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A Whole Year of Sanders Sides

Description: It’s been a whole year since Sanders Sides started, but Virgil hadn’t yet been introduced. Here’s how he feels about that, and how the others make him feel more included. 

Genre: hurt/comfort

Word Count: 1,329

Ship: platonic/familial LAMP

Warnings: very brief and not at all serious mention of m*rder. just in case

A/N: i suck at formatting dialogue and i wrote this super fast so it’s not my best work. hope ya’ll enjoy it anyway

“Can you believe today is the day we were introduced to Thomas’ fans? It’s been a whole year!” Roman exclaimed causing the other three to look up at him.

Logan merely hummed in response; a thoughtful look on his face. Virgil pulled up his hood, and shrunk into his hoodie. Today was not his day. They tried their best to avoid introducing him to the fanders because he wasn’t wanted back then. He had to force his way in, and that really hurt. His day wouldn’t be until December. Not like the others will care very much.

“That’s awesome, kiddo! We should celebrate! Ooh I’ll make cookies!” Patton yelled as he scurried into the kitchen.

Roman chuckled as he watched him go then plopped himself down in between Logan, and Virgil. Virgil turned away, and prayed to god that he wouldn’t talk to him. Virgil’s prayers never really get answered unfortunately.

“What’s up with you, edge lord?”

Virgil sighed, and shrugged hoping that would suffice as an answer, but Roman was never that easy to fool.

“Something’s clearly wrong. Come on talk to me.”

“It’s stupid,” Virgil mumbled, and shrunk further into his hoodie. “Just forget about it.”

Roman scoffed, and placed a hand over his heart as if he was offended.

“Please, Virgil. You should know by now that we’re not going to forget about something if it’s troubling you.”

“Really? You forgot that today’s not my day so why wouldn’t you?” Virgil mumbled under his breath. Roman raised his eyebrows at the younger side as he turned to fully face him.

“Virgil you have to speak up. I can’t hear you.”

Virgil abruptly stood up startling the two sides. He took a deep breath, 4 7 8, before turning to face them.

“I said you forgot that today’s not my day! My day’s in December because you guys wouldn’t let me be apart of the videos! I had to sneak away, and force myself in! I wasn’t..I wasn’t wanted so today’s just a grim reminder of that for me. But whatever. Have your fun. I won’t be a bother.”

Virgil’s yelling brought Patton out of the kitchen to see what was going on, but it was too late. Virgil had sunk down to his room. Patton turned to look at the two shocked sides on the couch, and frowned.

“We’re.. awful!” Patton cried. Logan immediately stood up, and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“No, Patton. Roman, and I are the awful ones-”


Logan gave Roman a quick glare before continuing, “You always tried to include him in things. We were the ones keeping him away at first. Just.. let us talk to him, okay?”

Patton sniffled, and nodded as he sat down on the couch where Logan once was. Roman gave him a small smile before standing up, and facing Logan.

“To Anxiety’s room?” Roman asked.

“To Anxiety’s room.” Logan confirmed.

And with that they sunk down together.

Once they popped up in Virgil’s room they took a moment to collect themselves then started to call out for the anxious side.

“Virgil, please come here. We wish to speak with you.” Logan tried.

Just as Roman was about to try Virgil popped up on the stairs, and startled the both of them.

“Didn’t you idiots learn anything about coming into my room?”

Logan cleared his throat, and adjusted his tie as he spoke, “Yes, well we don’t plan to stay very long. We’ve only come to retrieve you so we may all talk in the common room.”

“Yeah, not happening. Just go celebrate, or whatever you’re doing. I’m fine.”

“Ugh, Virgil. Come on. Stop being so stubborn, and just talk to us. We’re sorry we forgot, and we’re especially sorry we even put you through all of that in the first place! Truly. What we did was awful, and we deeply regret it. You’re a good friend, nay, you’re family! Please just believe that, and let us explain ourselves before I lose it! I’m not feeling very glittery right now, and I don’t like it!” Roman ranted, and frantically looked between the two sides.

“Roman is correct. We are family, and sometimes family messes up. Sometimes family shun each other for being different, or even kill each other! Wow, okay, sorry, but my point still stands. Ehh, sort of. Look, everyone makes mistakes, and we’re trying to fix those mistakes!” Logan added on. Virgil looked at them as if they had three heads, and noticed the darkening eyeshadow underneath their eyes. Yep, time to leave.

