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A12 sunday morning panel excerpt
Misha Collins

Because I think a lot of people have been waiting for an exact quote on this…

Sarah: My question is about the most recent episode, 22, so spoilers if anyone hasn’t seen it.

Misha: Okay. I haven’t, so.

Sarah: My question is about something that Metatron said about Cas. He said he’s in love with humanity, and… okay, other than a certain special someone, I’m wondering what it is about humanity that you think he’s so enamoured with?

Misha: Um. [pause] He, um. [pause] I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I’m going to. Um, I think the writers, um… I really shouldn’t be telling you this. Um. Metatron— So when we—when I go into the room that was heaven, that was the heaven trap… ‘cause this has aired, right? 

[audience agrees] 

Metatron sort of made Cas’ version of heaven, but it was like a joke version of heaven, like, rainbows and unicorns kind of heaven. Um, but in the original script, it was, uh— [laughs] it was photos— it was photos of uh… naked men, with uh, with Jensen’s face. 

[audience cheers] 

I read it… I read it and I was like, oh, are you fucking kidding me? This is what’s going on—really? And then someone up the ladder was like, no, you can’t do that, so they didn’t do it, but it was written in the script, so, um.

this is the story all about how… I got dommed by misha collins.

I brought the gloves here from home, after having this idea while dying my hair last week. the gloves look like the ones he wore in the tsa america shorts, and well… I like… that part… *shuffles uncomfortably*

ANYWAY. I walk up to him at the photo ops and open up my hand to show him the gloves. he looks down at them, nods, smirks and takes them from me. I am mesmerized by watching him put them on, let me tell you.

then he turns to me and puts his hands up like in the picture above. only I’m so flustered at this point that I have no idea what pose he’s trying to do, so I put my hands up to meet his and begin lacing my fingers with his. and uhm well… his hands in those gloves… *blushes profusely* they were warm and yeah argheghjhajegheghherherurgh

BUT that’s obviously not what he had in mind. so he frowns a bit and says “no!” really firmly (*incoherent wailing*) and grabs my hands and kind of shoves/pushes them down to my sides. at which point my brain goes “SIR YES SIR WHATEVER YOU SAY SIR OH MY GOD YES SIR” and I freeze in the pose you see above.

he puts his hands back up, turns to the camera, and /click/.

as I stagger away like a blind drunk duck on roller skates he says “hold on” and starts taking the gloves off. I pipe up that he can keep them if he wants, to which he chukles and says “I REALLY don’t need them.”

and I’m blushing just writing this down because it was magical. dommed by misha like whoa.

My Misha photo op from JIB - Day I

Small story:
The con started around 3 pm and the Misha photo op was basically how I started into first day of JIB. And dear was I nervous. Misha was awesome, laid back and just f****** beautiful though and immediately made me feel less nervous. I was asking him if we could re-create a modern version of “Little Red Riding Hood” and he just asked if it should be the moment when the wolf gets Little Red Riding Hood and I was like “Yeah, like you are attacking me from behind or something” :) Obviously Misha turned out to be a rather hugging wolf - which was kind of even better. :))))))

Anyway, so I am leaving the photo op room. Misha is giving me another smile and sort of waves goodbye saying “Thank you, sweetie” after I thanked him for the photo op and then I am out and start shaking like crazy, because that’s when it somehow started to sink in that this really had just happened. He looks so amazing in this pic, I love everything about his expression. :’)

And you know what was kind of amazing? After the photo op Misha had his first panel and during that panel someone asked him about his favourite fairytales. And then he goes on and says “Cinderella”, one that escapes me right now AND f****** “Little Red Riding Hood”. :))))