What if Twins Ran in the Family?

I want a crossover between Supergirl and Glee where Kara finds out her sister Marley is still alive. That they both escaped from Krypton alive. Imagine if Supergirl was actually a Supertwin. Imagine how confused Cat would be if she saw three Supergirls in a room together (Kara, Marley, J’onn). Imagine them singing duets with each other even though they’re hundreds of miles away. Imagine Alex jealous because she thinks she has to compete with the other sister. Imagine how much food the two could consume. Just imagine it.

Happy Birthday Dianna!!! 🎉😍 She’s 30 today 😱 I can’t believe it! I’m so proud of everything she accomplished these past few years 💖
Have a great day guys! 😘 I’m going to see my friend and we’re going to do our homeworks yay 🙌😂
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no fuckin way is that a set for a high school production, especially since its only gonna be used for ONE scene, imagine what a pain in the ass it would be to drag that whole thing on & off the stage