✩ ~ Ironicmemeing’s  (Outdated but still usable i guess) Art commission price list ! ~  ✩

More examples in my art tag

Edit: at this point i’ll accept steam games as payment as long as the price is equal to the picture’s set.


  1. open
  2. open
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open

(sorry this was very rushed)
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-please read everything before ordering !-
LOTS of Info bellow (sorry people on mobile)

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I wanted to update this masterpost with some new information for any recent followers. Welcome to the AMC TURN fandom, we are the TURNcoats!

Hi there, I am majorjohnandre and I post a lot of gifs and edits of the TURN episodes. My blog also contains:

  • Search for an edit by the episode
  • Characters page (I still need to add some new season 2 characters)
  • I take requests for gifs and edits after every new episode, keep track of them here
  • Check out TURN Fanart in this affiliated blog
  • See posts of my hashtag meme here
  • Use the #Season 2 tag for news, spoilers, and more (all spoilers will also be tagged with #turn spoilers)
  • Submissions are always welcome and appreciated
  • Watch season 1 and 2 videos before the premiere tonight
  • Many, many other talented artists here
  • Looking for other TURN blogs to follow? Visit my blogs to follow page
  • For anything else, you can use my links page and my inbox is always open :)

Tags to track:

Join me tonight at 9pm, I’ll be liveblogging the 2-hour premiere using tags #turn amc and #turn spoilers