Mumford & Sons slay the writing game yet again with their third studio release, Wilder Mind. From beginning to end, this album is pure modern rock perfection–proving that trading out the banjo for a drum kit was a seamless, sensical progression.

The album resounds of atmospheric, guitar-driven melodies, with each song being its own melancholic, freeing revelation. Marcus Mumford’s vocals are just the icing on this perfectly crafted cake–rugged and passionate with just the right amount of polish. 

As a longtime Mumford fan (since the days of the masterpiece that was Sigh No More), I could not be more pleased with what the band has given us today. It’s one of those albums you don’t stop getting lost in, discovering something new with each listen–a too-soon rare and beautiful thing.

Favorite Tracks: All. But particularly..
Tomkins Square Park, Believe, Wilder Mind, Smoke, Snake Eyes, Cold Arms


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I'm sorry

I’m just so emotional. I cannot believe that I’m so attached to this band’s music. I mean I know why but this just. And I’m getting even more emotional knowing that I’ll get to see them live twice this year. I feel so very lucky to be able to do this. And I feel like I need this. The trips. The music. Meeting new people.