“God, you morons. Come on. Deep breaths. We’re getting out of here.”

“Four seconds..”

“Seven seconds..”

“Eight seconds..”

Virgil slowly sunk down as the other two did, and popped back up in the common room with them. Patton immediately stood up, and tackled Virgil into a hug so forcefully that they toppled over.

“I’m so sorry, kiddo!” Patton cried into Virgil’s shoulder. Virgil chuckled, and patted him on the back.

“It’s fine, dad. You were always there for me.” Virgil replied, but still felt tears forming in his eyes. Logan, and Roman exchanged a guilty look.

They both walked over to the pair to help them up. Roman pried Patton off, and Logan offered a hand to Virgil who reluctantly took it.

An awkward silence filled the air once they were all standing. Roman decided to be the brave one to break it.

“We truly are sorry, Virgil.”

Virgil shrugged, and pulled his hood down so he could look at all of them better.

“Yeah, whatever. It’s fine.”

“We will make it up to you.”

Virgil turned to look at Logan incredulously, but smiled nonetheless.

Before they knew it December 19th rolled around. The day Virgil first appeared in a video.

“Virgil! It’s your day!” Roman yelled as he practically dragged the younger out of his room, and sunk down to the commons.

“Geez, Princey. Give a guy some warning before you go dragging him around.” Virgil grumbled with an amused smile on his face to show he wasn’t actually annoyed. No, in fact he was thoroughly enjoying this.

Once in the common room Virgil had to bite back a gasp at what he saw.

“Impressed?” Roman teased, “It was all my work. You’re welcome.”

Before them was a huge blanket fort, one big enough for four people to be exact, and a ton of snacks. The tv played the menu for Virgil’s favorite Disney movie: The Black Cauldron. He’s seen it about a million times, but it’s the thought that counts. They thought of him. Today was his day, and they actually cared.

Before Virgil could stop himself he tackled Roman into a hug, and almost allowed himself to cry. Roman merely chuckled, and held Virgil as close as he could. They only broke apart when the other two came into the room, but Virgil was nowhere near done with his hugs. He tackled Patton next as he whispered, “Thank you dad.”

“Aw it was mostly Logan, and Roman, but I’d do anything for you kiddo! I’m glad you like it.”

With that Virgil pulled away, and turned to look at Logan. Logan smiled, and opened his arms. Virgil gratefully fell into his arms, and this time he let himself cry. This time he let the hug go on for much longer. Not that either of them minded. Logan, and Virgil rarely ever hugged each other, or anyone really, so this was nice.

Once they finally pulled apart Patton pulled Virgil down into the pillow fort, and wrapped his arm around him. Roman played the movie, and sat on the other side of him. Logan sat down next to Roman.

Patton turned to Virgil, and asked, “This isn’t too overwhelming is it, kiddo?”

“No. It’s perfect.”

And everything really was perfect. It had been a whole year of self discovery, love, and acceptance. A whole year of Virgil, and his family.

A whole year of Sanders Sides.

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So, i saw this video and it’s reminded me of how preston was drinking soda in the Episode 4 - “Camp Cool Kidz” and then…this happened.
I really love to draw this two! I kinda ship it, but i think they also can be good buddies? Friends? Pals? Idk, i just love to draw them together.
And, yes, Max had only 1 bottle and Preston had 11 bottles!

Kaiba and Yami no Yugi at Alcatraz: As a Friend

Is Yu-Gi-Oh! a story about a bunch of teenage kids who happen to play a card game?  Or is it a story told through its card games?  One thing I love about Yu-Gi-Oh! Is the way the duels do their fair share of carrying the story.

I think this is especially true for Kaiba.  He communicates through his cards.  From Death-T onwards, Kaiba frames the duels he participates in and observes as a test of competing philosophies.  He uses duels to help him understand what he needs to do to move forward and to gauge whether he’s on the right track to reach his goals.  Yami no Yugi matches him in this belief – and that turns their duel at Alcatraz into an increasingly urgent conversation and debate about all the things Kaiba is struggling with in his life in his drive to reach the future he wants.  

