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{last line tag];

Tagged by the sweet (and one of the newest) additions to our little family @blue–blushes .Thank you so much for the tag dear. I’m sure a bunch of other people have tagged me in this before so if you have, thank you so much, and I’m sorry if I haven’t found time to do this before. Essentially we’re sharing the last line we’ve written in our current WIP~

Nines scoffed under his breath before pulling back, cool fingers sliding to rest against your collarbone.

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wip game

“post the names of all the files in your wip folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues or interests you, and i’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!”

Hahaha this looks like a lot of fun, I have a ton of wips lol. Thank you so much @arqueritefrost for tagging me!

So the first one is one I’ve been talking about for a very long time now: “Asylum” (Witch!Stray Kids/Modern Magic AU). It’s the next “main” story I’m working on!

The next one is another one I’m very excited for though I don’t know when it’ll be up, there’s not a ton of planning for it yet but it’s definitely gonna happen eventually. I’m going back to my roots with a second installment of my Stray Kids Gang AU (tentatively titled “Whatever It Takes”) Another idea I had was to write a long oneshot about how the Stray Kids gang was formed. Basically how Chan found each of the members and recruited them. It’s meant to reflect how Stray Kids was actually built, with Chan choosing each member out of the trainees at JYP. This idea could be absorbed into the actual “official” next part of the Gang AU, not sure yet so we’ll have to see!

Although I will say, the Gang AU can also easily be turned into a Mafia AU. It would probably have the same plot as whatever I had planned for the Gang AU but with the structure would be different (since it’s the mafia, not a gang). Not sure yet on that though.

Ohhhhhh okay. This one is interesting. This one will probably be a long oneshot or a mini series based on the games Limbo and and Inside (from Playdead). I have a basic idea about it but it’s mostly just a page of notes right now. It’s gonna be set in a dystopic city and it’s gonna be pretty dark. If you thought “Control” was dark then….. ha.

Oh! I haven’t looked at this one for awhile. I was thinking of doing a Stray Kids Soul Eater AU! Not much planning done there but it’s an idea! I really want this one to happen though kfjshxha

Ah so I’ve mentioned maybe doing a Social Media AU. The idea/plot behind it was to have the boys have separate Twitter/Instagram accounts and for them to he traveling the world recording their adventures. It’s gone between being light and fluffy with aesthetic pics to having a more dystopic vibe. Still undecided as of right now. Tentatively titled as “Wanderlust”.

Hahaha this one lol. Stray Kids Percy Jackson AU. I literally only have their names on a doc and who I think their godly parents are. The doc isn’t even officially titled yet djscnskz

OH GOD. I FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE. Stray Kids Raven Boys AU! Hands down one of my favorite book series of all time! No clue how I’d write this but I WANT TO DO IT SO BADLY.

And of course I have a Stray Kids Harry Potter AU lol. I only have their Hogwarts houses, blood statuses, and Quidditch positions (if applicable). And tbh I don’t have all of that completely filled I’m yet. It’s probably gonna happen one day, just not soon.

Okay okay, I also have a Stray Kids Interactive Mystery AU planned! It was inspired by “On of Us is Lying” by Karen M. McManus. The actual structure I was thinking of is…. complicated. Might not use the same structure but I definitely wanna try to write a mystery! Oh! The setting will most likely be in a highschool as well!

I’ve also wanted to write an AU based off of the Stray Kids MVs, especially Hellevator! I’ve been trying to study the MVs more and put together a plot but it’s slow, I’m not that great at theories haha. It’s tentatively titled “Going Up”

There is also a Fantasy AU I’m playing around with! Though tbh it’s probably gonna be ditched/remolded into a Pirate AU with for elements haha. But you never know! Pirate AU in itself will probably happen anyway.

Lastly, I was thinking of doing a series of oneshots set after “Control”. Mostly just random stuffs that I feel like writing in that universe haha.

So…. 14 wips haha. Send me asks about any of these if you’re curious! I’d love to talk about them in more detail!

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wip game

rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you, or interests you and i’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!

