Me and the5th company, had come together to make a giveaway to you guys! The watch you see above is my watch i got from the company, very nice and smooth watch, definitely one of my favorite watches! I therefore would like to do a giveaway, so I asked them and because it’s such a nice brand they said YES! 

So YOU can get your own watch, you can pick which ever one you like the most from their website > http://www.the5th.co/ 

To participate in this giveaway, you don’t have to do anything, but for us to find a winner and the watch you would like, it would be cool if you could:

  • Share this post + add the name of the watch you would like

That’s basically all you gotta do to! Isn’t it easy? And it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, because they ship worldwide. 

I’m nor sure when to find the winner of the watch, but it will be then this post has enough notes, I will make updates. The winner will be found randomly by me! 

If you wanna check out the5th website and instagram links are down below:



Kpop albums giveaway:

I was planning this for like the longest time, I even planned on making games, but me being myself of course nothing would happen as planned.

As many or some of you might know I graduated this year, So I am moving to a different state for college (I will comeback home, but I don’t see myself  being in my house like before). So instead of leaving my babies on a shelf to rot. I decided to give it away to somebody who might actually want . I am giving away some of the albums that I have, but listen to mainly on my ipod.

All the albums are like brand new, the majority of these I have only opened once and that was to burn it on my itunes.

The Albums (Click to see invidual pics of albums)

Block B Very Good

TTS’S First Album ((seohyun and tiffany photocard)

2PM 01:59PM

2PM Still 02:00PM

UKiss Neverland (all members photcard)

Teen Top No.1 (L Joe Photcard)

Btob Beep Beep Bop Bop 

EXO K XOXO (Chen Photcard)

Beast Hard to love, How to love (Kikwang photocard)

Girl’s Day Female President

BAP The 1st mini album Repackage

Got 7 Got it? (Mark photocard)



  1. There are 12 albums in total (Got7′s first album too but I was too lazy to get it from downstairs)
  2. There will be a total of 3 winners each choosing 4 albums, and the last one to respond to my ask will get the remaining 4.
  3. Anyone who is following me can enter
  4. You can reblog and/or like to be entered
  5. The giveaway will end in 2 weeks on July 28th, at 9pm EST
  6. Please have your ask open so that I can message you
  7. Good Luck (^_^)

This is not only a giveaway for college, but because I also wanted to thank you guys. I started this blog like 4-5 years ago, and the amount of growth it has experience really gets to me. Your sweet messages  and just seeing you guys on my dash makes me happy and keeps me going. I know I haven’t been on much this year, but every time I was on to see that people still tagged me in things, and actually sent me asks, is one of the main reasons I fought through the slump I was going through.

So this is kind of my way of saying thank you, and I hope to have many more years with you guys!~

I won’t really tag this post since I made it mainly for my followers, and you know if you’re following me you know whatsup lol jk jk. (And if you’re a new follower don’t worry you can join too (^_^) )

“First off, that baby is the most adorable, precious little thing in this entire episode. Second, she was so chill. Set babies can be a bit of a toss up–some never settle down, so you need another on standby, and others, like her, are cool as cucumbers. It’s almost as if she knew the circumstances that brought her character into the world and, like a trained actor, made a distinctive choice that she’d live the opposite.” -Jerrika Hinton