Kaiba is very clear about the stakes in this duel.

One of the things that makes Kaiba so heartbreaking is that he recognizes that something is wrong… he knows that as much as he desperately wants a future that’s different from his past, something inside himself keeps preventing him from grasping it.  To his enormous credit, Kaiba doesn’t shy away from or dismiss this realization.  Instead he embraces it with a sincerity that’s obvious no matter how wrong headed (and at times jaw-droppingly inappropriate) each extravagant plan becomes.

Unlike most of the characters –  and much of the fandom – Yami never suggests that there is anything maladaptive (not to mention flat-out ridiculous) about the deadly earnestness with which Kaiba approaches his duels or the deep emotional stakes he places on them.  If anything, Yami more than matches him in this regard, and it is this shared belief in their duels and their cards that makes their matches so charged.

Alcatraz is Kaiba’s duel, the duel that he has pursued with increasing desperation throughout Battle City and Yami allows Kaiba to define its meaning. 

At one point in his life,  Kaiba needed every single destructive quality – his anger, his hatred, his refusal to trust anyone or consider  any point of view but his own – to survive… only to have those same qualities end up being the very things preventing him from reaching the future he wants.  And it becomes painfully obvious he’s trying to use the weapons he honed under Gozaburo to escape his adoptive father’s influence, because that’s all he knows.  

This can’t work.  And some part of Kaiba knows this.  He’s said or thought at least twice when with Yami that winning only provides temporary relief.  He even acknowledges that scoring a direct victory over Gozaburo didn’t help bring the changes he’d hoped for.  

But because aggression, competition and winning is all he knows, Kaiba keeps chasing after another, purer victory, one that will finally work.  Yami recognizes the futility of what Kaiba is doing, and tries, with increasing urgency, to knock Kaiba off a path that is never going to lead to the destination he wants.  

There’s a reason that this duel is titled “As a Friend.”  Yami is acting as a friend here, trying to help Kaiba reach his own goals.  And you can feel Yami’s frustration at Kaiba’s single-minded insistence in following a course that Yami can see is going nowhere – as well as his determination to prove to Kaiba he needs to find a better way in a confrontation that has turned painful for them both.  

But words aren’t going to do it and Yami knows that. Kaiba is someone who has been lied to and manipulated throughout his entire life, someone who has been abandoned, betrayed or abused by every single person that he should have been able to expect help from.  He’s never going to believe in mere words.  But Kaiba does put his faith in duels and their outcomes.   So Yami speaks to Kaiba in the language that Kaiba himself has chosen for this conversation; he speaks to Kaiba through his cards.   

A lot of attention, and rightly so, has been placed on the importance of Jounouchi’s Red Eyes Black Dragon card and the way it gives Yami the victory, but the one that gets to me is the Spell card that sets up that win.  Yami has spent the entire duel trying to tell Kaiba that his own anger and hatred are strangling his future before it can be born.  And then Yami underscores this message in the only way he can, the only way that has a chance of getting Kaiba to listen.

Kaiba has build his dragons into an unstoppable force; they are the expression of his rage and hatred.  Yami cries out passionately, trying to get through to Kaiba that he’s trapping himself within his own hatred in his search for freedom, that instead of deliberately feeding his anger until it swallows everything else, Kaiba must, for his own sake, find a way to defuse it instead.

And then…  this is the card Yami plays against Kaiba’s ultimate dragon, the ultimate expression of Kaiba’s anger.


He plays a card that’s literally named De-fusion.

It’s not often a duel has a mic drop moment, but for me, this is it.

And as much as Kaiba lashes out at Yami, he also returns again and again throughout the rest of Alcatraz to consider the meaning of both this duel and Yami’s subsequent one against Malik – and ultimately Kaiba comes to accept their message.

I think it’s significant that Kaiba’s reflection on his duel with Yami ends with a rare, genuine smile.

