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Does anyone get confused on who people are? The Rays all kind of dress similar, specifically FAHC and RL Ray.. Does he ever get dragged into Let's Plays or into a heist plan and nobody realizes it until halfway through or after, or anyone else?

Ray: We may or may not have been wearing the same clothes on purpose.


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Are you still doing this pairing &Number thing? :D If yes could you Do Nalu with 17? ♡ (>///<) :D

“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

“So…” Natsu said, drawing the word out as he glanced at the blonde beside him.

She glanced his way, big brown eyes blinking curiously.

Gosh she really was pretty.

He cleared his throat, nervous now that he had her attention, he redirected his attention back to the locked door in front of them. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…might as well do something to pass the time.”

Met with silence, he risked a glance her way, only to find her staring at him with horror as she leaned away.

Suddenly the implications of his words sunk in, and his eyes widened. “Like talk! Get to know each other! I’m Natsu!” He blurted, sticking his hand out stiffly as his cheeks darkened in embarrassment.

A very slow smile spread across her face, then she shook his hand. “Lucy…nice to meet you.”

He cleared his throat again. “So, uh…kinda funny we both got locked in here, huh?”

She nodded in agreement. “I know! You’d think they’d have someone sweep all the aisles to make sure no one was left in the library before closing.” Letting out a sigh, she fiddled with the phone in her hand. “I mean how do they expect me to hear the announcement that they’re closing when I’m reading with my music turned on?”

He shrugged. “I dunno, guess they didn’t really think things through.”

After a brief moment of silence, she looked over at him. “So how did you get stuck here?”

“Oh.” He scratched the back of his head, a sheepish smile spreading across his face. “I was hiding from my dumb roommates and accidentally fell asleep.”

She burst out laughing, the sound filling the dim space with the sound of sunshine and warmth. “Why in the library? I’m sure there are much better places to hide.”

He snorted. “Nah, they’d never think to look for me in here.”

“Not much of a reader?”

He shrugged. “I dunno, didn’t learn until later on, then I was always busy with other stuff so I never made time to read.”

Lucy gasped. “No time to read? I can’t even imagine living without reading!”

He raised his eyebrows slightly. “You like it then?”

“Love it! I want to be a writer so of course I’ve got to read a lot and-” She seemed to realize what she said and suddenly let out a nervous laugh and avoided eye contact. “I mean…who wouldn’t love a good story?”

“You want to be a writer?” Natsu asked curiously.

“Yeah…pretty silly right?”

“I think it’s awesome!”

She looked at him in surprise. “Really?”

He nodded. “Totally! How cool is it to be able to create an entire story out of nothing? That’s crazy! I could never do something like that.”

Lucy flushed at his praise. “Wow…I’m not used to people reacting like that when they find out.”

Natsu frowned. “Huh? How do they usually react?”

“Well, they don’t take me seriously, they ask what I really want to do for a living since making a career out of writing is difficult, sometimes people laugh…” She trailed off, a pained look crossing over her features.

“Well that’s stupid!” Natsu blurted. “Screw them! I think it’s awesome that you’ve found your passion in life and are pursuing it! The world would be a much better place if everyone did what they loved and had a passion for!”

Lucy smiled. “Yeah…you’re right. Thank you, Natsu.”

He blinked in surprise, taken off guard for a minute. It was the first time she had said his name, and damn it sounded like it was made to be uttered from those perfect bow shaped lips.

“Uh…so what’s your favorite book?” He asked, trying to change the subject to keep him distracted. Plus he genuinely was interested in learning more about her.

“Oh! It’s called the Tales of Trynidad, it’s a series about this magic kingdom and the adventures that the characters have all through it! It’s got everything you could ask for; magic, action, mystery, romance, dragons, not to mention the excellent plot and character development!”

“You had me at dragons, would you read it to me?” Natsu said, eyes shining brightly in excitement.

Lucy smiled, just as excited as he was. “Sure! Come on, I’ll show you where they keep it and then we can go sit on the lounge couch in the back.”

The next morning when the Library was opened, the employee found two teenagers fast asleep on the couch, a large book spread out between them, heads resting against each other in slumber. Dreaming of magical kingdoms and dragons that rescued princesses.

