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Everyone who has Netflix should watch Metro Manila. It’s in Tagalog with English subtitles. It has an all-Filipino cast. The direction, screenplay, and script is amazing. The social commentary is raw and close to home.

The story is about a man who moves his family from the rice terraces in the Philippines to Metro Manila without any resources. He finds dangerous work and the movie takes a turn, but the story is first and foremost emotionally driven.


Eee! A Tagalog film about gay and lesbian filipinos!


Enter the world of the late 19th century Philippines, a Spanish colony in Asia chained by the convoluted union of church and state, where a revolution is set to brew, where firebrands seething hot long for change in the status quo, and where women long to be educated, no longer wanting to be under the whims of religious superstition.

Known in Philippine history as “the Women of Malolos,” these women would not have been immortalized had it not been for the Ilustrados–educated Filipinos in Spain–particularly Marcelo H. Del Pilar, who convinced Jose Rizal to write an entire article in La Solidaridad, the Ilustrado’s news organ in Spain, in praise of the Filipina women who insisted on wanting to be educated and establishing a school. They went to great lengths, even bravely protesting when the Spanish friars (who wielded political power) convinced the Spanish governor-general to reject their request. This was completely unheard of in the Philippines, and I dare claim in Asia as well. For even in uncolonized parts of Asia, women were known to be relegated to the sidelines. In their persistence, these Filipina women won their case, being granted permission to study Spanish. Seeing this achievement, the Ilustrados saw them as inspiration in their campaign for Filipino equality in the Spanish royal court.

Which is why I’m so glad to promote this film that I’ll be able to watch in Cinemalaya X (I missed the show on ANC last May). I encourage everyone to buy tickets to this wonderful film. Aside from the great set design, regalias and music, the film is filled with history that makes us proud of our women. 

The film was produced and written by Nicanor Tiongson and directed by Sari and Kiri Dalena.

Just watch the trailer! See details below:

Date: Saturday, August 9, at 6:15PM
Venue: Dream Theater, Cultural Center of the Philippines 
Tickets @150 pesos. 
For tickets, call the CCP Box Office at (632)832-3704 
For inquiries please email adarnatucat@yahoo.com

Kasalanan ba?

I am such a fan of classic tagalog films and for some reason I always find myself so engrossed with it that I even ask my mom sometimes who were the characters in real life and how were they back then and if they are still alive at the present.  Back then, all the dialogues were such a quotable quotes and I don’t know if it’s just me but I find it very sensual! (ha ha) 

For some reason, It makes me wonder how relationships work back then… (feeling ko ang sexy lang ng mga dialogues na binibitawan ng mag boyfriend nun) Anyhow, a week ago, I  was so bored and Mom was watching Cinema One… She was watching   Kasalanan Ba? (1981) Starring Rio Locsin, Mark Gil and Alfie Anido/ Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza 

Gaaad! it’s so enjoyable!! Rio Locsin is firing hot back then!! (Kabogera lang talaga!!!) Her love interest there is Mark Gil but he happened to be so rich so his mom obviously is the kotra bida of their love affair…  I know, I know, it’s a type of film that you kind of know what’s going to happen between them because it’s been done (although back then it wasn’t as over done) but it’s done with so much fun and character. Alfie Anido was her 2nd love interest there when Mark Gil went to US with his mom, but he got back tho so I’m sure you know already how the story rolled..

I didn’t know who Alfie Anido was but mom said he committed suicide during their time… gwapo pa naman siya! I wonder why… was it because of fame? hmm…

How about you guys, are you a fan of classic films too? 

mcu tagalog classics - pinoy marvel fans represent

Somebody reminded me of all the old cheese-tastic Tagalog films and I’m like OMG but what if the MCU characters said them.


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“Isang bala ka lang” - Bucky Barnes (You’re just one bullet.) 

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“I-pack up mo si Lucy Torres,  ilabas mo na si Gretchen Barretto, ako na ang bahala sa red stilletos mo.”  -  Natasha Romanoff giving romantic advice.  (Pack up your inner martyr; bring out your bitch and I’ll take care of your red stilletos.)

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“Sabihin mo na ang gusto mong sabihin, pero gusto kong malaman mo na huwag ka munang magpaikot, hindi pa tapos ang laban!”  - Steve Rogers quoting the King of Philippine Films Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) himself with a line that could probably fit comfortably in ANY Captain America movie.  (You can say all you want to say but don’t give me any bullshit, the fight ain’t over yet!)

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“Umpisahan mo, tatapusin ko.” - Look, Sam Wilson would also find plenty to quote from FPJ too.  (You start it; I’ll finish it.)

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“Ang mga tala… mataas, mahirap maabot. Pero ipinapangako ko, Inay… bukas, luluhod ang mga tala!” - Clint Barton, who I originally thought might say something else but this is the guy who said “You walk out that door; you’re an Avenger.”  Therefore this is ENTIRELY SUITABLE.  (The stars are high and difficult to reach.  But I promise you, Mother, tomorrow, the stars shall kneel!)



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“You’re nothing but a second rate. Trying hard. COPYCAT!!!” - Anthony Edward Stark, ladies and gentlebeings

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