A Snow Elf necromancer in Skyrim

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i don’t remember who but someone mentioned in their very kind response to Convergence that they were looking forward to part 2 where they hoped everything would get resolved happily

and i’m sitting here like

uh… yeah… part 2 is when that’ll happen…

@wrexie finished my commission (yesterday technically but I was asleep when it happened, I’ve been sick ok) and I’m screaming?? Just gosh, I love how they made the bottom look like there are freaking tear splotches and water marks and stuff (Cause Elincia would definitely cry when looking at this aha) The twins look so goddamn good and I love the outfits Wrexie designed, and the whole warm atmosphere of the image is just 👌👌👌👌
And oh my god Alea’s hair turned out so good, and the texture on her sweater! Ah! I can’t stop just raving about how amazing this is I squeal every time I see it it’s so good
100/10 would commission again


Digital Danganronpa sketchdump~

I’m trying to get used to digital art again, and playing with light/hues in the process to get a feeling for it :D

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glasses yes!

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not anymore but used to until 9th grade

What is your fashion style?
everything I’m feeling? I’m not settled or permanent in a style; people who know me will say “this is so you” (especially my flatmate has some mad intuition going on) but idk man. my favorite color has switched from a dark yellow to dark green recently….

When were you born?

How old are you?

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ya two younger ones, a boy and a girl

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none at all I’m working! but considering going back to studying yea

What kind of student are you?
when I’m interested I’ll even raise my hand and voice if I’m not interested I won’t even get it in my head gOD it’s hard sometimes

What are your favorite subjects?
i always loved it when it was abt imagination and group work with people you get along with and can focus on a subject with; I liked languages, art, music, gym and history the most

What are your favorite movies?
god you really don’t want me to shut up here but an all-time-fav would be Stoker and the Lotr Series and another one I just discovered some time ago was Collateral Beauty

What are you favorite pastimes?
scrolling through astrology blogs, watching documentary and conspiracy theory shit, scribbling and drawing away whilst music is playing and just snuggling up….. yea

Do you have any regrets?
not joining the swim team back then? but not for the sake of going Olympic or so but I wonder what kind of impact I’d have had on my body and mind? but I’m also afraid I would’ve gone a slightly different part and I like my life as it is so I wouldn’t want it any other way

What is your dream job?
I’d like to continue working in the social field; maybe connecting it with something creative or writing later on or going deeper into children’s psychology or supervising teams and companies? Yea smth like that

Would you like to get married?
mhh not really but that is probably the result of being a divorce child? we’ll see!

Do you want kids? How many?
two? three? Don’t know but I guess I’ll be a mother yea

How many countries have you visited?
Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, South Korea, Santorini/Greece, Djerba/Africa

What was your scariest dream?
dude there was this one where I would walk into a dark room from a corridor, walls all red stone outside and when the door behind me fell close I waited in the dark before a flashlight shone onto the face of a woman from down below and she just screamed at me, full force, loud and angry and I was so shocked but couldn’t even hold my hands over my ears and then I was at the starting position again; standing in front of the door my sub-conscious could tell there was probably that woman behind that door yet dream-me confidently walked in and not so confidently flinched when the woman appeared out of the dark and screamed again?? That happened overall three times before I woke up in cold sweat and idk, the scary part wasn’t her bc it was an average looking, even pretty woman but that she yelled full force directly into my face was VERY unpleasant hAH

That was just one of many though bc I tend to have VERY confusing and rather disturbing dreams on a nightly basis hah

Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend / significant other?
a kind, interesting man and I decided to call one another our significant other so yes a boyfriend happened recently

Put your playlist on shuffle and without skipping list the first 15 songs.
1. Libertine - Sevdaliza 
2. Foundations - Kate Nash 
3. Horror Show - The Birthday Massacre 
4. Please please please let me get what I want - The Smith’s 
5. Gold Finger - Primary ft. Suran 
6. Help I’m alive - Metric 
7. I don’t know (R. Tee Remix) - FIESTAR
8. Can you feel the love tonight - Lion King OST
9. Magnificent Desolation - WoW OST
10. Phoner to Arizona - GoRiLLaZ
11. I’m a lady - Santigold 
12. Spaceman - The Killers 
13. Pow Pow - LCD Soundsystem 
14. FIRE - BTS
15. Shake Baby Shake - Gemma Ray

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Could Roses Bloom IX

And I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind

I Found by Amber Run

Masterlist (x)

Confrontation, it’s like a forest fire.

In periods of drought, it only needs the smallest of sparks to be set off.

