Elven Tale - ADAW 23/52 by Cécile Wurcker
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Ouip, encore Narya. Mais cette fois, habillée, et dans son élément, à savoir, la nature <3 Elle est magnifique, j'espère qu'elle vous plaira aussi <3


The Nameless One by CorpseDollyxx
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I still don’t know what to call this gorgeous gal. Chelle (short for Michelle), Simone, or maybe she can be Noelle who my Feeple Miyu was originally going to be. Nameless or not, I’m pretty obsessed with her right now. <3


Sunday afternoon …. I do …. nothing! by Sandra


Special faceup on a Fairyland i-Doll head for one of my dearest friends, @ohnobox 💌 She’s rocking almost the same look as the one she was wearing to Doll North last month - bushy eyebrows, super-heavy blush, and two-layer eyeliner, now with the added fun of glitter overdose and eyelashes.

Eyelashes: Regular White and Premium Black

Eyes provided by client.


Feeple Lora by Yasmin
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kiss goodbye for rin by Rachel Z


I took punch of random pictures of my crew today

At first I was just supposed to take better pictures of Nova’s faceup. Then I was supposed to take profile pictures.

Then I just felt like taking couple shots with Leia and Laeh.

Sigh. I need motivation that would actually make me sew again. All I’ve done is adding buttons or making curtains for relatives lately and both are parts of sewing that I absolutely hate…

Any ideas?