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Name: Lourdes Payne

Nicknames: “Lou”

Zodiac Sign: Libra the sign of balance. Yeah Right! 

Height: 5'3"

Orientation: straight forward, don’t ask me for directions.

Nationality: Mexican and proud of it :)

Favorite Fruit: Ripe strawberries

Favorite Season: Spring ahead, Fall behind

Favorite Book: Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

Favorite Flower: Magnolia

Favorite Scent: coconut oil

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Animal: Furry animals

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: coffee

Average sleep hours: I’m a night owl but I sleep between 6-7 hours.

Cat or dog person: Both…..

Favorite fictional character: “Jessica Jones”

Number of blankets you sleep with: One

Blog Created: November 2014, deleted and restart three times

Number of followers: 2,200 +. Who’s counting😬

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20 Questions ♥

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Name: Sezen & Gökçe

Nickname: Zury, Sezzy/Sezzie, Unicorn (Uni, Unique), Yuri, Ahri, Micro Teacup

Birthday: February 20th

Zodiac Sign: I’m a pisces baby ^3^ 💕♓

Height: 156-157 cm smh Im so smol gdi (5′1 I guess?) 

Orientation: Hetero

Nationality: Turkish

Favorite Fruit: PINEAPPLE ♥

Season: Summer cuz no school (tho I love cold)

Favorite Flower: Lavender, Orchid, Hydrangea, Rose, Jasmin, Forget-Me-Not, Water Lily and many more <33

Favorite Book:  Bad Girls Dont Die

Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa: Tea

Average sleep hours: 10+ or 4-

Cat or Dog: BOTH tho I love doggos more ♥

Favorite fictional character: Do you wanna stay here all day? Ugh let me write some… Jumin Han, Jihyun Kim, Alexy, Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky, Saeran Choi, Zeref Dragneel, Tomoe, Gerard Fernandes, Freed Justine, Nico Yazawa, Nozomi Tojo, Ruby Kurosawa, *insert DL bois here*, Oh Sangwoo, Jeff The Killer, Ticci Toby, Kirigaya Kazuto and it goeeeees ooooonnnn

Blog created: Right before Halloween 2016

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Writing, Sleeping, Listening Music etc

Top 3 Favorite Otome Games:

  1. Mystic Messenger
  2. My Candy Love
  3. Wizardess Heart

Fictional place you want to visit: Sweet Amoris 😂

Top 3 countries you want to visit:

  1. Japan
  2. England
  3. USA

Well normally France was in list but I visit there 2 years ago lol

Top 3 favorite songs: Right now

Taeyang - Ringa Linga 

BTS - Sweet, Blood & Tears / Dope / FIRE (Just act like thats only one song)


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5 random facts

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1. I have cdo. Not ocd, cdo, with the letters in alphabetical order like they should be 😁

2. Autumn is my favorite season. I love when i can wear sweaters again! And all the pretty colors the trees turn, as I finally live in a state where trees turn colors other than brown. 

3. I’m pretty good at sewing. I’ve made us several costumes for renaissance festivals! 

4. I like to write. I just started a project with a friend, involving fae and inter- dimensional travel. One day i might share some of my stories on here. 

5. I love science. Anything to do with space, technology, archeology, geology and medicine i take an active interest in. 

Get to Know Me Tag!!

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1. drink: water for once lol

2. phone call: my dad

3. text message: @hwaiting-hoe aka my bestie

4. song you listened to: Exorcism by Clairity

5. time you cried: Yesterday bc i accidentally threw my brother’s toothbrush away

6. dated someone twice: you’d have to date someone once to date them twice lol

7. kissed someone and regretted it: haven’t kissed anyone

8. been cheated on: never dated lol

9. lost someone special: does my cat count bc she died last week and that hurt

10. been depressed: never, clinically/seriously

11. gotten drunk and thrown up: never been drunk


12-14. Blue, white, pink


15. made new friends: yes!!!

