122 Kurtofsky fics you should definitely read (in no particular order)

This is my Kurtofsky fanfiction reclist.

Concerning usernames, urls and such, I mostly just went with whatever name is used on the site where I found the fanfic.

I didn’t concentrate on warnings and things like that, since that’s usually the first thing you see once you start reading something anyway.

★ = Personal Favorites

= New on this list/Updates

EDIT(17/1-14): Thanks, everybody for the great response! I am by no means an expert on Kurtofsky fanfiction but I’m glad you guys like the list. 


Paragraph 175 - Rubyliss ★
Length: 107k
Summary: Kurt discovers that Karofsky’s hatred has its roots in something that happened between their families during the Holocaust. The title refers to the German law that made homosexuality a crime.

The Worst That Could Happen - LucyToo 
Length: 175k
Summary: Kurt tries to help Dave find his way out of the closet. When things go more wrong for Dave than Kurt ever would have guessed, it’s up to Kurt to help Dave pick up the pieces. Warnings: Non-con, violence, homophobia.

Strange Currencies - Rugbern 
Length: 350k
Summary: Tells a story of the several months leading up to and following David Karofsky’s suicide attempt. A Kurtofsky ship approached with logic and awareness. This story respects canon through “On My Way”, after which it corrects the gross mistakes and omissions of Season 3 definitively and negates Season 4. “…with love come strange currencies.”

Days Are Long - Tsormick (WIP) ★
Length: 80k
Summary: Kurt is getting ready to leave for college and trying to figure out where all of the men fit in his life- his dad, his stepbrother, his live-in friend, his boyfriend… Why does moving to New York feel so much like moving on? And then there’s Dave Karofsky, who the world has forgotten. Dave is willing to take any place that will have him. Canon up through “Dance With Somebody.”
Notes: In my opinion the best, most in-character Kurtofsky fic that exists. There are a lot of others that I love, but I feel like when it comes to continuing canon(or giving us the continuation we never got), this tops the list every time. Has been a bit slow with updates but I have every confidence in the writer to complete it.

Kurtofsky IM Sessions(KIMS) - Tessisamess and Magz (WIP) 
Length: told in pictures/screenshots
Summary: The story of Kurt and Dave told through instant messages.
Update: A revised version is being worked on!

Cause I’ve Searched My Soul - Obsessivecompulsivereadr
Length: 87k
Summary: Kurt was so tired of pretending that Blaine was perfect. “Pretty pretty please, don’t you ever ever feel… like you’re less than…less than perfect,” he sang softly to himself. AU after “Heart”.

I Was Singing In The Shower - Camunki (WIP) ★
Length: 85k
Summary: That day, it was Karofsky in the shower, not Finn, and hell, Dave’s a better singer than Hudson anyway.

*The term ‘classics’ is of course subjective.


Tree Without Blossoms - sunmontue
Length: 135k
Summary: Set in 2025 Kurt and Dave’s lives intertwine again, proving just how small the world really is, and how Fate has a twisted sense of humour. AU from end of Season 2 and started before Season 3 started screening

Online and Anonymous - sunmontue
Length: 80k
Summary: By day Dave is a quiet attentive school student, but by night he’s a smut-writing fanfic-writer who ships Johnlock. Kurt’s never heard of fanfiction before Blaine tells him about it but he’s about to be exposed to a whole new world.

Postsecret 'verse - scarletjedi 
Length: 170k
Summary: Dave Karofsky’s life changed when his anger management therapist lead him to postsecret.com.

The Storm - GayforKurt
Length: 485k
Summary: Kurt and Dave have weathered several storms to reach calm seas. Life is unpredictable, however, and no one can know what the future holds.

A Tiny Infinity - supergroover24
Length: 34k
Summary: Kurt and Karofsky might attend the same college, but that doesn’t mean Kurt knows anything about Karofsky, including whether or not he’s suddenly hot. 

Accidentally in love - abusing_sarcasm (with art by pixolith) 
Length: 30k
Summary: What happens in Vegas… Really doesn’t stay there.

Perfect Symmetry - Liam the lemming
Length: 145k
Summary: Dave’s senior year starts falling apart at the seams when an anonymous interloper outs him when he’s only one step away from coming out on his own. How will he cope? More importantly, how will everyone else?