Yet however small the start might be, once it is lit a forest fire will consume all in its wake. It ravages, scorches and destroys with hot flames and thick smoke.

It consumes, takes and kills and can burn for hours, days, weeks.

The flames burning grass, flowers, trees and animals alike. For there is no mercy in fire, no hope in smoke. There is just destruction and devastation leaving in its wake a carcass of burnt crisp and gray ashes.

Someone once said Jim is a forest fire waiting to happen. In need of just a spark to unleash destruction through angry words, damaging fists and utter defiance.

Yet a bar fight is hardly comparable to a confrontation.

For a confrontation is for the greater good. A confrontation is liberating if done right, takes guts and honesty and leaves you vulnerable.

A confrontation, just as a forest fire, is sometimes necessary to reignite growth.

To let die the forest that is festered with unspoken thoughts and hidden hurt. To allow for new life growing on the decays of a previous one.

Momentarily, Jim thinks of little rivers of rain running through the sand as late one Thursday evening he lights the fire to ignite yet another confrontation.

It’s like he sees it happening in slow-motion, fingers holding out the match and dropping it to the forest floor, arid from days, weeks, months of unspoken emotions.

Really, he should know better by now yet that thought is not enough to stop him from going to Medbay.

To slump down in the chair at Leonard’s desk in mock relaxation while he can’t keep the apprehension and tremble out of his voice when he asks: “are we alright?”

Leonard’s eyes remain on his desk for a moment, frown marring his face and lips in a straight, thin line.

Jim knows what he’s thinking about, what he’s thinking back to.

You’ve been spending a lot of time with that new nurse

Jim you can’t do this

They haven’t spoken about it, not at all yet with Jim’s pyromaniac tendencies, he’s making them face it now.

There’s a small nod from Leonard and then he sighs. “But I don’t…” he trails off, frowns sadly to himself and the words I don’t love you hang in the air like a knife. “I thought I told you.”

Jim tries not to flinch, tells himself that it gets worse before it gets better. “I know. You did,” he sighs and turns in his seat so he can lean his elbows on his knees. He grimaces as he looks down at the floor. “I just…” he starts and trails off, waving a hand in the air with a sad, apologetic smile.

“Hoped,” Leonard whispers. He raises his eyes to Jim, the same sadness and apology in them as in Jim’s smile and Leonard looks tired. Looks sorry. “I really wish I did, Jim.”

Jim nods.

Doesn’t say anything for there are no words to speak. He just sits there for a few moments, staring at nothing.

He knew that this is what he’d hear.

So why, he wonders, does it still hurt so much?

“Do you want me to give you space?” Leonard offers, soft and hesitant and understanding.

“I don’t know.” Jim shrugs, leans back in the chair and tries for nonchalant again because he doesn’t have a clue how to hold himself. But his body feels awkward, numb and his shoulders slump as he whispers: “probably.”

It is then that Leonard stands up, rounds his desk and walks over to Jim.

Yet when he’s next to his friend, he hesitates. His hand’s already reached out but it hovers over Jim’s shoulder.

One second

Two seconds

Jim takes a deep, shuddering breath and feels tears stinging his eyes as he counts the third –

Leonard’s hand settles down before the third second, long fingers curling around Jim’s shoulder, a slight tremble in them. His head is bent, a shadow falling over his face and hiding most of his painfully compassionate expression. “Take your time, all right?” he offers and time is truly the only time he can offer Jim at this point. He tilts his head slightly, eyes catching Jim’s and he tries to give a reassuring smile. “I’ll be there after.”

Jim knows it’s true, knows that Leonard will be waiting for him with his friendship after the fire has died down and the saplings start to grow again.

It’s why he loves Leonard, and it’s also why he has to let his feelings go.

“Dr. McCoy?” a nurse calls from Medbay, her voice not necessarily loud but it feels like she’s screaming through the door anyway. “We need you in here for a moment.”

Leonard doesn’t say I have to go because they both know he is on duty and has a job to perform.

When Leonard pulls back his hand, Jim turns his head to the wall, whispering: “I’m sorry, Bones.”

“Me too,” Leonard returns softly just before the door closes behind him.

Jim sits in his chair, staring at the wall with shaking hands and a pale face. Yet somehow, there are no tears left to fall as behind the closed door, a forest burns.

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