Message From the Captain and PRAYERS! 

Owen had a pretty great day! It was made even better when he got this super thoughtful video message from Chris Evans. Owen LOVES Captain America and has been counting down the days until the new Avenger movie comes out on the 1st of May. He will have to wait a while longer to see it now, but this video made his day!! He was so excited to send a video message back so I included those since he is so sweet.

Tomorrow is a huge day. We booked the OR for late morning and we just all hope and pray he can come off ECMO support smoothly. There are many risks involved and we aren’t certain his body will tolerate it. He may or may not come back on ECMO support. Owen is nervous for tomorrow so lets cover him in prayer. It will be a big day! I know his heart is so strong. His angel, the sweet girl who carried this strong heart for 4 years, is by his side. Lots of prayers!


this was published yesterday which means the operation is/was today!! hope everything go great for Owen, all the prayers and support!

and please go there to the webpage, they have a video with Owen in there! he is adorable talking to Cap: simmonsfamilyupdate


Wilfred Owen goes up to the counter and orders a caramel macchiato, which is what he heard Keats ordered when he was at Starbucks. He drinks half of it, but has to leave before he can finish. Siegfried Sassoon finishes his drink for him.