Attention DMV! Follow my personal massage therapist @ree_lentless. She is a certified massage therapist , specializing in sports massage and working with many professional athletes and celebrity trainers.
Ree_lentless Therapy is convenient because she travels, either with the athlete , team , or can also make home appointments. @ree_lentless can be contacted at
🍑Karina.barria@gmail.com 🍑

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More from Meal Prep Monday’s with Nay and Cece @ceciliaavelar_ 😍 that’s Bae 😘 shout out @soulfitgrill seasoning!! Low sodium ! Only way I season my food !
So things I have learned on my fit journey.
Stay away from Kraft Brand ✅Salad dressing. Unless you want high blood pressure ✅don’t cook with CeCe. She eats all the ingredients 😑
✅Eat organic. Organic foods have no GMOs. People say that a lot but don’t actually know what it stands for. It’s Genetically modified organisms. You want food that have not been altered , shot up with steroids (super chicken!!) , growth hormones etc
Fewer pesticides
Better for our environment
When processed food looses a lot of it nutritional value as well
Kraft Ranch 300mg sodium
Ken Dteakhouse Ranch 280mg sodium !
Wishbone Italian 490 mg sodium !! Buy dressing with fewer than 45 calories per tablespoon (serving)
And less than 5 grams of sugar per serving.
Pay attention to portion sizes
Watch for added sugars.
READ YOUR LABLES !! If you don’t know any better , at minimum , compare and go with the lesser of the evils. That’s a start !! Bad Bad Food!! 😂😂 Look we are all gonna die one day , don’t let your food be the guy that takes you out !
For Meal Planning and Workout Planning (with videos)
AllGainzFitness.com 😀 see you in the gym 😘

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I developed an annoying food intolerance over my last prep and I swore to myself I wouldn’t try to interfere with my overall health when I got into bodybuilding..so I’ve started flexible dieting and I love it. 3 weeks since my show and 10 weeks out from the pro-qualifier

Bullets flying Body’s lying
Lifeless in a creek
Atom bombs
The last song
Before the world would go to sleep
Got me tripping how I’m feeling
That my life wasn’t complete
Shinning Ray as I lay and the sky it talks to me
What the fuck are you doing
How the fuck did you get here
I don’t reply I just sigh
cuz I know I’ll die here
One with the earth
In the ground I will lay
Depressed with all my thoughts
As my soul floats away.


I love how they maintained Barbie’s dollishness through the whole thing!


These little wheels of mine…gonna be stepping on that #NSL stage come APril. #nslmiami #miami

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