16. fallen out of love: nope cus I wasn’t in love in the first place

17. laughed until you cried: yea like last week lol

18. found out someone was talking about you: no, I don’t think so

19. met someone who changed you: Eh sort of

20. found out who your friends are: Lol yeah unfortunately

21. kissed someone on your Facebook list: Nope

22. how many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them

23. do you have any pets: yup, a dog and two fish, plus i had a cat but it died last week :’(

24. do you want to change your name: nope! I love my name :)

25. what did you do for your last birthday: ate cupcakes, chilled with my family

26. what time did you wake up: 10:36am, though I stayed in bed til 1pm lol

27. what were you doing at midnight last night: Texting, scrolling tumblr, procrastinating lol

28. name something you can’t wait for: My birthday in 7 days!!

29. when was the last time you saw your mom: An hour or so ago :)

30. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life: just that I feel kind of unsuccessful and lame compared to my cousins and family and I want to do something really cool my family can actually be proud of/brag about

31. what are you listening to right now: Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds

32. have you ever talked to a person named Tom: i have probably but not recently

33. something that is getting on your nerves: my brother always trying to tell me about the latest girl he’s involved with

34. most visited website: youtube, tumblr, google drive


38. hair colour: blonde but slowly turning light brown sob

39. long or short hair: long af currently

40. do you have a crush on someone: nOPE tHANK GOD

41. what do you like about yourself: that I get puns really quickly, that i can make people laugh, my eyes, and also that I have really good spelling :D

42. piercings: none

43. bloodtype: A+, unlike my grades

44. nickname: Ellie, 12.5, faith, ellie the cactus, green apple elena, taehyung hater lol (even though he’s my bias screw you soy)

45. relationship status: single and hAPPY

46. zodiac: cancer sigh

47. pronouns: she/her

48. favourite tv show: Teen wolf, friends, and various k-dramas

49. tattoos: someday maybe

50. right or left handed: right haha

51. surgery: I had an oral surgery on valentine’s day in 2014

52. piercing: ???? no

53. sport: sIKE 

55. vacation: I go to maine every summer, but i haven’t been in two years aND IM SUPER EXCITED

56. pair of trainers: question mark

57. eating: I like sushi and mashed potatoes and goldfish???

58. drinking: ginger ale is my favvvv

59. i’m about to: answer question 61 because there isn’t a question 60???

61. waiting for: my birthdayyyyy

62. want: to visit Korea 

63. get married: probably

64. career: translator or manager idk


65. hugs or kisses: Hugs bc I haven’t kissed anyone

66. lips or eyes: Eyes :)

67. shorter or taller: Tbh I don’t care about height I love smol I love tol

68. older or younger: older 

70. nice arms or nice stomach: arms show more often but HOW ABOUT BOTH

71. sensitive or loud: Loud lol too sensitive annoys me & class clowns are my type

72. hook up or relationship: relationship i guess lol

73. troublemaker or hesitant: a good mix of both, like me lol


74. kissed a stranger: nope

75. drank hard liquor: yes lol if vodka counts

76. lost glasses/contact lenses: plenty of sunglasses, but i don’t wear glasses or contacts so

77. turned someone down: A couple of people 

78. sex on the first date: Haven’t even been on a date

79. broken someone’s heart: I doubt it lol

80. had your heart broken: noPe

81. been arrested: no but almost in 7th grade lol

82. cried when someone died: not someone but someTHING, unless fictional characters count

83. fallen for a friend: Yep once


84. yourself: sort of

85. miracles: yeah

86. love at first sight: nOPE

87. santa claus: i wish lmao

88. kiss on the first date: idk I’d have to see

89. angels: yup


90. current best friend’s name: Katie :)

91. eye colour: light blue

92. favourite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean (all lol), Twenty, Mulan.

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Get to Know Me Tag

Aight so I was tagged by: @waekirei and though I’ve already done one, it had been a long time so here I come again xD

RULES: you must answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people.

1. drink: Coffee

2. phone call: my uncle

3. text message: I don’t really do text-messages tho ;’)

4. song you listened to: killedmyself- don’t worry about me

5. time you cried: What is a cried?