Strippers, Closets and Broken Things - sebkurtofskyftw and vkdemon
Length: 60k
Summary: AU, intersex Kurt. Dave’s 21st leads him to a strip bar and into the arms of a 'mostly’ male Kurt Hummel. Warnings(full list inside): homophobia, prostitution, cissexism.

A Week With the Hummels - metamorphosis2011
Length: 100k
Summary: AU. Burt Hummel and Paul Karofsky have been friends since college but not seen each other in ages. One year, Burt invites Paul and his family down. They arrive with their 17 year old son David in tow and things get interesting.

The Night Is Long and I Have Far to Go (So Deep the Night and Far to Go) - Ella_Greggs
Length: 40k
Summary: AU - The Glee characters have never met each other and lead very different lives. Kurt’s about to collide with all of them in the most bizarre ways as he heads into the New York night to prevent a premonition of disaster from coming true for his ex-boyfriend Dave. Some of the Gleeks want to help him, some want to hinder him, and some just plain *want* him. Amid the chaos and insanity, will Kurt reach Dave in time? A dark comedy, complete with actual night!

Acts Like Summer, Walks Like Rain/Freeze Dried Romance/Sail Across The Sun(WIP) - EleanorLilyPotter
Length: 110k
Summary: Kurt gave Dave his number after Prom. And that should have been it, because Dave was never going to call. But throw in hormones, unrequited love and a pinch of summer heat during five-hour phone conversations and the sky is their limit.

The Butterfly Effect - Madd4the24 ★
Length: 115k
Summary: Burt Hummel marries Carole Hudson just before Kurt’s seventh birthday and everything changes.

A World Apart - Leaper(writingdave)
Length: 125k
Summary: AU. The story of Kurt Hummel, his gay Warbler friend, and the closeted jock bully. Only… not quite the way you may remember. What if two major characters had switched roles? Encompasses Season 2 from “Never Been Kissed.”

The Smirky Meerkat, The Closeted Warthog, and The Brave Little Lion - ducttapeofdoom
Length: 33k
Summary: After unexpectedly returning from France, Sebastian Smythe views his cousin Kurt Hummel’s life and decides to fix what he sees has gone wrong: Kurt’s childhood friendship with Dave Karofsky.

In Which Dave Karofsky Doesn’t Come Out - SaltwaterGarden ★
Length: 27k
Summary: Dave is a football player. He’s also something else.

The Art of Love - xheartoflifex
Length: 35k
Summary: Kurt is a fashionable singer who is loved by his friends. Dave is the recently outed football player who once made Kurt’s life hell. Apart from being partners for an art project, they couldn’t possibly have anything else in common. Except for the fact they’re both falling in love with each other over the internet.
Notes: Based on “You’ve Got Mail”. Has several(well-executed) rom-com tendencies.

A Change of Pace - hopefulwriter27
Length: 50k
Summary: After Blaine rejects him, Kurt falls into a relationship with Karofsky.

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself/Grace Under Pressure, Courage Under Fire - poetikat ★
Length: 100k
Summary/prompt: In response to all the bullying, the school holds a Challenge Day. Part way through Karofsky ends up outing himself.

Big Dreamer - Clef Longfellow +
Length: 100k
Summary: Dave lost his wife, his job, and likes his whiskey. He decides to return to Lima to pick up the pieces and runs into an old crush. Future!fic.
Notes: I loved the beginning and middle parts of this fic, even though the last third or so felt a little slow-paced. There are also a few feminine slurs here and there(of the “you throw like a girl” variety) which bothered me a little, but nothing too bad. 

Clouds Between Their Knees - thefirstmrshummel +
Length: 40k
Summary: Kurt and Dave are left stranded in the woods after a deadly plane crash en route to Nationals.
Notes: I haven’t read this in a long time, but from what I can remember it was a good, pretty unique story.

Third Time Lucky - tierfal +
Length: 65k
Summary: Somehow the dead heat of summer gives rise to the mother(fucker) of all second chances. The road to redemption is paved with fights, phone calls, false starts, and more than a few jokes at the expense of the lovable Finn Hudson.
Notes: Really liked it though the ending felt a little sudden.

