More from Meal Prep Monday’s with Nay and Cece @ceciliaavelar_ 😍 that’s Bae 😘 shout out @soulfitgrill seasoning!! Low sodium ! Only way I season my food !
So things I have learned on my fit journey.
Stay away from Kraft Brand ✅Salad dressing. Unless you want high blood pressure ✅don’t cook with CeCe. She eats all the ingredients 😑
✅Eat organic. Organic foods have no GMOs. People say that a lot but don’t actually know what it stands for. It’s Genetically modified organisms. You want food that have not been altered , shot up with steroids (super chicken!!) , growth hormones etc
Fewer pesticides
Better for our environment
When processed food looses a lot of it nutritional value as well
Kraft Ranch 300mg sodium
Ken Dteakhouse Ranch 280mg sodium !
Wishbone Italian 490 mg sodium !! Buy dressing with fewer than 45 calories per tablespoon (serving)
And less than 5 grams of sugar per serving.
Pay attention to portion sizes
Watch for added sugars.
READ YOUR LABLES !! If you don’t know any better , at minimum , compare and go with the lesser of the evils. That’s a start !! Bad Bad Food!! 😂😂 Look we are all gonna die one day , don’t let your food be the guy that takes you out !
For Meal Planning and Workout Planning (with videos)
AllGainzFitness.com 😀 see you in the gym 😘

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Not So Lazy // Larry

Louis had promised Harry a day in bed, and that’s what he was going to get. Before he could make it to the room, Louis stripped into nothing except his boxers and laid under the covers. He pretended to be napping when he heard Harry walk in. 

A New Language

In my Human Evolution lecture today we were learning about language. While this theory is still debated, our professor is of the opinion that language is hard-wired into humans’ brains. To support this, she showed us a clip of a language that has just recently (1980s) been created: Nicaraguan Sign Language.

Here’s my summary (but I might get some things wrong, so you should watch the video):

It’s really a very fascinating topic. In the 1980s, Nicaragua had no sign language and deaf children were largely isolated and couldn’t effectively communicate even after they became adults. But after the revolution, about 400 deaf children were brought together to be taught a sign language, as well as written Spanish and lip-reading. Since they had never been able to communicate, they weren’t receptive to the instruction. But since they were no longer isolated from other deaf children, eventually a means of communication was developed completely on their own. Even the instructors who had been trying to teach them a previously established sign language had no idea what the children were saying to each other. As the older children began teaching the pidgin language to younger children (who had better language learning capabilities), the language developed grammar and became a fully functional language.

Oh, and here’s a cool “Irreplaceable” translation.

I love how big this language is (like it takes up so much space).

I developed an annoying food intolerance over my last prep and I swore to myself I wouldn’t try to interfere with my overall health when I got into bodybuilding..so I’ve started flexible dieting and I love it. 3 weeks since my show and 10 weeks out from the pro-qualifier