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Spiderboy And The Invisible Girl

Pairing: Peter Parker x Inhuman!reader

Summary: You’re the invisible Avenger, both figuratively and literally, as an accident when you were a little kid caused you to gain the power to turn invisible. Even when you’re not invisible you manage to blend in, until Peter Parker joins the team.

Warnings: Language (goddammit Tony)

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clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #13 - farkle minkus & lucas friar 

because i can depend on him, because he’s the most loyal person i know, because he’s my best friend // as your best friend, i need you to trust me. 


i don’t normally post things like this here but these gdrawings i made while trying to explain jojo’s overall plot to to a friend during a skype call crack me tf up every time i see them on my screen

Isn’t it interesting how the guy who tells the truth, who refuses to give fans false hope, who openly and honestly interacts with the fandom gets all the hate thrown at him?

And actors who do the actual queer-baiting, actors who use popular gay ships to promote themselves get all the love and benefits and positive popularity? 

World is truly upside down.

Listen, I don’t know where you have been, but Jensen has always been consistent on this topic —he never made false promises, he never told you that your ship will be canon, he never attributed romance to the bond between Dean and Cas. He has called them brothers, kindred spirits. He has called Cas family. 

This isn’t the first time you have asked this question. About the “oh-so-special” bond between Dean and Cas. You have been loud, you have been persistent and you have been rude. Jensen has answered you every single time –and unlike Misha, unlike other actors who do the fan-servicing for kicks and clicks–Jensen has always been honest with you. He has never lied to you, never told you to hope for things that aren’t gonna happen. Do you know how admirable that is?

If you are not ready to accept Jensen’s answer then stop asking him these loaded questions. It’s as simple as that. But you don’t do that, do you? You ask the same damn question again and again and aren’t happy until you hear that “yes” from Jensen, until you get Jensen to declare your ship canon. And when Jensen fails to tow the line, you call him names. Ugly names. Hateful names. 

Do you even see what you are doing here? This man has portrayed Dean for last twelve years, this man knows Dean inside and out, this man defined and made Dean Winchester a legend—this man is Dean. The writers may have outlined the character, but Jensen, Jensen becomes Dean, Jensen is Dean. Do you really think that Jensen is not qualified to talk about Dean? Do you think that his thoughts do not matter? Do you think that Jensen is lying and overcompensating? If yes, then I have to pity you. 

Nobody is stopping you from shipping destiel. Nobody is “taking away” your freedom to ship these characters together, nobody has prohibited you from having your theories and head-canons and interpretations.  You can do all that in your fan-space –just like every other fan. It might come to you as a surprise, but shipping is not a new, destiel fandom invented phenomena. There have been ships (yeah, even gay ones, crazy, right?) as long as there have been shows and fans. You and your ship is not some kind of unique, special snowflake, its just another ship in a vast sea of fandom waters. 

Which leads to my next point –Live and let live. You see undying love between Dean and Cas? fine. You see romantic potential between Dean and Cas? fine. But I don’t. Jensen doesn’t. You are allowed to have your version of the story, let me have mine. Let Jensen have his version. Stop pushing your interpretations on other people. On writers, on actors, on your fellow fans. On Jensen. Your ship does not have to be canon for you to enjoy it. Understand that. 

Finally, this show is what it is. This is not a romantic comedy or crime thriller –it has a distinct theme—family. The show is about family, about the platonic bonds between hunters, between men –bonds that are forged in the fire of supernatural horror against the background of violence. The show didn’t promise you canon destiel or bi!dean. So stop demanding it, stop acting like entitled kids –it’s getting embarrassing now. 


@therealjacksepticeye okay so I’m ganna be a bit sappy okay? So I seen jack again this year and I yes I know how it sounds but I missed this guy, he’s so great! He made me feel so good inside, I couldn’t stop my tears bc of how much he had helped me in the past. I love this guy. And when he remembered me I thought I was ganna die😂. But I’m all honestly I’m super proud to say I support him. And I always will. Jack if you see this I want you to know it meant a lot today. Words can’t even express it. I hope u like your shirt (#youtube squad) and I love you and I hope to see you again Love
~front seat kid (that’s what jack called me bc I was always up front for his Panel. and Mark’s and Wade’s) I’m ganna tag you again just bc u really want you to at least get a small taste of how much you mean to me @therealjacksepticeye

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so i just saw that you told someone that you love faramir and i'm dying because i first read lotr when i was twelve and i had SUCH a massive crush on him (which was ridiculous bc i could barely understand lotr at the time but i still understood enough to know that faramir is thE ONLY PURE HUMAN BEING IN THAT ENTIRE TRILOGY) and i basically die whenever someone says they love him bc he's so underappreciated (esp in the movies) and i went through all of your tags but i just want to say thank you.