Into The Darkness/Into The Light/Light Surrounding You - sunmontue ★
Length: 80k
Summary(for Into The Darkness): Car scene from The First Time episode, except where Blaine gets a lot farther than what actually happened. This is non-con - Kurt the victim, Blaine the attacker. Dave Karofsky finds Kurt afterwards and helps him out.

A Change Is Gonna Come - dem8903 +
Length: 84k
Summary: A way in which a romantic relationship between Kurt and Dave could develop in Season 3 of Glee.
Notes: Ah I found an old fic that I somehow missed when making this list! It was a pleasure to rediscover!


22 Drinks - celestialnavigation
Length: 24k
Summary: They meet in a bar, one day every year, for ten years.

Mine for the weekend - LizzyPoodle
Length: 25k
Summary: There are consequences when Dave and Kurt make a bet.

To Safely Go Home - sunmontue
Length: 15k
Summary: When Kurt is almost ripped away from him Dave takes it upon himself to help him find his way back home to him. Memory loss.

Blue Eyes, I Hold You Near - ktfranceebee 
Length: 20k
Summary: Dave and Kurt share an apartment together in New York. When Kurt goes home during the summer, everything seems to fall into place when he realizes home is where the heart is. And his heart didn’t seem to quite make it past the airport terminal.

Elephant - tessisamess and sparklpocalypse
Length: 20k
Summary: When Dave starts his second semester at OSU, the last person he expects to run into on campus is Kurt Hummel – after all, last he knew, Kurt was off to kickstart his glamorous life in New York. He and Kurt have never been friends, but now that he’s out and the only person Kurt knows on campus, and the threat of high school humiliation is no longer looming, what’s to stop them from trying?

The Rainbow Network - LucyToo
Length: 20k
Summary: Dave’s therapist orders him to visit a gay-teen counseling website. One improbable coincidence later his life is completely ruined. At least until it’s all made better.

Start From Scratch - sunmontue
Length: 8k
Summary: Kurt is home for the holidays and it’s nearly a year since Blaine broke up with him. He and Dave continues crossing paths and Kurt ends up forging a friendship.

When Unicorns Find Their Horns - cornflakesareglutenfree
Length: 18k
Summary: Kurt got drunk with Auntie Snix and Brittany over the weekend and now Dave Karofsky is claiming that Kurt sent him a video.

Notes - tessisamess
Length: told in pictures/screenshots
Summary: Graphics-based fic; a series of notes passed in class between Kurt and Dave during their senior year. Disregards any season 3 spoilers and only takes seasons 1 and 2 into consideration.

Cover My Heart - TotoroPirate ★
Length: 20k
Summary: Kurt and Dave find each other again 8 years after graduating Highschool one night when Kurt walks into Dave’s tattoo studio, drunk out of his mind and demanding a tattoo.

Come As You Are - The Coolest Pirate(Blodeuwedd)
Length: 5k
Summary: A few years after they’ve last seen each other, Kurt and Dave meet again by chance and sparks fly.

(Not) Easy Like Sunday Morning - lordofthepringles
Length: 18k
Summary: Kurt is a famous actor (and/or singer) and Dave is a famous sports player (or journalist). They meet again during a party and get together, but their past and the fact that they’re both celebrities make things difficult.

until my whole life could belong - nubianamy ★
Length: 16k
Summary/prompt: Kurt runs into Dave in New York. It’s his senior year at NYADA and Adam is his best friend now. Kurt and Dave talk about what they’ve been up to since they lost touch. 
Notes: This was my prompt from the Kurtofsky gift exchange '13. This fic is exactly what I wanted and I adore it.

Everything Happens Eventually - threeoctopusesandanotter
Length: 9k
Summary: Dave does become a sports agent and he and his partner are happy with their son. Or so he thought. In the wake of his partner leaving him, Dave is left in a bind. Luckily Santana swoops in to help out and it turns out she is still in close contact with a certain other Glee Club member from McKinley…

Please, Come Take My Hand - Leaper(writingdave)
Length: 5k
Summary: Pamela Lansbury are at a band competition in Los Angeles. When a band called “The Missionaries” comes on, Kurt can hear a familiar voice.

