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Picasso’s sculptures are the subject of a landmark retrospective currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art--and on Instagram accounts everywhere.

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The Heart of Tumblr, i’m a major wanna be, so Selosa. i can be a popular girl and sometimes a looozeerr ! >< it Hurts, you know what? Love Hurts. Volleyball Rocks, even though it made me injure 3 times already, but still i’m a Player ! XD 

i’m in love with Renzo Codilla,has a facebook, and has a Website, this is my tumblrsite and i love it..

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Introducing Tagboard Live Mode for Events

In October of last year we were approached by Audi USA with an idea: they wanted us to power their 30-foot LED screen at the LA Auto Show. At the time, the only way to experience Tagboard was online, at tagboard.com. We were thrilled with the opportunity to take our product beyond the web, and proved that using Tagboard for live events was a “no brainer”.

Today, we’re expanding on the idea of Tagboard for live events with a new feature: Live Mode. Now any tagboard can be equipped with a mode that is designed specifically for large, wide, public screens.

Live Mode updates automatically, animates beautifully, and looks great, all in real time. And, as expected, all of Tagboard’s moderation and curation tools apply to Live Mode, making this a perfect feature for live events, parties, conferences, sporting events, concerts, weddings, and just about anywhere a large screen is used to display social content.

As part of our initial launch of Live Mode, we partnered with The City Church in Kirkland, Washington, for their large youth conference, GC Conference.

Our theory was that integrating Tagboard on the large screen would drive engagement.  What we discovered was exciting: not only did we validate our theory (see the chart below), but we were surprised (again) by how much delight and user engagement the large-format tagboard delivered. Justin Jaquith, Communications Manager for The City Church, explains why in this 90-second video:

We took a snapshot of the event hashtag usage stats over time to demonstrate the effectiveness of Tagboard Live Mode on audience engagement. The chart above shows hashtag use, with dramatic spikes and drops in social post volume, illustrating the effectiveness of Live Mode. These spikes coincided with times when the conference screen was showing the tagboard versus other content.

This week, our team is headed to the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas, where we will be using Tagboard Live Mode at several high-profile parties and events. Please stay tuned to our blog for more information on where you can find us and check out Tagboard Live Mode.

Want to use Tagboard at your next event to boost interactions with your brand’s hashtag? Contact us through our Tagboard request form today!

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