I would have to say my proudest moments [on Glee] have been when we’ve done musical theatre songs that I got to share with Lea Michele, who’s such a wonderful Broadway actress and Broadway voice. I was so proud of the version of Broadway Baby that we did together. They did a kind of an uptempo thing that I was a little hesitant about. I was like, ‘I don’t know why they have to try and make this contemporary, grumble grumble grumble’, I’m old fashioned. And I ended up falling in love, deeply in love, with it. I love our performance of it. It’s such an anthem for a lot of Broadway cats out there. A lot of you guys waiting in those dance call lines, it still rings as true today as it did when it came out, back when Follies came out, back in the day.

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See, now I have the urge to look up the Glee Kink Meme. Call it trainwreck syndrome, but I have to ask: just how bad was it? It *sounds* bad.

My friend, do I ever have the right link for you:

Submissives, Nekos, and Futanaris: a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the Glee Kink Meme

Fic: Thirsty

Summary: In which Kurt discovers (and misuses) the perfect metaphor for consent. Set early in season three.

WC: 2.2K   Rating: PG-13  

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Notes: Thank you to my wonderful tchrgleek for the beta!

Inspired by this video from Blue Seat Studios.

If that video is not accessible for you, this blog entry includes the script and an explanation.


Technically, it was all Rachel’s fault. Although Kurt could probably find a reason or two for why everything in his life was eventually Rachel’s fault. This time, it could also have been construed as Finn’s fault, but Rachel was really at the center of the action.

The two of them came barreling into the choir room barely a week into Kurt’s senior year. Or rather, Rachel came barreling into the choir room, open laptop in hand, and Finn arrived in her wake.

“We have to watch this together,” she announced, dumping her laptop onto an open chair and turning to face the rest of the room. Blaine was out recovering from a lingering cold, but everyone else was already there, strung out on vending machine sugar and getting twitchier by the minute. “This video is actually mind blowing.”

“Rachel, you say that about kitten videos,” Artie said.

“Only when the kitten video in question is particularly noteworthy.”

“And the last time I took your advice about YouTube I ended up watching a video of Patti LuPone blowing her nose … on repeat.” Mercedes shuddered. Brit turned to pat her on the shoulder in sympathy.

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Fic: Tough Affection

Based on this post. A tiny fic-let for your troubles. Ridiculous amounts of fluff. ~600 words

As much as Kurt dislikes working last minute overtime late at the diner, he always enjoys coming home to a quiet, cozy apartment to wind down after a hectic day. He kicks off his shoes at the entrance and smiles as he sees leftover dinner in the microwave all ready for him to heat up. 

He picks at his dinner, barely keeping his eyes open and debating if he could fall asleep right at the table. But, deciding against the sore back he’d have in the morning, he finishes and tosses his plate in the dishwasher, practically sleep walking to the bedroom.

Kurt is way too exhausted for a shower, but he still forces himself to wash his face and brush his teeth. Tomorrow maybe he could persuade Blaine into a morning shower with him. Thank goodness tomorrow was Saturday and neither had anywhere important to be.

He digs out an old McKinley t-shirt and soft pajama pants, humming softly as Blaine snuffles in his sleep behind him. He closes the curtains on the busy New York streets, thankful that they are heavy enough to block many of the streetlights outside.

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Não há muita diferença entre um estádio cheio de fãs e um bando de gente te xingando. Ambos estão apenas fazendo barulho. Como encarar? Isso é com você. Convença-se que estão torcendo por você. Se você fizer isso, um dia, eles irão.
—  Glee.
There are times when I would go into the studio and I thought that I sounded really lousy, and I would go ‘Dammit now I gotta live with that forever 'cause they’re just gonna put it out.’ But, magically, it’ll come out and for some reason it sounds great! Call it post-production, call it maybe low self esteem at the time, who knows. Maybe it’s a combination of both, but either way I did not think that this would turn out as great as it did. This is one of my other favorite songs that I’ve done, by no coincidence, with the same great Lea Michele.