ID #58514

Name: Maeva
Age: 20
Country: France

Hi, having a penpal has always been on my mind so when I heard about this blog I thought that it could be a good idea. By the way, as i’m from france my english isn’t perfect, but i’m fluent in spanish and french.
I’m someone who always change her mind, not like i’m hesitative but one day i can love something and the next day find it boring. My friends say that I’m somehow a lunatic as I can be very quiet and then being really outgoing. I think i am more of an introvert.
I am a big fan of music, I spend my day listening to every kind of songs, i also play some music instruments such as the piano or violin. Big fan of music as i said aha. But also of cinema, I love watching movies and series too ahah. I draw a lot too and i think i’m gonna stop there, i’m not use to talk about me that much.

Preferences: So, if I didn’t scare you with my presentation, you can talk to me without any second thoughts. I don’t have any preferences but it will be better if you were really committed to this as I rather prefer long friendship than a hello and never hearing about you again.