Best Coffee in Brooklyn - lordofthepringles
Length: 8k
Summary: Kurt was just looking for a decent cup of coffee, but what he found instead changed his life forever. 10 years later.

Ambrosia - sunmontue
Length: 10k
Summary: Dave is a head chef and Kurt is a diner with many and some severe food allergies. They eventually meet despite the best intentions of one of the waitresses. Almost a PWP, but not quite.

Correcting Mistakes - theauthor2010
Length: 7k
Summary: After Kurt breaks up with Blaine, he gets new perspective by thinking about his own ignored “temptations.”

Epigraph - Aquila_Star
Length: 8k
Summary: He was almost ready to rejoin the party when he heard it. A voice that sparked his memory, reminding him of someone he hadn’t thought about in a long time. He turned his head, tilting one ear toward the deep rumble of the man’s voice, a man he hadn’t seen in years.

Better Late Than Never - SpookyBibi
Length: 25k
Summary: Four years after high school, Dave and Kurt cross paths again. Now there is a chance for Karofsky to make amends and maybe have a second chance at a first love. Kurtofsky future fic, AU after NBK.

The World Keeps Turning - MikoAkako
Length: 7k
Summary: "It started with a headache. It seems so stupid now. Headaches happen to everyone and we hardly think twice about it. I certainly didn’t.“

Hand in Glove 'verse - louisestrange
Length: 8k
Summary: Just when Dave thinks he might, finally, be getting over Kurt Hummel, who walks into Scandals on a Frdiay night and changes everything? Yep, Kurt f***ing Hummel

Take Me for Who I Am - claire_kay
Length: 8k
Summary: After the fall out of their kiss, Dave attempts to apologise and Kurt finds it easier to accept than he first anticipated.

Walk Through the Fire - thefirstmrshummel
Length: 24k
Summary: After relocating to Wisconsin for grad school, Kurt’s apartment building catches on fire, rendering him temporarily homeless. When his rescuer turns out to be someone from his past, what will happen next? Rated M for language and Kurtofsky smut.

More than halfway - ktfranceebee 
Length: 7k
Summary: "Nobody else drove here from Lima to wish me luck, Dave…” On the day of Kurt’s NYADA audition, taking place at Ohio State University, one conversation changes everything.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet - HamHockLover +
Length: 19k
Summary: AU where Kurt and Dave meet for the first time at college. Kurt moved away from Lima when he was younger and Dave is struggling with his fear of coming out as a freshman at Indiana University.

The More I See You - wanderlustlights (AO3)
Length: 16k
Summary: Kurt gives Dave a makeover and basically makes him his perfect man in the process.

Expect the Unexpected - sunmontue +
Length: 8k
Summary: When Kurt arrives at a camp aimed at educating and helping gay teenagers the last person he expected to find himself in a cabin with was David Karofsky.

Siren: A Love Story - theraisingirl +
Length: 7k
Summary: Kurt Hummel’s life is turning out exactly the way he always wanted it to, but it’s not what he expected. Then again, he never expected to run into Dave Karofsky again, either.

Country Nights and Carnival Lights - starkurt +
Length: 6k
Summary: Kurt and Dave don’t go to the same school. Instead, they meet each other in a different way. In this case, the carnival.

Better - ktfranceebee +
Length: 5k
Summary: Kurt takes it upon himself to find out why Dave didn’t show up to work one day, and takes matters into his own hands once he does. Future!fic, Teacher!Dave and Teacher!Kurt.
Notes: This just made me smile, straight up. If you need something to brighten your day a bit, this is it.

One Thousand Kisses - abusing_sarcasm(camden) + ★
Length: 18k
Summary: Dave Karofsky makes a semi-triumphant return to McKinley, Sebastian is weaselly, and everyone sings their feelings.
Notes: Please read this, this is amazing. One of my favorite authors too.

Surprisingly Enough - Stidean +
Length: 6k
Summary: Three years ago, Kurt came to Dave after betraying the promise he made to him on that hospital bed. Wounded and dumb from grief and anger, they spend the night together, but he leaves the next day after being told “No”. Now, David is a pro athlete for the Cleveland Browns and about to get married to Katya, and Kurt comes seeking answers he may not be entitled to; Kurt can’t keep lying to himself, and he can’t keep lying to Dave either.
Notes: I love dialogue-heavy fics that take themselves seriously. Especially when it comes to Kurtofsky. Which means I really like this one.