6. dated someone twice: Nah dude. We ain’t playing dat shiet

7. kissed someone and regretted it: well…. Not that I can think of?

8. been cheated on: You gotta be dating to be cheated on *wink*wonk*

9. lost someone special: Just recently

10. been depressed: not really, no

11. gotten drunk and thrown up: I take my liquor well ;’)


12-14. Pink. Pink. Pink.


15. made new friends: too many 

16. fallen out of love: you gotta love someone to fall out of love first *wink*wonk*

17. laughed until you cried: not in the past year

18. found out someone was talking about you: lmao yeah. Ppl always talk about me :)

19. met someone who changed you: nahhh boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

20. found out who your friends are: not in the past year at least

21. kissed someone on your Facebook list: naahhhhhh

22. how many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: good question. Moving on.

23. do you have any pets: a smol doggo and like 2 golden fish

24. do you want to change your name: I’ve a perfect name suited just for my cruelty :^

25. what did you do for your last birthday: went bowling, ate Chinese, got bangs and ate cake.

26. what time did you wake up: I go to sleep at 6 or 7 am………. What do you think?

27. what were you doing at midnight last night: Watching `Lookout`. Great drama. Go look. This is not promotion. Go look. It’s great.

28. name something you can’t wait for: August cause that’s when the final results of the exams come in.

29. when was the last time you saw your mom: Couple hours ago before she went ta sleep

30. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life: the fact that I have zero trust for anyone? I am not susceptible to giving to people, but would gladly all of theirs.

31. what are you listening to right now: XXXTENTACION- Teeth

32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: Yeah, dude. His nickname is Panda tho.

33. something that is getting on your nerves: my bro. responsibilities. money. mornings. infection in my ear rn

34. most visited website: youtube, tumblr, asianfanfics, google images if that can be counted for a website lmao 


38. hair colour: naturally brown but rn like a purple and red

39. long or short hair: literally chopped my hair off to hell yesterday

40. do you have a crush on someone: what’s a crush again?

41. what do you like about yourself: my eyes?

42. piercings: I have 6- the two typical ones, two above that on my left ear, and 2 cartilage ones

43. bloodtype: I think it’s -C

44. nickname: Too many…… Rima, Rina,Rhino, Tina, Kotre,Cathy,Kitty, Kotriukas, Kotriazauras………. Ain’t even half/

45. relationship status: trash.

46. zodiac: Aquarius

47. pronouns: apache helicopter 

48. favourite tv show: Currently Circle and Lookout. Both are great and I highly reccomend to watch them. They’re honestly so amazing. 


50. right or left handed: I’m mainstream

51. surgery: A couple……

52. piercing: go to—– 42

53. sport: oohhh… Sport…. Sounds fun. I used to do dancing, and dodgeball.

55. vacation: never nowhere

56. pair of trainers: …… what???????

57. eating: I’m not picky tbh

58. drinking: everything

59. i’m about to: try and talk self into writing `Bystander` ch.19

61. waiting for: till the money money come

62. want: motivation.

63. get married: never

64. career: forensic psychologist


65. hugs or kisses: hug

66. lips or eyes: eyes

67. shorter or taller: tol

68. older or younger: older

70. nice arms or nice stomach: nice everything?

71. sensitive or loud: patient because a bitch needs patience when with me

72. hook up or relationship: relationship

73. troublemaker or hesitant: i’s choose troublemakers anytime tbh


74. kissed a stranger: nah

75. drank hard liquor: nah

76. lost glasses/contact lenses: drowned my glasses once- but like sunglasses

77. turned someone down: don’t remember tbh….. OH NEVER MIND YES I HAVE AND IT WAS THE WORST LMAO

78. sex on the first date: nah

79. broken someone’s heart: I don’t think so?

80. had your heart broken: don’t have one lmao

81. been arrested: surprisingly, I almost was. Or at least I was threatened with cops countless of times.

82. cried when someone died: I did.

