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The Fosters

crybaby-bug  asked:

I don't know a lot about daniel and callie, tell me stuff about them??


daniel is a big guy with a short temper….a tough dude right down to the bone you will literally never be more intimidated in your life than being in the same room as him. his cause is righteous and hes the only good cop on the planet and he is VERY dedicated to his work and this dude is just so serious he could star in a remake of die hard. dont let it all fool you…hes a sucker for love and loving and romance and cute and!!! his heart is so big

AND callies heart is also so big!!!! but shes not afraid to show it unlike him lol shes sweet and kind and will do everything in her power to make sure you have a good day!!! shes still a human being with thoughts and feelings other than constant rainbows and sunshine but for the love of god youd never realize it with her unrelenting positivity aura

anyway they love each other so much. dan would take out hans gruber for her a million times over

thanks for reading :^)

Here’s a clothes swap drawing of our Callie and my best friend and mentor, @jessie-katcat!
Jessie has been an amazing friend and teacher, and I am always grateful for that!
Jessie’s stuff might not be your cup of tea, but check it out when you have the spare time.
I hope you all enjoy this!