Danny Phantom AU where instead of getting his ghost powers in the ghost portal, he died some sort of tragic death when he a kid. It happened suddenly. He was going through the dark tunnel to the afterlife. Then he decided, he didn’t want to die. He punched a whole in the wall of the tunnel and climbed out, coming back to life.

Danny had broken a hole through the barrier of life and death, and since then he could travel through it at will, changing his physical form into that of a ghost. It took him years to learn to control his powers. Because of his being able to conquer death, he can control other ghosts, pass through the barrier from anywhere at will, and become almost psychic.

Phone Pranks And Confessions

Summary: Dan pranks Phil by changing all the contacts in his phone to his number. A couple weeks later, Phil still hasn’t figured it out until he sends a text that was meant to be for Louise, but Dan ends up seeing it.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,250
Beta: my new beta danteasers thank you <3 

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I can’t decide if this is a plotbunny or a headcanon but: Friendly, cheerful, unambitious and mostly-harmless humanoid abomination Danny.

Naturally, he has no idea how freaking terrifying/disturbing he is to most humans. His parents have some resistance because they work with ectoplasm and ghosts already (plus they’re mad scientists to begin with). His team, Sam and Tucker, were there at the accident and also he’s their best friend, terrifying incomprehensible thing or not. Besides, there’s way worse out there than Danny. Put the two categories together, and Jazz would basically be the only human on the planet capable of listening to his thought processes without going (more) crazy. (Valerie also finds him about as terrifying as a marshmallow, because at first she’s too mad to feel fear and later on she’s got a cybernetic ghost suit basically wired into her thoughts.)

And Vlad wants to know how the heck he can have a sort-of-normal life without constantly sending his human acquaintances into la-la-padded-room-land. (The answer is of course that Danny doesn’t want to. After all, he always wanted to be a superhero…)

Every other human in Amity Park just tries to never make eye contact with Danny Fenton, because then you’ll start seeing things out of the corner of your eye, and they won’t be pretty.

Remember what happened with the locker room mirrors last week?

Yeah, good thing no one was in there. And that Baxter ki-

Shhhh! We don’t talk about him! There is no Baxter kid, you understand? And there never was.

Ye- Yeah, I understand.

(He freaks the ghosts out too.)

The 500th Liveshow

A/N: Someone on my tumblr prompted a mpreg fic, but I didn’t feel like adding it to my blog bc I’m not a Phan blog, so I’ve made it into a mini-fic which I decided to post here. I hope you see this! I hope you guys at phanfic don’t mind :) 

Prompt: During their 500th liveshow together, a heavily pregnant Dan goes into labor, but keeps his cool until the show is over. 

- - - -

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