Earlier today an English Labour Party MP named Jo Cox was shot, stabbed and beaten while doing her weekly surgery (meeting with members of the public to discuss current affairs/issues) by a 52 y.o. white male who allegedly shouted “Britain First” (the name of a racist, xenophobic, far-right, fascistic “party” - think the Tea Party if they were all drunk uncles from Glasgow) during the attack and during his arrest.

She was airlifted to hospital. She died there.

Cox was an advocate for the Remain (in the EU) campaign and for accepting refugees into the country, and was married with two small children. She was murdered in the street by a right-wing terrorist. This is the first time a British MP has been killed in 26 years (though there have been attempts since). The last one? The victim of an IRA bomb.

To paraphrase a friend, this is what happens when you allow fascists a platform. You can whine about free speech all you like, but when people are allowed to spread their hateful rhetoric, it will never stop at sound and noise. There will be victims. People doing their jobs, going about their lives, who will have the opportunity to go home to their families taken from them, violently, just because of deluded, violent people’s actions.

i dont know what else to say. i hope everyone is doing okay. hmu if you wanna talk

Over the last 3 days I met the loves of my life, went to two of their shows, drove to Portland at 3am to sleep on the ground, held Tyler’s drum & cried the entire time. I had the best time if my entire life & I can’t thank @tylerrjoseph & @joshuadun enough for the opportunity to come along for the ride with them & giving me the opportunity to meet so many great people in the clique 💕
This meant the world to me. I was able to meet the two people that literally saved my life & continue to help me get through each day & I can’t thank 107.7 The End enough for giving me that opportunity. I didn’t get to talk to the boys or thank them for everything but I hope they know that they’ve changed my life completely & I’m forever grateful for them.
I’m so happy to be alive at the same time as twenty one pilots.
I can’t wait for you to come back to Seattle & Portland! I love you so much
Stay strong, live on & power to the local dreamer |-/ (at WaMu Theater)

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