Full credit goes to uggables, who has given me permission to post this. 

This is a piece I commissioned her to draw a while back. I asked for Apritello on a date reenacting a certain scene from Tarzan and she gave me this wonderful drawing! I’m currently using it as my mobile banner, which hazmad asked to see the full version of. Enjoy and leave your comments in uggables inbox, as I am NOT the artist who drew this. I am learning how to write, not draw. =P


Columbine Massacre,Virginia TechMassacre,BostonMarathon Bombings,SeathJacksons murder.My favorite crimes,all happend in April.I’m born in April.
Eric Harris is born in April.
Michael Bargo is born in April.
Hitler was born and died in April.
What the fuck APRIL.