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Supernatural S11E13 : Love Hurts

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Love Hurts


“Sam and Dean investigate a set of murders on Valentine’s Day and discover they are dealing with an ancient curse. Once kissed by the curse, the person is marked to die.”




Supernatural Season 11 Episode 13 : Love Hurts

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ok ok so dean said amara ‘has a hold on him’

that is not the same as being in love or infatuated or any of that shit

she’s his deepest desire because she wants to be his deepest desire

(probably because she needs him for whatever her crazy plan is)

so tl;dr dean ain’t in love with her, he’s just being manipulated by her (and seems to be aware of that, so that’s good right? give me a bone here pls spn)

Dean finally put into words what the subtext has been in the episodes. Sam has acknowledged Dean’s fear and shame and places the blame right back on Amara where it belongs (and has always been).

Also, love this scene for emphasizing how observant Sam is. And Dean being honest, even though Sam already knew.

And Sam’s ‘I got it.’ So steady, unhesitating, and also, for me, really hot.


Actually I just really enjoyed this episode.

Ok, so I've been thinking....

After the episode tonight and reading some other people’s theories I’ve decided that this couldn’t have been an opening to out Dean as bisexual and show he’s in love with Cas. In 11x13, they talk about the ‘genie’ morphing into whatever is your darkest desire, emphasis on darkest. So, for the girl, it was Dan because it was a wrong or 'dark’ love affair they were having and for Dan the same thing. For Melissa, it was Dan, not because it was a dark love, but the desire to be loved that led her to dark things. For Dean, he saw Amara because she is literally the /darkness/. He has the darkest, mischievous, wrong “desire” that a person can have - because it’s against his own will. The writers could not have portrayed Castiel as his darkest desire because what Dean feels for Cas is pure good, pure pining, pure Love, and that is not what the genie was supposed to portray. Therefore, there is still hope! And I don’t think the writers are purposefully trying to kill us. Yay!

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