anonymous asked:

Why do you follow blogs that don't reblog the same things as you??

Do you know what an echo chamber is? If you surround yourself with people that think just like you do, you’re much more likely to hold onto false ideas, never getting any pushback. I’m not right about everything, (big shocker, I know) and if I never try to connect with people that disagree, I might never hear God trying to speak to me through them. 

This advice doesn’t apply to every situation though. Bad company corrupts good morals. Don’t surround yourself with people who will influence you to move away from God. 

Be intentional about your relationships. Connect with Godly friends to get stability, counsel, camaraderie and opportunities to give. Connect with wise people to get wisdom. Connect with people from different economic or social backgrounds to get perspective. Connect with the worst of sinners to make a difference.