83. fallen for a friend: nah 


84. yourself: not usually cause i’m dumb af

85. miracles: nah

86. love at first sight: nah

87. santa clause: nah

88. kiss on the first date: too cliche

89. angels: nah


90. current best friend’s name: Andzelika ;’0

91. eye colour: weird combo of gold, black and brown

92. favourite movie: Diary of June/ Bystander, The Crucibles to name a few

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And I just realized I don’t have 20 ppl lmao. Fml.

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Name: Allison

Nickname: Alli
Gender: female

Star sign: scorpio

Height: 5′3″?
Time right now: 16:20

Last Thing I googled: malachite

Fav bands: Boston, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Ghost

Fav solo artist: Sithu Aye?

Last movie I watched: I don’t remember
Blog Birthday: 2013
When did your blog reach its peak: now?

Do you have any other blogs: nope
Why did you choose your URL: I love Oliver Riedel, especially his beard
Hogwarts house: Slytherin 💚🐍 (same!)

Do you get asks regularly: not really

Fav colours: greens, lots of cool colors
Average hours of sleeping: about 9

Lucky numbers: 12
Fav characters: Locus, Agent Washington, Lorne Malvo, Wes Wrench, Gus Fring
What am I wearing: light green pj pants and a Rammstein shirt

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1

Dream Job: dead
Dream Trip: Switzerland
I taaaag: @cactiflowergirl @missqueen-b @automata-enthusiast @ddraconian-love @lein-wahliik and @dumbluck-and-pneumonia

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Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional victims!

Here She Comes Now // The Velvet Underground
Could You Be Loved // Bob Marley & The Wailers
House [Long Version] // The Psychedelic Furs
Ackee 123 // The English Beat
Spill The Wine // Eric Burdon & War
Planet Claire // The B-52’s
Baggy Trousers // Madness
Misirlou // Dick Dale And His Del-Tones
Go To Her // Jefferson Airplane
Let It Slide // Elliot Easton

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@the-achtung-babe tagged me to post pictures on my mobile phone to describe who I am.  Thankyou for being so kind and I must say I loved your initial post and aesthetic. :D  Hi five for the cap/hat wearing ppl among Tumblr. 

1 - A drawing of Edge ,I made years ago. I love drawing and I’m trying to catch up on the year’s I’ve been neglecting it.
2 - I really badly want a license to drive and buy my own cafe-racer.
3 - I’m a sucker for street art and saw this in Cologne.
4 - First time in  Dublin! Went on a hunt for all the street signs.
5 - I love animals , but I really love sharks. I worked as an Aquarist / Zookeeper/ Trainer for 7ish years and it was a blast. I’m very proud of what I achieved at work then, and that I got employed even tho a lot of people told me not to do so and that there was 1% chance to get a job.
6 - My best friend and me during out trip thorough New Zealand life changing experience. First flight ever. First time remote with no one but ourselves to solve our trouble. Which we got into :’)
7 - Bono, Edge, The Beach, Tho ocean (and maybe some sharks), Soccer. Perfection. 
8 - Drawing of Bono. POP is my fave Bono era..

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If I were a month: May
if I were a day: Tuesday
if I were a planet: Saturn
if I were a god or goddess: Artemis
if I were a sea animal: Seahorse
if I were a piece of furniture: Hammock
if I were a gemstone: Moonstone
if I were a flower: Violet (the sapphic flower)
if I were a weather:
Sunny with a light breeze
If I were a colour: Forest green
if I were an emotion: That feeling when you’re ignoring all of your responsibilities and you’re anxious about it but calm at the same time
if I were a fruit: Strawberry
if I were an element:
if I were a place: Under a log
if I were a taste: Sweet but like citrusy
if I were a scent:
The smell after rain
If I were a song: Peace of Mind by Boston
if I were a body part: Eyes
If I were a pair of shoes:
Combat boots

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Tag Game

Rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 people you wanna get to know better

