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The entire cast and crew of Civil War: This movie is interesting because it’s really hard to pick sides. There’s no clear right or wrong, so you’re never sure who to side with.


  • Steve Rogers: How could Tony keep a thing like Ultron from us????? Tony you're so out of line!!! WE'RE SUPPOSED TO MEAN A TEAM THAT MEANS NO SECRETS.
  • Steve Rogers also: I didn't tell Tony about my friend killing his parents because clearly Bucky who is still dangerous must be protected over this man's feelings which I don't really care about even though him finding out later rather than sooner is gonna blow up in my face.

I hate seeing all the Infinity War hype getting started when I already know I won’t be able to enjoy it because they’re just going to have Tony ignore (or worse, apologize for) the way basically all his friends have treated him like shit and/or thrown him under the bus

Hell they’d probably have Bruce come back and take Steve’s side too, except that would mean admitting Bruce Banner exists as a character and they aren’t paying millions of dollars to use an incredibly talented actor as a mocap monkey

It’s hard to love a franchise when it gives you characters you love and identify with but then keeps treating them like shit


Team Iron Man - Elements Aesthetics

Tony Stark - fire = the element of power.

James Rhodes - water = the element of change.

Natasha Romanoff - fire = the element of power.

T'Challa - earth = the element of substance.

Vision - air = the element of freedom.

Peter Parker - fire = the element of power.

Team Cap.

Ya’ll are gonna think I’m so lame but I was reading through the tags of the ppl reblogging my Tony rant and I just… imagined Tony reading all those tags that call him “precious” “must be protected” “light of my life” “tony stark defense squad” “i’ll protect tony stark with my life” and him just being like so confused because you know how Tony can’t accept that people love him and admire him and he’d get all flustered and be like “but why? Why do these people love me? Do they know me? I don’t deserve this” and it just maDE ME LOVE HIM EVEN MORE I’M SO EMO.


For any and all Tony Stark lovers,

A blogger of the URL  jakkusand has been going into the Tony Stark tag and any Tony Stark related tags and posting a MASSIVE amount of Tony hate.

Now people can have their own opinions on things, that’s fine but they are purposely posting shit in the tags to rile people up. Which that all in it’s own is fucked up. 

Not only that, but they are hating on him in the tags based off of misinformation and completely ignoring Tony’s character completely because of the pure fact that they hate him. There is a difference between disliking a character and hating a character because you THINK they are like that when all in all they are the complete opposite.


If you love Tony Stark as much as I do, block them and do not engage in them. 

Their URL is jakkusand one more time in case you missed it.

Tbh I love how none of the avengers have secret identities
Everyone knows Iron Man is Tony Stark
Everyone knows Captain America is Steve Rogers
Everyone knows Thor is.. Well, Thor
Everyone knows Black Widow is Natasha Romanoff
Everyone knows the Hulk is Bruce Banner
But no one really knows who Hawkeye is????