AUYou’ve been best friends with Ashton for as long as you can remember. You were inseparable, and to be honest, you liked having him as a friend better than you would if your best friend was a girl. You still did all the normal things with him. Sleep overs and boy talk (mostly him listening to you go off about the latest jerk band member who’s ruining your life), the works.

In the past weeks, however, he’d been acting a bit strangely. He wanted to be around you a little more than normal, and you noticed his jaw clench and the look of pure jealousy in his eyes when you talked to other guys. 

The scene at the baseball game was the final piece of the puzzle for you; your best friend was in love with you.



AU: You text Calum after your “protective” older brother, Luke, says you can’t go to one of their shows.

anon requested.


AU Crossover with Bill Willingham’s “Fables” in which Sherlock is The Big Bad Wolf and John is Little Red Riding Hood.  So basically my headcanon is that they met long ago in the Homeland, and while their first meeting went similar to how Little Red’s tale is supposed to go, except for the part where Red/John can take care of himself thank-you-very-much and when he filled the Wolf’s stomach which rocks and threw him in the lake Sherlock fell very much in love and they’ve been inseperable for centuries.  Also, Sherlock Calls John “Red” when he’s feeling especially fond/worried.  :)

Also, another background?!  The top one is sloppy, and the figures themselves leave something to be desired but I kinda lost my muse for it part way through. (What’s new?)


After a couple of hours looking at prices for making a book on the internet, I found the one which is pretty much the cheapest ever.

It is called epubli and it is amaZing

Heres a link to twist and shout as an epubli book, I’ve set it up so that its hardback, with a matt cover and size A5. This is all changeable though. (im a little concerned about if this link is gonna work so if it doesnt please tell me)

You can change all the stuff.

The cover is pretty simple, its the picture at the top. This also is changeable, lemme just explain how…

There is a pdf uploaded to the epubli page in the link above (here it is again). The pdf is the story, copied and pasted from the ao3 website and with the irrelevant stuff at the beginning and end taken off. (all the lists of people who liked it and stuff).

Here is the pdf, incase you want to change the font, or the cover, or any other stuff idk

The front cover is the first page of the pdf.

the back cover is the last

there are about 320 pages.

If you want to change the cover, then make a new one, download the pdf (heres the link again incase you missed it last time) and just change the pictures on the first and last pages. You can also change the font, at the moment it is ‘Hoefler Text’


AU: Luke is asked about the first time he met you in an interview and he gives the whole novel sized story.

I decided to make one for fun and I hope it doesn’t suck

gifs aren’t mine but the edit is and if you steal it I’ll break your laptop

gif credit goes to ahshtons