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  1. flurries - playboy!renjun
  2. genius - heartbreaker!renjun, ivy league!au
  3. here we go again - mamma mia!au pt. 2
  4. doll thing - bad boy!jeno, thriller genre
  5. my favorite things - roommate!renjun, friends-to-lovers!au
  6. raindrops on roses - cottage witch!jeno
  7. bean podz - jock!jisung
  8. twinkle - peasant!jeno x princess!reader, soulmate!au
  9. whispers - fallen guardian angel!au (renjun)
  10. for you - boyfriend!chenle fluffy drabble
  11. remember - friends-to-lovers!au (renjun)
  12. i might as well be blind without you (??) - soulmate!jeno
  13. anything and everything (??) - gangster!hyuck
  14. sensory countdown (??) - soulmate!jaemin
  15. ____ (name undecided) - winter fairy prince!renjun
  16. ____ (name undecided) - makeup artist!hyuck
  17. ____ (name undecided) - witch!jaemin
  18. ____ (name undecided) - friends-to-lovers!au (hyuck x male reader)
  19. ____ (name undecided) - nerd!yukhei
  20. ____ (name undecided) - ravenclaw!renjun
wip game!

“post the names of all the files in your wip folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues or interests you, and i’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!

this is bad timing cuz i just deleted a lot but :) 

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  • The Son of Medusa - Hyunjin

Being the new girl always sucks, but being the only normal girl at the school? Yeah that’s even worse. Once you discover that you’re attending school with valkyries, vampires, werewolves, and more, you’re thrown into a ridiculous quest of “who am I?” Luckily for you, there’s one more guy at the school who is outcast from everyone else… but it unfortunately, it’s not because he’s normal, it’s because he’s different. 

  • The Boy Next Door - Seungmin 

neighbor!seungmin AU where you have a terrible family, but a nice friend to keep you company in this hell hole called life 

  • The Wrong Choice - Hyunjin (?) 

We’ve all heard countless stories about the girl who tries to destroy the sweet and innocent protagonist…but what happens when the “antagonist” isn’t as bad as we think? 

20 headcanons about muse

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So let’s do this for my roguishly handsome, handsomely roguish Nathaniel Hart! (His sims-self is closer to how I imagine him than the FO engine so :joy: Here’s a picture with him and Meeko!)

1) Nathaniel Hart perished in Vault 111 – however, he exists in the parallel universe of The Elder Scrolls where he is the Last Dragonborn. 

2) He’s a virtuoso in both universes, talented with instruments and possessing powerful vocals. In Fallout he aspired to be in a band, in Skyrim he secretly wanted to be a bard. 

3) He loathes his mother, Stella, after suffering a childhood of emotional abuse and neglect. 

4) Due to his childhood, left feeling ostracised by his ‘family’, he has a need to please people and feel liked and included. 

5) Is a hopeless romantic who dreamed of finding true love. He found it with Nora/Arnora in both universes. 

6) Always wanted a family and was determined to be the best father to his children, swearing that they would never feel the neglect and loneliness he endured. 

7) He loves to drink, dance and party. 

8) Before he settled down with Nora he was in a long string of relationships that failed. He’s a very experienced lover but, despite his love of fun and partying, he is wholly devoted to Nora and has never strayed while in a relationship. 

9) He’s incredibly charming and suave.

10) In every universe his best friend is Sanguine - in every universe, Nora disapproves of this friendship, feeling that ‘Sam’ is leading Nate astray.

11) He has married two hagravens, a werewolf and a werebear. The hagravens never consummated their ‘love’ because the aforementioned werewolf may have killed them on both occasions. 

12) He didn’t mean to marry the hagravens.

13) He’s the Nordiest Nord to ever Nord and is also a stormcloak. 

14) In the FO verse, he used to couch surf with friends before he found a permanent space for him living with Nora and her cousin Evangeline. 

15) He purchased the house in Sanctuary Hills for himself and Nora after she proposed. From all his years of working and couch surfing, he had saved up a sizeable sum and used his army discount. 

16) In both Skyrim and FO, he was extremely talented with chemistry. 

17) He’s the sort of guy that draws the eye as soon as he enters the room and finds it easy to charm people. He kind of resents how this makes him feel like his mother’s son. 

18) His Dovah-bro is Odahviing. 

19) In both universes, he isn’t a fan of heavy armour. In Skyrim he’s a barbarian with a love of greatswords and in Fallout he’s a commando preferring combat armour and assault rifles. 

20) In Fallout, in a universe where he survives, he becomes the Minutemen General and, after mourning Nora, Shaun and the world he once had, he enters a relationship with Curie.