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name:  Nana

nickname: Nana

zodiac sign:  Scorpio

height:  5'7″

nationality:  born in america

fav fruit:  Mangos/Melón

fav season:  wintertime – otherwise known as summer with some wind

fav book:  Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey

fav flower:  Peony/Hibiscus

fav scent:  Lavender

fav color:  Purple/Violet

fav animal:  Birds/Lions

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Decaf coffee w/some kinda flavor syrup.

average hours of sleep:  3-6 (5 usually)

cat or dog person:  Both &neither

fav fictional character:  Atemu

how many blankets do you sleep with:  1 or 2 if I’m esp cold

dream trip:  Peru/India/Egypt

blog created:  2013

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answer eight tag eight

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last movie i watched: to kill a mockingbird

last song i listened to: the fray’s you found me

last book i read: also to kill a mockingbird lol

last thing i ate: eclaire!

if i could be anywhere right now, where would i be: definitely hogwarts

where would i time travel to: anywhere that has no wars, people are happy, and everything is peaceful

fictional character i would want to hang out with for a day: fred weasley

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Some Questions answered by Calvary and Oreo!

Thank you so much for tagging me! This is (albeit a little late) an answer to some questions I received thank you for remembering and tagging me! (and also for being patient) 

You guys are the best: @wolfoftonight @lindow-window2 @kawaiiellie-chan @wolfboy @milkytsarts

Question will be answered by Me… and Oreo!

Favourite food?

Calvary: Hot wings! Homemade if possible.

Oreo: I love cookies, but my favourite food is biscuits and gravy ^w^

Favourite movie?

Calvary and Oreo: Guardians of the galaxy 2!

Do you watch anime and how often?

Calvary: I watch it with my buddies occasionally if I have the time!

Oreo: Amenay? Oh! the explosion cartoons! ^w^

Who is your favourite anime character? (depends on question above)

Calvary: Kakashi from Naruto, or Midoria/Deku from MHA

Oreo: Pikachu seems like a cool friend ^w^

Do you read books and what kind?

Calvary: I don’t have as much time to read, but if I did, I would read the Bible or other titles that give more knowledge of the Bible.

Oreo: Tony reads me the Bible, but sometimes, I like to read quantum mechanical theory books :3

Do you play video games?

Calvary: Yup, I don’t play much, but if I can! (although, I don’t have time anymore, and honestly, I was never too into playing them myself, except some games, I love playing some games for hours on end XD)

Oreo: Games!

What types and genres games do you play?

Calvary: I enjoy party games, smash bros, but also adventure games! Skyrim, and games like harvest moon are awesome. Also POKEMON!

Oreo: The good ones ^w^

Do you have pets?

Calvary: I gotta puppy, named king ^

Oreo: Yes I enjoy being pet :3 on my head/ears

Do you like to draw?

Calvary: I enjoy creating, and sharing in creation, so yes, I just wish I had more time to do it. I will admit, some people don’t care when you draw for them, and it has drained my heart recently… but I have new joy in drawing for people that care for me, my art, not just when it’s convenient… but because they remind me, I do matter ^w^ 

Oreo: I doodle on his face when he sleeps :3

Thing you like to do in your free time?

Calvary: Give. My time, my energy, my love, who I am. If I can, I like to give it to people to assure them, they are loved, cared for, by not just me, but God. God gives me strength to love those who don’t love or aren’t loved. So with my Free time, I like to give love to others. 

Oreo: I agree, plus hugs!

Video Games!

My favorite Video games are in Order:

Calvary’s List

1.Super Smash Bros (All, but for WiiU and 3DS is my Favorite)

2. Skyrim/Pokemon (can’t decide)

3. Farm life games (Harvest moon type games in general)

4. IF I AM WITH FRIENDS,Shooters… (COD Zombies in particular)

5. Fire Emblem, strategy games!.

(honestly, I really don’t play games very often, if I can find just a liiiiiitle  free time, I try to draw, I hang out with friends heheh.)

Oreo’s List: 

1. The one with mario

2. The one with Pikachu

3. The one with uh…uhh…you know… yeah ^w^

4. punchy fight fighter… 4 I think

5. phone games are fun :3

Thank you for tagging me!