In der DDR hat man von mir eine Weltanschauung verlangt, ohne dass ich die Welt anschauen durfte.
—  Manfred Krug (1937-2016) was a German actor, singer & author. Born in Duisburg/West Germany, he moved to East Germany (DDR) at age 13. By the late 1950s he had had several film roles; in 1976 the DDR government forbade him to work as an actor and singer because he participated in protests against the expulsion and stripping of DDR citizenship of Wolf Biermann. Krug requested to leave the DDR. As soon as he got the approval, he left for Schöneberg in West Berlin. He soon got new roles as an actor but very rarely sang in public for a long time. In 1978, he appeared as a male lead in the action-drama tv series “Auf Achse”, and continued the show until it ended in 1995. He also starred in the popular “Tatort” tv crime series, and other shows. He died on 21 Oct 2016 in (now reunited) Berlin.

ok ok but people are so amazing!!!

every single person you’ve ever seen/met has their own unique string of thoughts and experiences that have built them as a person. it’s so amazing oh my gosh i don’t even know how to describe it. like i could walk down the street and two people will be talking and like they have an entire life separate from mine and people i know’s lives. it’s crazy !!!! ahh oh my gosh i just love people so much 

I have a Idea!

Has you all can see, im have a idea XP what may this idea be?, well…its a New Fanfiction! Yes new! Its Original thingy, what this it invole you may ask? This peps @loriloudblog @pixel-cat-1@dpiddy316@im-toxicixy@icebot@rakhall (got to have yea in it, wouldn’t be the same without cha) These are the people that shall be involved in the fanfictions, ill start working on the chapter after i finish a chapter for the loud house, Also to the people ive involved in this ill be sending you each a message to help decide the first chapter.

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Flash back, Friends.

At the moment I am deep in the art trenches finishing the Persephone image,so nothing new to show.

However I have over the years been lucky enough to have been supported in learning how to art by friends who have sat for me. Here are a few of them. These are for the most part speed paints (ie under 2 hours) (cept the Tiny Tina one, which took a but longer)

“There are very naive peoples and men who believe that the ‘good man’ is something desirable, and that the course of human evolution is directed toward the survival of the ‘good man’ only. From a superior viewpoint one desires the contrary: the ever-increasing dominion of evil, the growing emancipation of man from the narrow and fear-ridden bonds of morality, and the increase of force to press the mightiest natural powers into service.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §386 (edited excerpt).