One Week - LucyToo +
Length: 7k
Summary: Dave is a silent presence at the weekly PFLAG meetings at the Lima Central Library. At least until Kurt gives him a reason to speak up. Kurtofsky, some Klaine.

Duets - LucyToo +
Length: 7k
Summary: Senior year and all Kurt wants to do is sing during Duets week with his boyfriend. When Rachel cockblocks by stealing Blaine for her song, Kurt is left to make other arrangements. Those other arrangements lead to big changes.

The Keys to Love and Hate - author unknown 
Length: 16k
Summary: Gibbs’ team is called to investigate the particularly brutal murder of a female SEAL. The man who found her body, Lieutenant David Karofsky, claims to be her best friend, but both Tony and Gibbs agree that he’s hiding something.
Notes: Crossover between Glee and NCIS. I don’t know what caused me to forget to put this fic on the list, it’s one of my favorites - certainly my favorite Kurtofsky crossover. Warning for graphic depictions of violence, and some BDSM elements to the relationship featured that isn’t Kurtofsky.

(Affection Is) What Drives Someone - skywindsong +
Length: 20k
Summary: From kissing Hummel to hockey, Dave has a tendency to live his life on impulse. Usually, this ends in disaster, but just sometimes it all turns out okay.
Notes: I loved reading this so much. The author expertly guides Dave through the mother of all character developments and it’s an immensely satisfying thing to read.

Short (1.5k-5k)

Dance With Me - Camunki 
Summary: In which Kurt gets drunk and Dave finally gets his dance.

Hesitate - Camunki ★
Summary: Speculation on what’s to come for Dave and Kurt after 'Heart.’ Dave faces his demons and Kurt just tries to figure out his feelings. 

It Was You - Camunki ★
Summary: Kurt gets a secret admirer. Alternative version to the events of 'Heart’.

I Can’t - violetannrowen
Summary: Kurt Hummel is closeted, violently so. But when he kisses the out and proud David Karofsky, his life starts to spin out of control, especially when Dave comes to confront him.

Matinee - ktfranceebee 
Summary: Kurt and Dave run into each other at the movie theater, where realizations are made. Inspired by the song Matinee by Hurts to Purr. Not Klaine/Blaine friendly.

Mine to keep warm - ktfranceebee 
Summary: After a series of misconstrued intentions, as well as a failure to knock before entering, Kurt and Dave finally realize that their hearts have been in the same place for the longest time.

This Heart You Don’t Understand - SpookyBibi ★
Summary: During Sugar’s party, Kurt feels the need for some air. He gets out and finds more, so much more… Oneshot set immediately after “Heart”.

Educated - Leaper(writingdave) 
Summary: Kurt takes it upon himself to teach a certain bully about the world of gay.

And The World Keeps Spinning Around - BritNP 
Summary: After Dave learns of Finn’s death (and unfortunately misses the funeral), he decides to call Kurt in order to make sure he’s okay. The conversation is not what he expects.

Truth Be Told - ameliasnature 
Summary: Someone is tired of overhearing secrets.  So they take matters into their own hands with the use of a truth serum.  No one at school is safe from their own secrets.  Well, unless they packed their lunch.
Notes: This is smutty.

Needing The Rain - sunmontue 
Summary: Set in Season 3, after “First Time” by six weeks or so? Dave-centric view. It could be the start of something, of anything. Or nothing. Not Blaine-bashing, but definitely not friendly toward him either.

Lucky Charming - corallydica 
Summary: Kurt’s visiting Lima for the weekend and runs into Dave at the grocery store.
Notes: This is the cutest oneshot I’ve read in a long time.

Dayna - vkdemon 
Summary: Dave loves Kurt, they’ve gotten together post college. But what Kurt doesn’t know is that on the inside, Dave is Dayna. Warnings: body dysphoria.

Just a Hook Up - The Coolest Pirate(Blodeuwedd) 
Summary: My answer to my own question “What if Kurt had hooked up with Dave on the wedding instead of Blaine?” Not Blaine/Klaine friendly.
Notes: This kind of broke my heart a little bit. Also, smut.

