tagalog heartbreak quotes

He’s not coming back.
He’s not coming back.
He’s not coming back.
A mantra in my head
that seems would never end.
Yet deep within me
there’s still a little hope
that he might
come back.
—  Thoughts of Dessa // Mantra

I’m still checking on you secretly. And I’ve seen how things turned out so differently now with you. I won’t lie that it hurts me somehow that I’m no longer a part of your happiness.

Thoughts of Dessa

I’m so in love with you.
For I love you at your best.
I still and will still love you
at your worse or worst.
Just let me love you
more than how you
had been loved before.
You deserve to be loved.
I love every piece of you.
I love you because it’s YOU.
—  Thoughts of Dessa // You
I hope you would
remember how
everything started —
the moment our eyes met.
I hope you would
remember how
love found us
and blossomed.
I hope you would
remember the moment
you told me
that I do not deserve
to shed tears.
I hope you would
remember your words
and your actions
because those
made me fall for you.
And nothing has changed
for I remember everything
about you.
—  Thoughts of Dessa // I Hope You Remember
Moving On

Wipe those tears.
Lighten your room.
Go out.
Watch the flock of birds soaring.
Paint your face with a smile.
Let the sun rays warm your skin.
Walk. Even if you’re alone, walk.
Stop by at your favorite ice cream shop.
Treat yourself.
You deserve that sweet. It’ll calm you.
Look at what surrounds you.
Isn’t it wonderful?
It’s still full of colors.
Even in bustling streets, there are colors.
Just keep looking.
Just keep walking.
You used to do it.
You were never empty.
You were just unprepared.
The pain won’t last.
It will never linger eternally.
In time, it’ll fade gradually.
So keep going.
Until you’ve forgotten it.