”

Ryan appeared out of nowhere, plopping right next to Tony.

 “Yeah,” Tony spoke up. “What about you?”

“Oh you know…keeping my eyes open for any potential new baes.” 

 Tony laughed. “Yeah, that sounds like you.”

 “You guys want any refills?” Ryan pointed at our drinks.

 “Yeah, sure. Clay?”

 “No, I’m good.”

 Ryan stood up and Tony offered to tag along with him.

 Tony leaned in and gave me a small kiss on the cheek. “We’ll be back.”

 As I sat on the couch alone I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder.

 Am I crazy or were Tony and Ryan flirting right in front of me?

 I turned around and looked at them chatting in the kitchen and I couldn’t help but notice how nice they looked together. Tony was smiling that beautiful smile of his so I assumed Ryan was saying something funny.

 Or flirty.

 I was starting to feel awkward sitting by myself and I had to pee so I found my way to the bathroom. 

 After splashing my face with water, I felt a little more calm but I still wasn’t ready to go back out. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of anything but Tony was my boyfriend. I didn’t think it was a problem for exes to be cordial with one another, I mean Tony wasn’t the kind of guy to hold grudges anyway but they seemed a little too comfortable for my liking.

 Clay, you sound like a jealous girl.

 Shut up.

 “Hey! I need to get in there!” Someone yelled from the other side, letting me know I had been in there longer than necessary.

 I opened the door and a girl looked me up and down before asking, “are you done?”

 “Yeah, my bad, sorry.” 

 I walked back out to the party and didn’t see Tony or Ryan on the couch. I checked the kitchen as well and there was no sign of them.

 Eventually I noticed them leaning on the wall near the doors that lead to the backyard and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

 It was like my vision went from clear to red. 

 I pushed my way through the people, not caring who I hit, and marched up to Tony.

 “What the fuck is going on here!?”

 They immediately moved away from each other and had confusion plastered all over their faces.

 “Clay? What’s wrong?” Tony had the nerve to look innocent with those chocolate brown puppy eyes.

 “What’s wrong?? You really have to ask?” 

 Tony went to touch my arm but I pulled away.

 “Don’t touch me!” 

 I got the attention of a few people around us but I didn’t care.

 Ryan hadn’t said a word. Maybe he did have a conscious after all. 

 “Did something happen?” Tony asked. 

 “You know what,” I laughed maliciously. “I’m not gonna play this game with you. I didn’t even want to come here in the first place! So fuck this party and fuck the both of you. I’m out.” 

 My adrenaline was going so fast I didn’t even realize Tony had been calling my name as soon as I walked away.




 “What!?” I spun around.

 I almost broke down by the mixture of emotions on Tony’s face. I was actually starting to feel guilty. 

 “Will you stop walking and just talk to me? What the fuck happened in there?”

 “You were about to let Ryan kiss you until I showed up!”

 “No I wasn’t! We were just talking.”

 “Then why were you so close together? And why was he leaning into your face?”

 “We couldn’t hear each other over the music so he was talking in my ear. That’s it.”



I fucked up. 

“Por el bien folla, Clay. You really think I would do that to you?” 

“I don’t know…no. It’s just, you guys looked so cozy a-and it seemed like you were flirting with him so I thought-”

 “Clay,” Tony interrupted. “Ryan and I have been over for a long time. I’m with you. I only want you.”

“Ugh, I’m so stupid.”

 Tony sighed. “Come here.”

 He ran his hand up and down my back in a soothing gesture.

 “Can we get out of here?” I whispered.


The car ride back to my house was quiet but it didn’t feel strained. 

 Soon enough we were parked outside. It was quiet except for the minimal sounds of crickets chirping and a slight gust of wind coming through.

 “I’m sorry. That was totally irrational of me. I guess I was just…”


 I turned to give him a “you’re right” look but I couldn’t admit it out loud. I was embarrassed.

 “Since I ruined the party mode do you want to come in? I mean my parents are probably sleep but we can watch a movie in my room or something.”


 I went to open the door but Tony’s hand stopped me.

 “Clay, you know I love you, right?”

 I smiled as a slight blush crept onto my cheeks. 

 “I love you too.” 

 He leaned over and gave me the most soft yet passionate kiss we’ve ever shared.

 This boy will be the death of me.

Everyone please go look at @artinggrace‘s art that made me wanna write about AVAC Tony and his magical pets… this is just a little thing about the Wolf who we brainstormed about being an unlucky pupper, but Tony loving him so much anyways and accepting him. I’m hoping to add more about the other animals but *shoves this at you all* here, have this for now! <3

(seriously, check out the art, it’s the cutest thing you will ever see)

If Wolf had known he was going to cause this much trouble, he never would’ve come to Tony.