I’m tagging anyone who’d like to do this! <3 

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Autumn Tag

  1. Apple picking or Hayride
  2. Scary or Sweet
  3. Sweaters or Boots
  4. Socks or Mittens
  5. Bonfires or Football
  6. Trick-or-treating or Watching scary movies
  7. Baking pie or Baking cookies
  8. Rain or Fog
  9. Black cats or Owls
  10. Ghosts or Wizards
  11. Harry Potter or Halloweentown
  12. Hiking or Sleeping in
  13. Cinnamon or Nutmeg
  14. Reading or Writing
  15. Hot chocolate or Tea
  16. Live in a cabin in the forest or Have it be fall 24/7
  17. Candy apples or Caramel apples
  18. Blankets or Pillows
  19. Roasted marshmallows or Roasted chestnuts
  20. Coffee or Apple cider
  21. Red leaves or Orange leaves
  22. Braids or Bows
  23. Scent of scented candles or Scent of baked goods
  24. Carve pumpkins or Make pumpkin pie
  25. Pumpkin spice lattes or Chai tea lattes
  26. Coats or Oversized sweaters
  27. Beanies or Berets
  28. Candy corn or Peanut butter cups
  29. S'mores or Apple crisp
  30. Jump in a pile of leaves or Swing on a tire
  31. Corn maze or Haunted house  (i’m a coward tbh heheh)
  32. Bob for apples or Visit a pumpkin patch
  33. Whipped cream on hot chocolate or Marshmallows on hot chocolate

WIP Game~

rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you, or interests you and i’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!

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Okay so I have a lot of WIP docs that are literally blank and will probably never be used, so 🤷‍♀️ some of these I might not really have answers for lol. Also these aren’t even all the ones I have notes for, just the ones that have their own docs x_x

  • Titanic!AU
  • Calling You Up
  • All the Stars in the Sky
  • Luhan Sugar Daddy AU
  • A La Carte
  • Brakes
  • Get a Room Pt. 3
  • Pour It Up
  • Smile
  • Boats and Birds
  • Clean Up In Sextion C (I’m cringing)
  • Bangtancabana
  • Hello
  • Lacuna
  • Guarded Hearts
  • Biggest Regret
  • Sweet as Honey
  • IOW Drabble
  • Every Step of the Way
  • MOK 4
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Fix Me Up
  • Jongin’s Girl
  • Andro-Ari Collab (which sadly won’t be a thing anymore, as she has stopped writing ☹️ but I’ll probably still pursue the idea)
  • Try Again
  • Demon! Chanyeol

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Just fyi sorry for my abuse of ok, so and oh my god🙃


-Name and Username

-Where you’re from

-Pronounce the following words: aunt, roof, route, theatre, iron, salmon, caramel, fire, water, New Orleans, pecan, both, again, probably, Alabama, lawyer, coupon, mayonnaise, pyjamas, caught, naturally, aluminium, gif, Tumblr, Crackerjack, doorknobs, envelope and GPOY.

-What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house

-What is a bubbly carbonated drink called

-What do you call gym shoes

-What do you call your grandparents

-What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket

-What is the thing you change your TV channel with

-Choose a book and read a passage from it

-Do you think you have an accent

-Be a wizard or a vampire

-Do you know anyone from Tumblr in real life

-End the audio post by saying any three words you want’

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{last line tag};

I was tagged by the lovely Kat, @the-darklings, to post the last line I wrote, so…here we are, I guess - I know it’s more than one line but shh :’)

“Maybe we should listen to him - he does make a good point.”

You could feel Connor’s eyes on you as soon as the words left your lips, could picture the way his expression would harden at the suggestion that you trust what Nines suggested. 

He so desperately wanted to list all the reasons that was a terrible idea, but you weren’t entirely out of the woods yet and he was reluctant to do or say anything that might cause you further stress.

“Trust me, he doesn’t want to help us. He’ll stab us when our backs are turned if we give him the slightest opportunity.”

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I screenshotted my song earlier then forgot to screenshot the rest haha

Nocturne No. 2 in E-Flat minor is one of my favs. :( such a classic

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☆ last line tag ☆

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pretty much, you paste the last line (or lines if u wish) of your latest wip and tag people according to how many words there are in the sentence. in this case, lmciyv!!

“Okay. Fine. Only so you’ll stop bothering me.”

He snorts, wraps a hand around your waist, fingers warm against cold, synthetic flesh.

But you’ve never felt more alive.

“Is that the only reason?”

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Find the Word Tag

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Maloret thought she saw her hair light on fire once. It was probably just her imagination, making up things again, but then again, there was a bit of a smoky smell on her baby’s hair the next day.

Dark/darkness: (I know this is going to make you upset.)

“NOOOO,” screamed Galania in anguish, collapsing to her knees and cradling Owena’s body. She started sobbing violently, and then stopped, standing up and facing the darkness.


He always disarmed them, and made a little pile of parts under his bed, that amassed impressively over time (028 called it his “trash-stash”).

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