Dancing in the Dark - carlyhope 
Summary: AU - Dave is a librarian who sees Kurt come into the library often. He has a major crush on Kurt and on several attempts he has tried to get his attention by waving or smiling, only for Kurt to never notice. One day he happens to notice where Kurt always sits and feels like an idiot after realizing he has been sitting in the braille section of the library and that he is blind.

Just Be Safe - deeniebee28 
Summary: David Karofsky, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. has just learned some disturbing news and can only think of one person regarding it.
Notes: Avengers crossover.

If You’re Gonna Be Somebody’s Heartbreak - obsessivecompulsivereadr ★
Summary: Set during “Promasaurus" After a fight, Blaine leaves and Kurt stays to enjoy what’s left of his last prom. Enter Dave Karofsky, whose presence at the prom is unexpected, and it gives Kurt and Dave a chance to finish a long needed conversation.

As The Years Go By - boys-should-kiss-boys-more 
Summary: Ten years after the class of 2012 graduated, at a high school reunion, Kurt gets the dance he’s been waiting for.

Lost and Found - palaemon
Summary: Set 16 years after the events of OMW. Dave met the love of his life in college, married and had a son - only to be a widower six years later. A week before his son’s 8th birthday, he runs into Kurt - literally. Only, was it an accident?

On The Edge - Leaper(writingdave) +
Summary: Kurt tries to talk Dave down from a suicide attempt - right after the kiss.

Your Bear - SpookyBibi +
Summary: Kurt wants everyone to know that he’s with a bear. Dave wishes it was true. Silliness and fluff, with a tiny side of angst and pining.

Things you can tell just by looking at them - Spookybibi +
Summary: It’s the little things. The details, the ones that get noticed by random people over time. A look, a line, a gesture. Together they create the map of a relationship. They become the qualifiers, how two people can be described by an outsider, together and separately. Sometimes they reveal more than previously thought. When noticed they teach as much about the beholder as they do about the observed.

The Idea - trekkiepirate +
Summary: Kurt is failing Calculus, so his teacher Dave comes up with a plan: he’ll tutor Kurt if Kurt will teach him to sing. First it was a bad idea, then a worse idea, then the best idea.

Now I Know What I’m Gonna Do - Pulpobsessed +
Summary: Sometimes dreams need a little help to happen…sometimes, dreams come true. 
Notes: Set at the end of season 3(I think).

Watch Me Fly - Obsessivecompulsivereadr +
Summary: Kurt runs into a familiar face when he returns to Scandal’s.

Drabbles/Ficlets (below 1,5k)

Nothing More - iwazbornaunicorn

Conversations in Another World - scarletjedi

Untitled - timeandspacesmiles

Kurt Must Keep Very Still - starkurt +
Notes: For Kurtofsky Week 2014, day 3: brackets

Second Chances - ritsuko +
Notes: For all of us season 5 and 6 deniers.


A Hundred Challenging Things A Boy Can Do - BlindtoDreams
Length: 12k
Summary: After Blaine’s family relocates to California during senior year, Kurt nurses the sting of his heartbreak with the help of an unlikely supporter - his former tormentor, Dave Karofsky. It’s a surprise to the both of them when they fall head-first into a relationship from there, but not nearly so shocking as the dismayed reactions from Kurt’s friends and family.

Coquetry and the Culinary Arts - louisestrange
Length: 40k
Summary: This year, Dave’s goals have changed along with almost every other aspect of his life. After failing to get into his chosen college, he takes a risk and tries something else he never had the guts to do before, leaving sports behind to instead train as a chef at the Culinary Institute of America. But he finds he can’t outrun his past when he meets a familiar face that grows friendlier by the day.

Counters - louisestrange
Length: 115k
Summary: In a bleak dystopian AU, Dave and Kurt are among millions who pedal exercise bikes to create energy and earn credits to buy their chance out of the drudgery. They’re drawn together in a world that won’t let them have what they want. Can they stick to the rules or will they risk their chance to get out - to live their dreams - in order to be together now?

