Pochamani. Read it.

I think people should know of its existence.

Beauty standards. Crazy beauty standards.
I guess everyone (girls and boys too) has already felt bad because of this crap that keeps watching us, controlling us.
TV, books, all the sort of ads. Everything is contaminated by these unrealistic beauty patterns. Even kids are affected by it.

That’s why I really like Pochamani.
Some may say it’s just another silly shoujo manga.
It’s a shoujo manga, yes.
But it’s soft and kind.

I used to be chubby and I still have a few problems with my weight.
But reading Pochamani always makes me smile.
It reminds me how special I am the way I am.

Pochamani is not about a fatty girl that falls in love with and dates a cute and skinny boy.
It’s not about being fat or skinny. It’s not about patterns.
It’s essentially about love.
It’s about discovering who you are and accepting yourself.
It’s about letting yourself be discovered and loved by others and vice-versa!

Girls shouldn’t read Pochamani and say “I wish Tagami was real!”, “I wish there were more boys like him!”
Tagami is adorable indeed <3 <3 <3
He is a chubby maniac but first he’s a “Tsugumi-maniac”!!!!!!

We should act like him towards our own selves! We should love ourselves FIRST, come on!!!!
We all should be chubby maniacs! Or I don’t know, maybe “skinny maniacs”, “blonde maniacs”, “B cup maniacs”, etc… Or even better: “Insert your beautiful name here-maniac”!

Well… Thanks for reading! <3