GLEE AU: Marley Rose and Ryder Lynn hadn’t seen each other since they were forced to leave McKinley High before their junior year, so naturally they are both shocked to bump into each other 8 years later when Ryder starts working in the same New York City building as Marley. As the two start to reconnect properly and get to know each other again, they quickly find that their chemistry is still there and just as strong as it was when they were hormonal teenagers…and with more mature heads on their shoulders, there’s no reason they can’t try and make it work properly now.



Glee season 6, episode 7 airdate: February 13, 2015

Weekend Poll: Favorite Kurt Hummel Songs

1. What are your favorite 3 Kurt duets?

(Scroll to the bottom for a list of Kurt’s songs.)

2. Who’s your favorite duet partner for Kurt?

3. Favorite group song where Kurt was featured?

4. What are your favorite on screen musical moments for Kurt?

5. What are your 5 favorite Kurt solos?

  1. Defying Gravity (1x09)
  2. A House is Not a Home (1x16)
  3. Rose’s Turn (1x18)
  4. I Want to Hold Your Hand (2x03)
  5. Le Jazz Hot (2x04)
  6. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (2x09)
  7. Blackbird (2x16)
  8. As If We Never Said Goodbye (2x18)
  9. Some People (2x21)
  10. I’m The Greatest Star (3x02)
  11. I Have Nothing (3x17)
  12. Not the Boy Next Door (3x18)
  13. I’ll Remember (3x22)
  14. Being Alive (4x09)
  15. Bring Him Home (4x13)
  16. You Are The Sunshine of My Life (4x21)
  17. Defying Gravity v2 (5x12)
  18. I’m Still Here (5x15)
  19. Memory (5x19)

It gives me so much pleasure to know that even though Marly and Ryder’s relationship status on Glee was left rather ambiguous, they became a real live couple. I shipped their characters so hard and was always disappointed that he played second fiddle to Jake in her heart. I always felt the chemistry between them and wondered why the writers made it so hard for them to get together. But I’m glad that chemistry was real and the actors found each other. 

Blake and Melissa met on the set, got engaged and married last March. Now he’s playing her new love interest in Supergirl. 


Puppetmaster - episode 5X07

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