Sharing Different Heartbeats - threeoctopusesandanotter
Length: 34k
Summary: Watching all of his friends go out and chase their dreams while he stood by and watched had to be one of the most difficult things Kurt Hummel had dealt with since the death of his mother. Or so he thought. With the upcoming summer comes new friendships, new dreams, and really tough decisions. Set directly after 'Goodbye’.

The Art of Deflection - debraelq
Length: 13k
Summary: When the pain becomes too much, there’s only one person he can turn to. But why would Kurt help him? Warning: Suicidal ideation in the beginning.

By Your Side - Stranger 1993
Length: 37k
Summary: After all that’s happened, Kurt’s friendship is way more than Dave could ask for and the last thing he expected to get. But when he returns to McKinley after his suicide attempt, could the former target of his wrath be the thing that saves his life? Begins at the very end of On My Way, then AU.

Be My Everything - Metamorphosis2011
Length: 183k
Summary: "Dave” Kurt said between sobs. “Can you come and pick me up, please?” Kurt needed a lift desperately after he ran out on Blaine and Dave had offered in the past to be there should he need help. AU after 3x10.
Notes: Includes some Seblaine.

When You Wish - palaemon
Length: 97k
Summary: Kurt and Dave find more than they expected after another encounter at Scandals. Dave has new friends that have helped him find the courage to come out and be the man he needs to be for Kurt.

We’ll Rebuild Our World - J.J. Smith
Length: 16k
Summary: "What’s the last thing you remember?“ "I remember I left Breadstix after you told me you just wanted to be friends.”
Notes: This fic feels a little strained in places, but I still think it’s worth a read.

What A Difference A Year Makes - DreamWeaver529
Length: 11k
Summary: Neither Kurt nor Dave exactly had a great year. And both have no reason to think next year will be any different. They couldn’t be more wrong. Set after 2x10 “A Very Glee Christmas”.

A Change of Perspective - ktfranceebee
Length: 34k
Summary: After a confrontation with none other than Kurt Hummel, Dave wakes up the next morning in a body not entirely his own. Both boys learn it is best not to judge others until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes… Literally. Post-N.B.K.

Fix You - luxdelune +
Length: around 9k
Summary: Karofsky corners Kurt alone somewhere and ends up breaking down in tears. Kurt doesn’t know what to do, but when Karofsky slides to his knees and delivers a desperate, worshipful blowjob, Kurt lets him.
Notes: This develops into more than smut in chapters two and three, but wow is it intense.

Want Me - Mark Ash
Length: 22k
Summary: Kurt is a normal teenage boy with normal teenage needs. And Dave Karofsky is… a secret webcam whore? Smutty in places, but not for lack of trying. AU from Never Been Kissed.

*Obviously with WIPs there’s a chance they’ll never get finished, which is why I’ve ordered them(roughly) so that the further down you get the longer it’s been since an update. It doesn’t mean they aren’t worth reading, though!

Others (fics I haven’t read or ones that aren’t my type, but still sound good)

Rewrite - Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare
Length: 130k
Summary: A web of time-travel, do-overs, romance, friendship, humor, angst, and death after death to bring Dave to new chances and new life, because all he wants is Kurt and to set things right, to undo his regrets.
Notes: I’ve heard a lot of good things about this fic, and I know some people consider it to be a classic, but currently it’s still on my to-read list.

Loathing - Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare 
Length: 80k
Summary: I’ve always felt like Elphaba: an outcast in my school for how I look, how I act, wanting to be free. And yet I feel quite sympathetic with Glinda at the moment, because I simply cannot stand who my assigned roommate is!

Destiny Won’t Let You Give Up - SpookyBibi
Length: 16k
Summary: Dave wakes up on the day of “the kiss” and keeps reliving that day until he gets it right. As to what is “the right way”, that’s for him to find and for life to give him chances to figure it out. Over and over again.

What A Catch - Relised
Length: 24k
Summary: When Dave was diagnosed with cancer, he knew he was probably going to die. And he was pretty sure he was okay with that. Or at least he was okay with it until Kurt started coming around.

Friends, Lovers or Nothing - lordofthepringles
Length: 40k
Summary: Dave and Kurt reconnect in New York City four years after the hospital scene. Kurt wants to become friends. Dave’s only request is that Kurt not fall in love with him. Better said than done.