Oh man yes Faramir was 100% my first real fictional crush and like fifteen years later I am still So. Into. Him. So, you’re totally welcome. 

So much hate for Mon-El in the Karamel tag at that 😧😧😧

Why do people always have to make a race issue about it? Like seriously do people not know it’s okay to date within the same race?

Honestly I love Karamel and I’m a black male so if you’re calling our Fandom racist you can stop right there. My whole family loves the scenes between Kara and Mon-El bcs their chemistry is astounding. We don’t care if they’re the same race bcs that’s not what a relationship is focused on.

I even like Mon-El more than I do James because I can relate to him more. He’s the awkward bean that trying to find himself, and being a freshman in college who’s socially awkward and doesn’t know what he wants to be it’s refreshing knowing there are other people out there that don’t have an idea what they are going to do or where their passion lies. Like dang Mon-El is an awesome character and he seriously doesn’t deserve the flak he’s getting. This site and sometimes reddit just become unbearable at times with the hate Chris Wood is getting.

And really can you stop saying he’s a dang “White” boy bcs you do know that’s like calling Supergirl just a “White” girl or Superman just a “White” boy. I wouldn’t like it if someone called me “Black” boy and I sure as heck know everyone else wouldn’t want to be called by their race in a derogatory manor so why do it to anyone else? There’s no point in being mean.

You are my sunshine

Alex Summer X Reader

Character(s): Alex Summers

Requested: nope

Warning(s): death, angst. I actually cried a little while writing this.

Prompt/plot: the post below

A/N: I’m tagging @furiousimagines bc I know how much you love angst honey. It’s pretty damn short though but I didn’t know how to continue and that upsets me bc i love this idea.

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you know what i fuckin love about 3%? (apart from Everything)

i disliked marco from the start bc he’s a privileged douchebag but i was fully expecting him to become the hero bc he was portrayed as this Good White Boy who values Fairness and so i figured he would have that cliche sort of arc where he realizes how corrupt the system is and helps lead the charge to tear it down (bc privileged people make the best revolutionaries, according to most media). 

but that didn’t happen. bc the vaguely-principled Nice Rich White Boy turned out to be a terrible person who took satisfaction in the subjugation of others. He became a villain, and was taken down by the actual hero of the show, a poor black girl.

bless 3%


Listen, this may be a complete reach, but I feel like their respective placements tell say a little something about them. You have Michael in a bedroom, which makes sense to me bc I see him as a homebody. You have Ashton who we all know loves the outdoors and exploring, and just generally being free. We have Luke in a studio (rehearsal room?) bc that’s where he thrives in expressing himself. Calum is very similar to Luke in that he’s best at expressing himself through music, but I think it’s cool that he’s in a theater bc he’s a writer (not exclusively a songwriter from what I’ve gathered) and he has to take on the different characters he writes about (hence the theater bc he is an actor himself in a way.) You have them each in a place where they feel the most comfortable, but even in their “safe space” they appear to be struggling with their demons. It’s okay to not be okay, and I think this portrays that very well. Anyway I needed to get this off my chest and I need more people to talk to me about this video.



