Twitter icons of Sousuke to celebrate the Free! official twitter’s 300k followers.

“It’s so like him.” - High☆Speed Free! Starting Days movie’s last scene when Haru reads Rin’s letter that was actually addressed to Sousuke, and Sousuke says that it’s so Rin to send the letter to him instead of Haru because he was too embarrassed to send it directly.

“If I told you, I knew you would cry.” - Free! Eternal Summer Episode 10

All of Sousuke’s icons involve him thinking about Rin or looking at Rin LOL GDI


I’ve had these sitting in their boxes long enough, so I thought I’d at least offer them up for sale on here.

Send me an ask/message if interested. Everything is unopened with the exception of the Rin toy’sworks figure. I will not ship the original boxes unless requested. Paypal only. Prices include shipping in the US, please ask about international prices.

Figures: $14 each (Makoto x2, Sousuke, Nagisa, opened Rin)

Makoto- $35
Nagisa/Rei/Nitori/Momo- $15

Charms: $10 each (Sousuke, Rei, Nagisa, Momo and Nitori)

Also considering selling my Makoto Alter figure if anyone is interested.