please read, important rant about buddha

I am so sick of seeing Buddha everywhere! I don’t think people understand it is a sacred being and monument and yet I saw one of my friends with a buddha as a decoration next to their toilet? Trying to look all tribal and spiritual but really it is so disrespectful!

Would you put a crucifix/cross next to the place you shit? How about a painting of a hindu god, or jesus? And wearing on chokers or jewelry with a buddha or buddhist symbol if you aren’t buddhist and smoking and doing drugs with it on. 

When I went to the most sacred temple in Thailand it said ‘Please don’t buy buddha products and merchandise’. Why are we going to tropical countries and buying items of buddhas we know nothing about, even underwear with buddha on it?

And buddhist tattoos, please what are you doing! Buddha is not yours to use as a bumper sticker on your lower back. If you are a interested in a buddhist blessing as a tattoo, please do some research and then visit a monk to get a prayer tattoo instead. and do not abuse it!

I know I sound like a crazy extremist here but I feel like I need to make this post to tell everyone that buddhas are a respectful thing and should never be a novelty! Please respect the enlightened and good karma will float around you.

Stay groovy and please, think before you get a buddha and you aren’t buddhist. You are going to get Jesus on a necklace if you are muslim, respect culture! <3