tage frid

Will someone let me know if I’m missing something?  I can’t figure out how to reply to comments on one of my posts.  Here is that Tage Frid stool I started on and badly mangled the dovetails connecting the back to the seat.  I had never tried a dovetail on an angle before and I screwed up the layout. 

Yes, it looks awkward.  There is much that just isn’t right about it, much more than the photo shows.  It will serve me as a shop stool as my old one is falling apart.  Mad props to Roy - http://royincorona.tumblr.com/ for doing this stool well.

Regarding the last post, Taylor asked if I had tried the card scraper on my base to refine the spiral.  I did.  It seems like I reach for the card scraper every time I’m in the shop, but in this case, (and it’s hard to see just from the photo), I’m trying to refine a line and not smooth a surface and I couldn’t get enough support to help the card scraper smooth.  It was just riding the line and magnifying the defects.  That curved rasp helped me ride the highs and lows of the line and smooth them out.  I was having a difficult time with the scraper or just the gouge getting where I wanted to go.

Thanks for the questions.