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hi can you make a au where mike is the new boy in the school and he ending being the el partner in biology class and she( who is the leader of the party) tell him about his friends and he get a crush on her

(This was longer than initially planned haha):


It had not been the best of starts to life at a new high school. Not only had Mike been alone all day, no one wanting to be around the new kid, he had already received detention for being late.

“This is completely unfair!” he tried to reason with his biology teacher.

“It’s my first day and I got lost on the way here because no one thought to give me a map or even have the decency to show me where to go.”

“Mr…?” the teacher looked at him, waiting for Mike to tell her his name.

“Wheeler. Mike Wheeler.”

“Mr Wheeler, if you knew you would get lost, why didn’t you leave earlier to get to class.” Teacher logic was absolutely ridiculous. Of course Mike didn’t know he’d get lost, what kind of science teacher is that dumb?

“But I-”

“And don’t talk back. I don’t know how things worked at your last school but that is certainly not how we do things here at Hawkins High. Now take a seat.”

Mike looked around. Every chair was filled. All except one, right at the back. Mike gulped and hesitantly sat down next to the girl. She had shorter hair than the other girls he’d seen around, but he thought it made her look really pretty.

“I’m, uh, I’m Mike.” He held out his hand and she looked at him, wide eyed.

She shook his hand and smiled softly “El.”

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The Other Shepard Pt5

Willow knew Mordin was going to be trouble, and she was right… just not in the way she’d expected.

Sometimes, even she needs a push.

Oh hey look feelings are starting to happen :D Hopefully not to soon but like… this is just the beginning. No super fluff yet. You’ll see.

Mordin is a troll and I love it. Enjoy?

Haestrom is their next stop to pick up Tali, out on the Far Rim; there are other missions closer by, but Willow knows Arisa is eager to have the quarian back on the team - to have her safely on the Normandy.

It takes several days and relay jumps to make it there, and Willow spends most of her time trying to subtly get Arisa to admit to something, regarding Garrus, and… strangely, talking to Thane.

She still makes her usual rounds alongside her cousin; poking her head down into Jack’s hole to see if she’s still raging, sharing a drink with Kasumi here or there, spending one night in the MedBay under Chakwas’ supervision, after expending to much biotic energy taking out a Merc base with the team.

She seems to find her way to life support after every mission - whether Thane had been part of the team that day or not - toting coffee and ready to retreat if the company isn’t wanted.

Thane’s only turned her away once, so far, and he’d been in the middle of meditating, so she hadn’t minded.

She’s learning about him, and his life has been fascinating - if sometimes sad.

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Bloody Kisses- Chapter 9

Pairing: Ivar x Reader, Kip x Reader

Word Count: 4406

Warnings: Angst…angst…angst

AN: Feedback, please!

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Vera’s husband, another of Ivar’s select pool of donors, kindly left them alone, knowing how Ivar felt about being observed, pausing only to leer fondly at his wife, kiss her, and to pat his old, unaging friend’s hand. Vera sank back onto the couch, consciously posing, a Boticelli Madonna for all the post-modern tints. One hand trailed, inviting, a single finger slowly tracing arcane patterns in the air. “Ivar?” His blue eyes dark with hunger, Ivar looked up.

“Ah, my friend, forgive me. My mind is elsewhere.”

“Yes,” she smiled gently, “I know. No matter. Come, take what you need. We’ll both be the better for it, and then perhaps you’ll be able to do something about your love.” She pulled her hair back from her neck. “Feeling traditional?”

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AU where Lightning’s a foster kid

I’m not even sure where this idea came from, but it’s in my head now, so I had to develop this. 

  • His birth parents wanted nothing to do with him; they didn’t even bother to name him. 
  • He was left at the hospital after he was born. he was known as “boy McQueen” until one of the nurses named him Lightning. 
  • He was born in Texas
  • He went to several different foster homes until he was 18

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Hands Clasped Tight
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Words: 44302

“What am I looking at here?” Harry asks.

“This, my friends, is a ‘proof’ Instagram account, run by your students,” Liam announces.

“It’s got all this stuff about how the two of you are together,” Niall adds.

“I heard about that,” says one of the math teachers. “Confiscated a kid’s phone today when they were looking at it. I have to say, the evidence that you’re dating is pretty damning.”

“Really,” Louis says dryly. “Do you think being married for three years might have something to do with it?”

Or the one where Harry and Louis are high school teachers and their students have been playing matchmaker for over a year. Little do they know, Harry and Louis are already married.