He’s heard it all before; unlucky, a bad omen, harbinger of misfortune. He’s used to it, he knows who he is and that everyone expects him to mess things up without even trying. It’s not like he can help it, of course. He’s unlucky, and that’s just the way it is.

It wasn’t so much of a huge problem until he found Tony.

He’s never found a human he truly wants to stick around with before, but Tony is kind and fun and treats Wolf and all the other animals so well. Tony lets them all tag along with him whenever he can without making the other humans mad, he makes them their own suits of armour, and it turns out he gives the best ear scratches in the entire world.

So of course, Wolf has to go and ruin it all, right? Just like he always does. 

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I’m not sure what I find funnier:

The people on that Tony Stank post who can’t tell that 2.5 USD was a typo and that it’s clearly supposed to be 2.5 billion usd…

Or that dear soul who tried to lay out all of these headcanons disguised as facts to prove that Stank deserves a defense squad because his life is so dang terrible and how he’s treated so much worse than all the other avengers (except he’s not…)


The entire cast and crew of Civil War: This movie is interesting because it’s really hard to pick sides. There’s no clear right or wrong, so you’re never sure who to side with.


Librarian’s Pick

gif is not mine

Title: Librarian’s Pick

Characters: McGee x Reader, Tony DiNozzo

Word Count: 625

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This is oldie, but a goodie. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

McGee sauntered into the library, looking around for any signs of your presence.  He went down a few aisles before spotting you next to a cart full of books.  He silently strutted your way, picking up a book off of your cart.  He didn’t care about the title, he just wanted to get your attention, and he did.

You looked up and smiled, seeing your friend Tim certainly was a treat since you didn’t see him much.  You didn’t ask why, but you figured it had to be work related.  You weren’t one to pry for details, you just enjoyed his company, and he enjoyed yours.  “To what do I owe the pleasure, Tim,” you said sweetly placing a book back in the shelf.

“I had a little time to myself and I wanted to see you,” McGee admitted, blushing softly as he looked down at the book he had in his hand.  He placed the book down back on the cart and gently grabbed your arm.  He started dragging you away from your cart, when he was stopped by another librarian.

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Heartlines - Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Reader moves into Avengers Tower to finish her PhD in safety, the last thing she expects is to have something in common with the shy insomniac Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: psychological and physical abuse, torture, panic attacks, mental illness

A/N: sooo drama happens… let me know what you think!! also please read the warnings, they apply very much to this part and the next one

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5, Part 5A, Part 6Part 7, and  Part 8

Part 4

Because she is a saint and probably descendant from God, Pepper drags you out of your study lair for a girls night - just the two of you. Pepper has had FRIDAY ban Tony from their two-floor apartment and set everything up herself. Foot spas, face masks, nail polish, every kind of ice-cream you can think of, and your guilty pleasure - early 2000’s rom-coms. Your favourites are anything with Sandra Bullock or J-Lo.

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Star Spangled Gal pt1

Words: 1233
Steve Rogers X Reader

Inspired from a post by  @sebastianismydistraction &  @theartofimagining13
Imagine: Catching Steve Rogers’ eye and meeting him at the Captain America museum exhibit where you work and dress up as the 1940′s showgirls.

“Not too shabby, [Y/N].” You studied yourself in a locker room mirror. It was your fifth week working at the Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum. You’d been hired by the curators of the exhibit to dress as a Star Spangled Singer and pose with museum guest while they toured the exhibit. Your costume was a historic replica of the ones worn by the actual performers during the propaganda shows in the 40’s. At first you thought the dresses looked so cheesy. A sparkly blue top, short red and white striped skirt and elbow length white gloves that made you feel like a walking American flag, but after a few weeks the get-up was starting to grow on you. You pinned your small navy blue pillbox hat into your cascading ringlets of curls and made your grand exit from the locker room. 

“[Y/N]!” Your co-worker and friend Lilly waved you over to the entrance of the exhibit. She was wearing nearly the exact same outfit as you. The only differences being where your costume was red hers was blue and vice versa. You sashayed over to her as quietly as one could with heels clicking against the epoxy coating flooring, the skirt of your dress swaying with every step. “They want a few of us girls to do the song and dance.”

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why are there ppl hating on t’challa from civil war in the tag like wtf dont hate on him just bc some ppl dont like tony stark jeez
 t’challa didn’t even know bucky didnt kill his father and when he found out he stopped and forgave him and the second fight was literally bc bucky was attacking ppl first

technically he was doing the exact same thing most of the avengers did in their first movie for their origin (carrying out justice themselves)

also tony did know that bucky didnt mean to kill his parents like he knew it was mind control dam how stupid can u be