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Answer the following questions then tag some lovely arohas!

Tagged by myself because I’m starting this new game to try and wake up the fandom HEYO

1. Who is your bias? Moonbin, since day 1, literally

2. Who is your bias wrecker? All of them, but mostly Eunwoo.  He’s too pretty, but ocassionally MJ or Jinjin or Rocky will pop up there and my brain will say “Eunwoo who?” (not really but you know what I mean)

3. Pre debut or post debut? I really enjoyed Astro pre debut, especially the fandom.  And Astro were still really active on social media pre debut.

4. Spring Up era or Summer Vibes era? Spring Up, definitely, 100%

5. Moonrock or Binu? Binu all the way, even though I love myself some moonrock

6. Do you know MJ and Jinjin’s ship name? I’ve literally never heard and MJ and Jinjin ship name, maybe myungjin? Mjin? Can I just call them the hyung line ship?

7. Habin (Sanha and Moonbin) or Eunha (Sanha and Eunwoo)? Eunha is so cute, literally the cutest, I can’t deal with Eunha

8. Jinjin’s rapping or Rocky’s rapping? I love Rocky’s rapping, it’s so powerful, but Jinjin’s rapping is so… So… 

9. MJ’s vocals or Sanha’s vocals? Okay MJ is talented but Sanha is literally a child just imagine how much he’s going to expand his talent as he gets older

10. Eunwoo as a visual or Moonbin as a visual? Moonbin is my bias but Eunwoo is so clearly a visual…

11. Hide and Seek or Breathless?  Breathless is such a cute song, but I think I liked the choreography for Hide and Seek better

12. Breathless original version or Breathless acoustic version? The acoustic vesion fits my (nonexistent) aesthetic too well

13. Fireworks or Innocent Love? Innocent Love will always hold a very precious place in my heart

14. Polaris or Morning Call? Morning Call is still set has my alarm song

15. Astro have to dye their hair all the same color, and it has to be a non-natural color.  What color would you like to see? Honestly? Pink.  Like a pastel pink though, no hot pink.  I think all of them could pull of pastel pink.

16. You can pick one song from To Be Continued to be on the new album.  What song do you pick? CLAP CLAP BECAUSE THAT RAP BATTLE WAS FIRE

17. You can pick Astro’s next concept.  What is it?  Anything that will give Astro the choreography they deserve (and allow them to go hard like they did pre debut)

18. Astro continues their 숨 series and releases an album in the fall.  What would you call it if you got to name it? Pft. Fall Down.

19. If Astro got a chance to collaborate with a group on a special stage, what group would you pick for them to work with? B A N G T A N B O Y S could you imagine BTS and Astro running around on the same stage? Suga and Jinjin rapping together? Rocky and Jungkook killing everybody with their dancing? Jin and Eunwoo watching their children?

20. What would you most like to see from Astro in the future? I want to see Astro get rookie of the year at MAMA 2016.  Highkey, if they don’t get it, I’m going to be super salty.  They’re so talented and they work so hard.  I mean, 5 months in and they’re having a concert that is going to seat 3K???  They’re going to perform in Manila?  And in Bangkok??  What other rookie group does that?  None.  

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Getting to know ya all

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Nickname: Niu, but only foreign friends use it haha. 

Star sign: Aries (sun), Cancer (moon), Capricorn (rising), strong Plutonian and Sagittarian energy. 

Gender: Female.

Sexual orientation: Eh I don’t even know. I mean, I prefer men but I wouldn’t mind about a girlfriend, a robotfriend, an alienfriend… All will do if the person is right one.

Fave color: Black, pale pink, white, silver.

Current time: 15:53

Average hours of sleep: I need a lot of sleep to stay sane and not murder someone, so around 10h, even 14h if needed.

Last thing you googled: IBS anxiety (turns out IBS does increase/cause anxiety)

Current # of followers: 26 281 - it goes up and down daily and sometimes I lose or either gain 20 followers in a day haha. 

Dream job: I’d like to be a life coach/self-help teacher who inspires people to be who they are without fear or guilt. I’d travel around world to speak in seminars/events, write book(s) and have workshops. I still have long way to go there though, but I’m sure it will be possible some day, in a way or another. I know I’d also like to work in a tattoo shop as an assistant, if the tattoo team was nice. Been there, done that, and I loved it! My boss was wonderful.
My current job is also a dream job! I just wish I’d earn more money hmm…

Height: 153cm / 5′0

What do you post: EVERYTHING THAT INSPIRES ME plus my own art and daily journals haha. Lots of Junkrat nowadays, IDK why it happened but hey, never stop the inspiration! 

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Favourite dessert

lactose free Trio ice cream with chocolate + chocolate chips, vanilla and strawberry + strawberry sauce

or lactose free Irish Coffee-Nut ice cream.

I’m also a sucker for cake and I can sometimes have a piece of lactose and gluten free cake. 

Where would you like to travel and why?

I miss Edinburgh, it’s been too many years since the last trip. I’d love to go there, to walk in the old city’s medieval streets, go to sit in Saint Giles cathedral, just breath in the history and roam in the old cemetery. It’s one of my power places. Sadly I have no free accommodation there (or in Glasgow) anymore. I’m always traveling with a tiny budget and as I can’t stay in hostels for the noise and need for privacy nor I got travel money for a hotel (which are ridiculous in prices for solo travelers), I have no idea when I can go there next time. ToT

How hot is it outside?
Now it’s night time and it’s around 15C. Day was hot, almost 30C, which is too much (I spend 1 hour in a car with no AC, temperature inside was probably near 40C despite we drove with open windows). Good thing it cools soon!

Is there any book you really like?
Oh Anita Moorjani’s “Dying to be Me” is my happy book! I always find a solution from there. I’ve got also manga from 1974 which is my treasure, as I love old vintage mangas. 

What’s your most favourite way to spend time with people?
Talking! The deeper conversation the better, but nowadays fangirling with someone is so rare treat I’m always happy if I get to gush about my fave things with someone. Tea houses are always another good option to go to with someone. 

Do you believe in aliens, ghosts, etc.?
Yes, absolutely! My friend’s mom once said “Why not to believe in aliens? We’re aliens ourselves, too.”

Is there any songs you’re addicted to right now?
Let’s say Angel’s Rain from We Love Katamari OST, I’ve listened it so many times today <3 It’s absolutely the most cutesy romantic song I have ever heard.

How would you describe yourself?