The Wheel of Fate is Turning….Rebel 2!

Time for the 2nd wave of Blazblue merchandise!

Two more designs from Rifka! One featuring Ragna and one of Amane!

Next up, some more offerings from Woof! A phone case of featuring Rachel doing what she does best and Platinum!

Next up 417’s design featuring Noel and Mu!

Theres also the lovely Litchi tee, designed by MAKAI!

Lastly some additional phone cases themed after the pivotal organizations, show you allegiance to the NOL or Sector 7 !

Even now, this isn’t the end, we are still working on bringing out more!

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Makai - Highly Responsive to Prayers. 

1st picture - Gate to Makai (background image of stages 6-9) ~ that looks terrifying, yet interesting 

2nd and 3rd picture - Ruins of Vina (background image of stages 11-14)

4th picture - The Fallen Temple (background image of stages 16-19)

5th picture - The Fallen Temple (Sariel’s battle background)

Anyways, who’s that on the Fallen Temple’s sky?

Dominant Thought of the Day

One of my favorite parts of Michael Makai’s book “Dominance & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook” had to do with empowerment. Makai posed the questions “Have I empowered you? If so, how?” to his current and former submissives. Here are some of the answers I enjoyed the best:

“You empowered me by forcing me to be independent at times, even when I wanted nothing more than for you to handle certain things for me. By directing me to carry out tasks I would have normally avoided, you taught me that I am smarter, stronger and far more resourceful than I ever thought possible.”

“You empowered me by trusting me with your flaws, weaknesses and secrets. I know you don’t share these things with just anyone, and the fact that you share them with me makes me feel very special. This knowledge could hurt you, even destroy you, and yet you trust me with it.”

“You empowered me with the authority to act and speak for you in certain situations. When I am weak or indecisive, I am able to draw on your judgement and guidance and say "My Master would not be pleased if I were to do what you’ve asked of me.”

“You empowered me with the ability to learn and grow, and to reach my full potential - whether it is my education, career, personal goals or as a submissive. You make me want to be a better person, not just a better submissive, because I want you to be proud of me.”

“You empowered me by showing me those little things that make a difference in your life and bring you joy. Others may THINK they know you, but they don’t know you like I do.”

Powerful stuff eh? These things and so much more are what our Dominance can mean to the life of a submissive. And THAT, friends, is TRUE power - wisely, lovingly and purposefully used.

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