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Alright, heres test number one for my next side project. Gotta fix a few frames at the end there, then I think its good.

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this is what i’ll be wearing at anime north w/ backpack and headset - dragon jacket or overwatch jacket because i anticipate weird late spring toronto weather. that bright red hat’s gonna be on my head all day, though. look for the weed snapback.

come accost me! i’ll be at the overwatch photoshoot, hopefully with a friend in tow so i don’t get lost on the way to the next event

I started thinking about how it must be for Gil, sitting in engineering, knowing Ryder is out there fighting and constantly in danger. No wonder Gil has been known to work on the ship for days at a time without sleeping. He can’t do anything for his boyfriend while he’s out in the field so Gil’s gonna make damn sure the ship and all their equipment will never let him down. 

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I hate to ask, as im sure there have been questions and posts and such about this before, but are there any specific rules about what i can submit?

There aren’t really any official rules for submitting anything. All you have to do is find a quote and send it to us with the source (at this point if you send it to us without a source I’ll delete it btw) But if I were you I’d try to stay away from things that could start a problem certain ships /cough/ and try to stay as safe and platonic as you can.


- Mod Keith

fair and square :: an alternating pov mix for season one anne and gilbert and the crushes that they definitely do not have on each other

once upon another time : sara bareilles
i make my wish but mostly i believe

bloom : the paper kites
you fill my lungs with sweetness & you fill my head with you

all the stars : the wailin’ jennys
open wide your wounded heart

ophelia : the lumineers
you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood

can’t go back now : the weepies
you do it on your own but you find you’re all alone

january hymn : the decemberists
what were the words i meant to say before you left?

christmas tv : slow club
it’s okay to have scars, they all make you who you are

shake : the head and the heart
the wind keeps pushing you to me

coming home : gabrielle aplin
standing underneath the sky with nothing of my own

sweet creature : harry styles
when i run out of road, you will bring me home

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         you know how most stories describe the grim reaper && the bringer of the apocalypse as these tall, mysterious, evil hooded figures ? yeah, that’s all bs. actually, she’s just a tiny, gothic firefly who really likes the colour purple. && she’s totally harmless - well, as long as she doesn’t need to destroy the world or anything.

         if you’d like to hang out with the cute goddess of destruction, TOMOE HOTARU / SAILOR SATURN, you should LIKE or REBLOG this promo && she’ll pop over for a look see !!

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can i just tag you in anything and everything that has to do with eggs now?

ummmmmmm 🥚YES PLEASE🥚

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               there  is  nothing  you  have  to  fear  that  should  not  fear  you  a  thousand  times  more.
                             ind.  jason  todd   /  canon-divergent   / written  by  cj.

-stares at my wild drunk posts of last night-  uhh…  i,  well, mmmmmm… my star-lord, mmmmmm MY LORD…  i really wanna see you…  really wanna  -sc r eECHES-

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Just wondering why u don't like Riker? I mean I don't care for him much but I'm curious

Oh the short answer to this is that I hate R/iker because I love Deanna? Their relationship is so unbalanced– he sets up standards for her that he doesn’t meet himself, gets angry when she shows interest in other people when they aren’t even together but has his own fair share of outside romantic interests. There’s just a major power imbalance there, and he’s not even nice to her? He’s just kind of that contradictory GUY type that drives me up a wall in real life, and I kind of just…. don’t want him around. Especially not around Deanna. Their relationship honestly just never made sense to me. 

Anyway! Sorry if I’m crapping on anyone’s fave. I just…….. R/iker.

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Height : 5’ something. i don’t remember

Last thing you googled‘what is furry’ i can’t seem to find a decent explanation on urban dictionary in what you guys are talking about. I still have no idea

Favorite music artist : coldplay/ greenday/ panic! at the disco/ spoon/ the beatles. Yeah i suck

Song stuck in your head : talk by coldplay

Last movie you watched : white chicks. though i’m not sure why

What are you wearing right now : a shirt and shorts

Why did you choose your URL : it was actually inspired by nissin;; that cup noodles since they slowly kill me and i love them so much

What did your last relationship teach you : never had one. at least, not a real one

Religious or Spiritual : both but very low key

Favorite color :  all of it. All colors. Except magenta

Average hours of sleep : 12?? Sleep at 12 wake up at 12 basically wow i need to change that

Lucky number : how do i know??

Favorite characters : okay i’m gonna start from everything. rikou nura (nurarihyon no mago) ♦ lala (to love ru) ♦ taiga aisaka (toradora) ♦ akasaka ryuunosuke (sakurasou no pet no kanojou) ♦ kurapika (hxh) ♦ hideyoshi kinoshita (baka to test) ♦ hoshihara hikaru/sena arata (lbx wars) ♦ kazemaru ichirouta/ fei rune (inaire) ♦ hyakuya mikaela/ krul tepes/ asuramaru (owari no seraph) ♦ yamatonokami yasusada/ okita souji (touran) and that’s just the top of the list- and the bold ones are practically who i died for

How many blankets do you sleep with : one

Dream job : an english prof and a part time freelance artist i guess

if y'all want to pls do^^