Let’s talk about race

Tumblr is all about calling out white people and how shit they are. You need to remember that white people (especially white men) are the scourge of humanity.

I mean, what have white people ever given the world?!

(Excluding: the industrial revolution, modern medicine, the scientific method, planes, trains, automobiles, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, cartography, philosophy, universities, space exploration, liberalism, secularism, rationalism, civil society, democracy, the rule of law, the globe’s lingua franca, literature, classical music, sculpture, art, all the world’s major architectural movements, oh and global prosperity and trade)


Wayne Adams, 66, and Catherine King, 59, have spent over twenty years building a floating compound off the coast of British Columbia to live off the grid. The home, which they’ve named “Freedom Cove”, consists of a dance floor, an art gallery, a lighthouse, a studio, and five greenhouses. They live off the land and take all of their food and water from rainwater and crops grown on their half-acre large settlement. Their abode had previously been powered by fourteen solar panels, but they had to switch to a generator when these broke down. [x]


And another batch of illutrations for the table-top RPG Järn (”Iron” in Swedish)

These are combat- and action card illustrations (four of each, first four are combat). They will be cropped to fit the cards in the final version, but I made them so they can be used as stand alone illustrations as well.

facebook page is here (Swedish)

Michael Brown’s killing brought to light the horrific case of Henry Davis, who was beaten by Ferguson cops, then charged with bleeding on them. Now he’s finally allowed to sue them.

The Ferguson cops charged Henry Davis with destruction of property because hebled on their uniforms when they beat him.

Then, as if fearing it might be outdone in ridiculousness, a federal district court ruled that Davis could not sue the cops for violating his Fourth Amendment rights because they had not injured him badly enough as he lay handcuffed on the jailhouse floor, a working man arrested on a traffic warrant in a case of mistaken identity.

“As unreasonable as it may sound, a reasonable officer could have believed that beating a subdued and compliant Mr. Davis while causing only a concussion, scalp lacerations and bruising with almost no permanent damage did not violate the Constitution,” the district court ruled in tossing out the case.

Davis appealed and his attorney James Schottel responded to absurdity with legal reasoning. He argued that the decisive factor was not the seriousness of Davis’s injuries but the nature of the officers’ actions.

The district court had ruled that the officers enjoyed “official immunity” because they “acted within their discretion and caused only de minimis [slight] injuries.”


U.S. justice system now. #Hate it!

#love and hate #loveandhate #Hate it! #Love it!

American Indian mother of two dies in police custody after her repeated pleas for help ignored
24-year-old Sarah Lee Circle Bear ... alive The ugly American secret has been exposed. All across the country, women and men are dying in police custody and have been by the thousands every year. ...

All across the country, women and men are dying in police custody and have been by the thousands every year.

Four days before Sandra Bland was arrested in Waller County, Texas, a 24-year-old American Indian woman of the Lakota tribe, Sarah Lee Circle Bear of Clairmont, South Dakota, wasarrested on a simple bond violation.

Witnesses stated that before being transferred to a holding cell, Circle Bear pleaded to jailers that she was in excruciating pain. Jail staff responded by dismissing her cries for help, telling her to “knock it off,” and “quit faking.” Inmates cried out for the jail staff to help Circle Bear, to which they eventually responded by picking her up off of the floor, dragging her out of the cell, and transferring her to a holding cell. Circle Bear was later found unresponsive in the holding cell.

This is completely despicable. It’s worse than that—the actions (or inaction) of the jail directly caused Sarah’s death. The American justice system is full of so many egregious human rights violations that it truly needs to be shut down and rebooted from scratch.

Sarah was a mother of two babies. The entire trajectory and quality of their lives will be forever changed by this. Ralkina Jones, another beloved mother of young children, died in police custody in Cleveland under very similar circumstances.

As we have done for Sandra Bland, we must now demand answers and evidence in the death of Sarah Lee Circle Bear.

What is wrong with this country? Has someone somehow sometime somewhere rigged the system to allow psychopath and neanderthal managers and politicians to flourish and push their underlings to do despicable acts?  Has the right wing media so bent people out of shape that they are devolving instead of evolving? What is going on? Police departments are clearly being populated by far too many people with major  emotional and mental deficits and defects.   The authoritarian psychopath reptile mentality is clearly flourishing. The country has a long history of people whom I imagine to have been  a lot like Donald Trump, laying waste to the lands and lives of people who didn’t look like them. That is truly the American way. 

Guns allow every idiot to kill and plunder and  act like they are king. People who relish power and control and authority sicken our world.  People who lack basic human compassion are the foe of humanity, and our police departments are, unfortunately, overpopulated with  them. #Hate it!

#love and hate #loveandhate #Hate it! #Love it!

Have you considered your ways? Are the steps you’re taking, decisions you’re making, the life you’re living, according to God’s will?

Consider your ways, align it with God’s Word and live in the grace of His Commandments. Be blessed by the Book of Psalms 119. Read and pray about it :)