Good Boy Kurt - GoldenPetal13
Length: 270k
Summary: AU - Set in Senior year. Kurt never went to Dalton and he and David found an interesting way to deal. Adult themes, smut, boy on boy, other warnings inside.

Twas Beauty Who Tamed the Beast - cornflakesareglutenfree
Length: 26k
Summary: Kurtofsky Beauty and the Beast, Dark style. Warnings: includes very dark themes, degraded slave!kurt, dark!dave, sexual themes, and a slave market.Rated NC-17, and earns it. BDSM HEAVY.
Notes: This fic and the previous one are really not my thing, but I’m told that they’re amazing(so if this is your kind of thing, do read them!).

Reborn - ZephyrTheBunny 
Length: 95k
Summary: David comes out of the closet, against his will. His friends aren’t nearly as accepting as Kurt’s were. Warning: Violence.

Entwined - lordofthepringles
Length: 60k
Summary: Dave is back in Lima, Ohio after his NHL career is over and gets a job teaching math at McKinley, Kurt is back as well as the new music teacher/glee adviser. They collide together and begin to realize they are irrevocably entwined in the others life.

Wonderwall - WickedWhiskey +
Length: 114k
Summary: AU Future Fiction Dave and Kurt are happily married, but when an unexpected accident transports Dave to his senior year. Dave must now find a way back home and help Kurt remember who they once were.

Son of a - ZephyrTheBunny +
Length: 182k
Summary: David Karofsky is the son of Hades and Persephone and is in love with Kurt. AU from the second season.
Notes: Have finally gotten around to reading a couple chapters of this and it seems promising. I’m well aware most of you have probably already read it, but if not, maybe you should! Think Kurtofsky, but Percy Jackson style.

Fic #123

I wasn’t going to rec any of my own fics, but then I thought that if there’s one of my Kurtofsky fics I would like you all to read, it’s this one:

Don’t be afraid of what’s inside - whereJIJisalive(kraken-with-a-plan)
Length: 3,5k
Summary: Dave’s mother wanted to cure him - so she sent him to be cured.

If you know of any fics you think I’ve missed, or if you have any comments or observations, let me direct you to my askbox.

it’s laughable when some klainers actually think that people ship kurt with other characters that aren’t blaine only because they aren’t blaine

i ship kurtbastian because the chemistry between chris and grant is amazing. i ship kurtbastian because they’re a perfect representation of how you could go from mutual dislike to friendship and love

i ship kadam because they could be a mature adult relationship and i liked how nice adam was to kurt

i ship puckurt because i love the possibility of them becoming friends and puck realizing that even though he never considered dating guys he somehow fell for kurt

i ship kurtofsky because in the hands of amazing writers the two of them could truly be a groundbreaking relationship so many young gay men could relate to. they would go from bully and his victim to slowly becoming friends if the writers actually let kurt to help david and let them become friends

so don’t tell me i ship kurt with other men because i hate blaine. i don’t like blaine. i don’t like his relationship with kurt but me liking other kurt ships has nothing to do with blaine

it has everything to do with kurt. kurt and the chemistry and possibility between him and other characters

I’m perfectly willing to accept that Kurt and Blaine have a flawed, occasionally problematic relationship and that the show has made some major mistakes in developing it but it still blows my mind that there are people who seriously, genuinely want to see Kurt with Karofsky instead? Because however long I spend in this fandom, and however many arguments I hear against Blaine, one thing remains true.

Kurt has never been afraid of Blaine.

A few days and a long heart-to-heart with his best friend later, Dave found himself getting out of a town-car at his building. He tipped the driver and got out, sighing as he walked inside. He knew he had to tell Kurt about Cameron, about the biggest reason he was hesitant to consider marriage. It wasn’t a can he’d opened in several years and hadn’t anticipated it coming up so soon with Kurt but, here it was.

As the elevator dinged on the floor, Dave took a deep breath, walking out into the loft. “Kurt? Babe? I’m home,” he called.

Happy 4th of July to my American friends!!! I always manage to miss doing holiday art so I’m glad I caught something this year (and that my laptop was able to handle being on for more than an hour)

I’ve got a thing for “Dave and Kurt are friends and hang out after OMW/before S4″ can you tell. Also internal monologues.