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Like I said; I don’t like Hospitals

Chapter One

Summary:  You help Misha while he’s going through a hard time. The two of you quickly become friends, but will it lead to something more in such trying circumstances?

Words: 2440

Pairing: Misha/Reader

It was a quiet Saturday evening. You’d had a busy week and this was the way you had decided to relax.

“Why did I agree to this again?” You groaned, putting on your strappy heels.

“Because you love me. And because I think it’ll help you unwind.” Clara reminded you, handing you your purse.

“You mean because you wanted to go out, but didn’t want to go alone.” You corrected, taking your bag and sighing as you turned to the front door.

“You know me too well.” Clara came up behind you and kissed your neck softly.

You sighed and leaned into her.

“Come on.” She pulled away and opened the door, making you pout in annoyance.

“Fine.” You huffed, “But you know I’m not drinking.”

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