AU where Asa is a warframe, but he’s not being controlled by operator, he’s an alien/robot.
And for Naomi, she works in strata relay as a mechanic (sometimes she repaired his ship) and helping asa during his mission, but when she wanted to find some parts she ask some help to Asa.
And ofcourse, they are dating

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Hey hi hello do you know of any good actor AUs??


And, action! by staysharp (17/17 | 106,237 | Teen And Up)

“Listen, where do you go to college?”

“Why does a movie star want to know?”

“So I can take you out for coffee as an apology.”

From the Top by TakingOverMidnight3482 (12/? | 16,325 | General)

With a cast as crazy as the Voltron crew, you’re bound to have a lot of mishaps on set.


We Hate Keith Club by dailyandgaily (7/? | 35,005 | Not Rated)

When Keith is forced into the role of kissing another actress on the internationally famous TV show, Voltron: Legendary Defender, the last thing he expects is to be “rescued” by Lance… especially when Lance decides switching places with the actress is the best way to help.

Meanwhile, Lance attempts to piss off Keith by making a club, just to end up helping Keith after hearing a secret Keith can’t afford to tell the world.

(shallura, hunk/shay)

Gantz Au headcannon, Part 1

• the Garrison is a highly top secret cover for a government funded Gantz installment.

• they test unstable weapons and other such things with cadets so the room will be well stocked.

• Lance has always dreamed of joining the Garrison, hunk really needed the money, and Pidge is looking for her brother.

• Allura and Coran don’t even remember how they died, they have been in there for so long.

• Matt got curious and tinkered with some tech, which electrocuted him.

• Shiro was in Iverson’s way, so he was straight up murdered, still pissed.

• Keith committed suicide after Shiro’s murder.

• The Garrison is afraid of running out so they prepare a “training session” where the room is rigged

• Lance broke his ankle some time prior, so he’s watching Pidge and hunk go through the room.

• Hunk is about to open a door and release a killer back draft.

• Lance stops him and gives him another way out, saving his life.

• Iverson is pissed at Lance so he throws him around central command for a while until he dies of internal injuries.

• hunk is shot.

• Pidge is hiding in the ventilation system so they close every other vent and gas her.

• all three go to Gantz.

Happy Accidents - Part 5

OKAY so I am trash and had to work for almost two straight weeks and I had no idea really what I wanted to do next exactly so this has taken me a little longer than usual and is a little shorter than usual. I’m sorry for that -grovels- But I know exactly what I’m doing with the next part and work is back to normal so it shouldn’t take me as long/be as short. ANYWAY lol Without further ado:

Pairing: Sebastian x plus-sized reader
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: At this point I really don’t think anyone counts swearing so none
Word Count: 1.7K

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
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It has been a week and a half since Sebastian almost kissed you and you are losing your damn mind. He’s barely answered your texts, and when he does the responses are half of what he would normally respond or stupid one and two word responses. It’s driving you nuts and you almost wish he’d never fucking tried to kiss you in the first place.

Okay, so maybe he does have feelings for you (or maybe he was just half-drunk, whatever). So what? You would give all that up to have your friend back. You’ve gotten so attached to him in the nearly two months he’s been your neighbor. That’s it, you decide. If things ever right themselves with him, you’re not going to pursue him. You’re not going to swoon over him or wish he’d feel the same about you. When he gets sick of you and breaks up with you you’ll lose him forever and losing his friendship is not something you’re willing to do. That is, if you ever get it back in the first place…

You’re startled out of your thoughts by your phone ringing. Anthony’s face appears and yours scrunches up in confusion.

“Hey,” you greet him like normal, pressing your phone between your ear and your shoulder as you pace around your kitchen and living room mindlessly. “What’s up?”

“Do you know what’s up with Seb?” he asks. “He’s been super down and acting all weird and he won’t talk about it.”

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