MU stuff. I decided I’ll be playing as my Awakening MU…..whose name is Grima……..and I love him a lot…..
*********minor spoiler******* “Syalla implies in her S-Support with both Avatars that she is a reincarnated Tharja and that they are the reincarnation of Awakening’s Avatar“ **********

Of course I’d dwell on it more than necessary. Who do you think I am.
What if it’s true. What if something went wrong along the way and something was left of Grima, especially if the avatar didn’t kill him? Well this is what happened to my MU (…he’s also gonna be called Grima…lol).
He was born this way. Given his dragon genes, no one was really surprised by this.
I think he is really disturbed by the way he looks, and I’m sure he’s scared of anyone finding out about it. Xander and Camilla were taking care of him when he was small, so they know about it obviously. Leo never saw it but knows about it, while Elise still doesn’t know why her brother wears an eyepatch.
This is actually ridiculous, I have so many stories and headcanons for my MU……
I can’t help but imagine him getting pretty upset over something that is related to his eyepatch, and Zero coming up to him and *trying* to cheer him up somehow (”lmao look i have an eyepatch too lol”)?? And then Grima is like….why are you talking to me like I am a kid. What the hell.

PS. he fought a wyvern


Eli: So I see you have this nice flatscreen and a super cool gaming system that probably has the newest version of Party Frenzy on it just begging to be played by me.

Gee: I don’t even know your name, why would I- 

Eli: I’ll buy you food. If you let me play, I mean. And it’s Eli.

Gee: Will there be milkshakes?

Eli: If you want.

Gee: ………You can stay.


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Relationship status: Single and sad and ugly

Favorite color: silver/gray 

Pets: a dog named Dil. a schnauzer poodle chihuahua mix. a nervous barky boy but i love him.

Wake up to: usually just on my own, but sometimes construction noises or ANNOYING AS FUCK BIRDS SHUT THE HELL UP. i set an alarm but usually i wake up before my alarm.

cats or dogs: dogs over cats bc im allergic to cats.

Coke or Pepsi: whatever. preferably neither. i love other soda pops more.

Day or night: both equally are fine. i guess daytime is usually sunny tho so i like that.

Text or call: Text

Chapstick or lipstick: neither. i hate anything on my lips.

City or country: …..the middle

Last book I read: what do you consider a book? tbh tho it’s been so long i cant even tell u a title sorry

Last song I listened to: unaware by allen stone

Five facts about me:
- (I also cry easily lol) uhhh im living in japan right now
- I really love food. i love cooking/baking, watching cooking shows/youtube videos
- i like music a lot- my favorite bands are Young the Giant, Frank Ocean, and Bradio
- i like to write- fanfic, poetry, original work, rps. 
- blue whales are my favorite animal ever, hence the name bluekujira (kujira means whale in japanese)

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Relationship Status: So very eternally hopelessly single. I’m making my peace with it though.
Favorite colors: Deep blues and autumnal/earthy colours.
Pets: 12 week old demonic shepherd baby named Bear. He’s cute until he chonches the shit out of you.
Last song I listened to:  “You’re Welcome” from Moana bc I finally watched it 
Favorite TV Show: Ghost Adventures. Friends is a close second
First Fandom: Harry Potter
Hobbies: Video games, drawing, witchcraft~
Favorite place: Currently? The drive to/from work because there I’m neither home nor at work, and where I am truly by myself

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“There are always questions about how Hollywood portrays Asian characters. I guess I’m trying to break that industry into different aspects as to what Hollywood producers or clients are looking for in Asian male characters. So obviously you have Jackie Chan, the nerdy Asian ones, the Chinese food owner and all sorts of that. If I’m given the opportunity, I would love to have a romantic lead or a comedy lead or even an action flick. But I’m more towards romance – to show that the Asian guy can get the girl of his dreams.”

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My only position against Nikki & John vs Miz & Maryse is why have a tag match when you could just have two single matches? Like imo I dislike cena ( no where near hate, he just doesn't do it for me ) so with out him I could just focus on the lovely Mayrse's in ring return. And Nikki doing things that make me fear for her neck ;-;

It’s bc Nikki has wanted to work with John for so long bc she loves him a lot and just really wanted to work with him. And since no one knows how much longer she can perform, she’s finally getting her chance. I’m lit af about it man.

Weird rarepair I guess? Just silly music dorks loving each other and being dumb
Tbh any ship of mine is a kind of rarepair isn’t it XD? Why do I have the feeling Levander has a kinda fucked up self-esteem so any compliment makes him blush violently ♥? I’m duuumb
And y’all know how I think Bucky acts in a relationship so sometimes you gotta worry if Levander’s gonna combust bc his face’s so fucking red XD