Person A returns home really late at night (some time in the stupid hour…like 3am) after a really long meeting or something and is so ready to hit the sack - only to discover that Person B went to bed a few hours earlier and took literally all of the covers.

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Lukas is and Olympic figure skater and Mathias is an Olympic hockey player and they meet by mistake. Lukas was practicing a routine and didn't know the hockey team was supposed to practice. Mathias's team leaves to go to another rink, figuring he ruined the ice with the pick on his ice skates. However, Mathias stays behind and talk to Lukas and learns he is actually a single father with a little boy. The two start dating and Little Emil becomes his Daddies biggest fan at their competitions. :3


Imagine your OTP in high school marching band. Person A is in color guard and person B is a musician. Person A gets really into their performance, and person B smiles to themselves watching them do the routine.

au where antoinette stark’s father, howard, loses the family fortune due to bad investments, and so howard tells her that she has to marry 

antoinette accompanies her cousin, janet, to a party hosted at the rogers’ estate where she meets the handsome lord stephen rogers 

stephen is immediately taken with her, and howard encourages her to give him a chance, and after a few weeks of courting, antoinette realizes that she really does care deeply for stephen 

they get engaged by the end of the summer 

however, stephen hears from someone else about howard’s misfortune, and that howard is desperately trying to marry off his daughter, and stephen is devastated to learn that the starks were only using him, and he breaks off their engagement, leaving antoinette heartbroken 

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office romance AU where ian & mickey both work for a shitty pencil supply company & they make eyes at each other across the room!!! mickey w/ his sleeves rolled up & a tie on that ian likes to grab to drag him to photocopy room to make out!! & ian who //never// tucks in his shirt & he's the happy chappy of the office & nobody understands why he's with grumpy mickey but their still jealous of how in love the fucking dorks are, getting drunk & clinging to each other during xmas parties etc etc


  • ian starts work and his supervisor immediately asks the grumpiest looking guy in the office to show him the ropes. mickey’s here for his latest parole and most people are scared of him, but one story about the time ian got so high on a crazy drug cocktail at a music festival that he threw up, and suddenly he and mickey are best friends.
  • mickey pops up periodically to “help” ian with something he “forgot” to show him his first week, and it usually involves a lot of putting his hand over ian’s on the laptop trackpad and pressing up close behind him and generally being a flirty mess. and lots of ian loving the hell out of every goddamn second
  • everyone warns ian “oh no not him” and “he’s so dangerous it’s not good” and “you shouldn’t” but ian asks mickey out for drinks anyway, and they hit the bar one day after work and get tanked while verbally trashing clients and poking fun at their coworkers
  • (they end up making out in the bar bathroom) (mickey tries to stick his hand down ian’s pants but ends up having to run to puke it out in the sink) (they call separate cabs and wave rueful goodbyes at the end of the night)
  • the next day mickey corners ian in the coffee break room and tells him how much fun he had the night before, and since he didn’t get to show him properly before things were cut short, maybe he could do that now?
  • it’s just the first of many times that they’re caught making out and doing hand stuff in the office, but they don’t stop and they don’t ever remember to lock the door, and they certainly don’t care that everyone’s making faces and snickering at them when they finally go back to work
  • office!!! babies!!!!!!!!
Harry Potter Characters on Social Media

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy on Facebook and making loads of sassy aimed posts

Luna Lovegood on Tumblr and making her own wacky themes and talking about Wrackspurts

Ginny Potter having a Twitter account with thousands of followers and doing #AskThePotters and subtweeting Pansy Parkinson

Luna Lovegood on Pinterest pinning all the creative things smuggles have come up with and adding magical touches to them

Neville Longbottom being the absolute worst for typos on Twitter and getting excited over new plants he’s discovered

Dennis Creevey having a photography blog sponsored by the Daily Prophet and writing lots of news stories about Dumbledore’s Army

Ron Weasley being bullied by Hermione into making a Facebook and barely going on it until he found out that Rose Weasley was friends with Scorpius Malfoy

Person A is an athlete and Person B is a mathlete. Person A gets an injury and has to use crutches for a week. Person A enjoys telling the story of how they were injured. Two weeks later, Person B gets a paper cut and proudly show off the band aid on their finger to everyone they walk by. Person A acts all impressed for Person B.