tag:the office

  • <p> <b></b> *ban ryu chilling in his room when ki bum walks in*<p/><b>ban ryu:</b> who are you?<p/><b>ki bum:</b> who am i? i'm soo ho. we've been training together in hwarang for the past few months. weird joke, ban ryu.<p/><b>ban ryu:</b> you're not soo ho. soo ho doesn't have peachy pink hair.<p/><b>ki bum:</b> you seriously never noticed? hey, hats off to you for not judging my looks.<p/><b>ban ryu:</b> okay, soo ho. How about you tell me about that personal letter i read to you about yesterday?<p/><b>ki bum:</b> you mean the letter my sister sent? the one where she gave you a ring as an anniversary present and poetically talked about how much she loved you?<p/><b>ki bum:</b> or that letter from your actual father about a potentially important letter coming in from your adoptive father, which you're waiting on today?<p/><b>ah ro:</b> *walks in* i got a letter to ban ryu from master young shil?<p/><b>ki bum:</b> i'll take that.<p/><b>ban ryu:</b> no, no! *snatches letter* that is sensitive info. what are you even doing in this house? no outsiders are allowed.<p/><b>kin:</b> ban ryu, cut it out. i'm trying to be a good roommate.<p/><b>ban ryu:</b> you don't even live here! you're not soo ho!<p/><b>yeo wool:</b> *walks in* hey, soo ho! we made reservations for okta tonight!<p/><b>ki bum:</b> great! thanks, yeo wool.<p/><b>ban ryu:</b> okay, i don't know who you are, but you're not soo ho! *grabs a random photo of soo ho with her sister* this is soo ho!<p/><b>ki bum:</b> <p/><b>ban ryu:</b> <p/><b></b> *turns out to be photo of ki bum posing with soo yeon*<p/><b>ban ryu:</b> ... how?<p/></p>