According to Liam’s article, Simon’s mantra was for the guys to display “relentless enthusiasm” and to avoid talking about the negative aspects of the job. At the same time, Liam credits Simon (and Cheryl) for telling him his place was in front of the camera, as a performer, rather than retiring behind the scenes. And he still loves the idea of a reunion down the line, even after rejecting so many aspects of the fame and the boy band formula. So interesting and complex. I always come away thinking about how multi-faceted these guys are after these articles. They want so desperately to appease the fans and grow with the fans and to hold onto that bit of 1D luster while still have their own autonomy and creativity. I want the same for them.

I always appreciated that the guys did bare it all - mostly through jokes and one-liners, but there were serious admissions every once in awhile. We knew they were grateful, joyful, fun- loving, talented and enthusiastic, but we also knew they were tired, overworked and running at a relentless pace. We knew they thought the merch was silly, even though they went through the motions and sold a shit ton of dolls and perfume. We knew they got cabin fever, resented paps, desperately missed their families and were rebellious at times, and we grew to understand that deeper stuff was happening behind the scenes like alcohol abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, partying, the band growing apart or settling into different cliques. We knew there was management disputes and that each guy had a role to fill, and we knew there was a come to Jesus moment and a renewed commitment after Zayn left. No matter how the break came to be or the tensions that arose, I think most fans were on the same page that something had to give because the daily churn of tour/record/promote was not sustainable. I dont think any of them were particularly good at a poker face, and they all wore their hearts on their sleeve at certain points, and that’s what I dug/dig about them, even if I may never know the detailed nitty gritty.

I think most people would agree to work like a dog for 5 years for tens of millions of dollars, but I’m not sure how many people would sacrifice no personal time, family time or privacy, and I will always appreciate each guy for coping so well under the circumstances. They are still so polite, profressional, humble and grateful. And they are so passionate and ambitious that they’ve jumped back into the frey to start over. They’ve been smart to cultivate their niche and their fan base, and they are doing their best to set new expectations and precedents for what to expect from this point forward. They are doing things they want to do the second time around. Good for them.

It does make me wince when the guys drop certain bombs in interviews. Like Liam saying he no longer wants to make bubble gum pop. But then I remember that its important to look at the full context. He’s dealing with reporters and interviewers who only associate 1D with wmyb, and who have their own spin in articles. Liam recently said he still wants to tour mitam because he’s so proud of that record. I mean, the article said he’s got a tattoo in honor of the four album for crying out loud. He’s talking to a broader audience when he’s discussing his music direction - not rejecting his own work. I have to take these comments with a grain of salt, and just appreciate how open and sincere and happy he and the others seem these days.

Anyone believe what Liam trying to convince the GP about being free after 1D ,& to believe their words & actions (stunts) now …

This is what Zayn said after he left 1D trying to convince us that he has more freedom after 1D :

— 💌@ Zayn : “ I guess They were only trying to tell u that full beard doesn’t grow for a 17 yrs boy” …I mean ,

Zayn (2012)

Zayn (2013)

Zayn (2014)

Zayn (2015)

(P.s: None of ot5 is free … They r now only changing their PR strategy cuz the criticism during 1D was focus on how the boys controlled by their mgms & everything is fake , & now they want to make their stunts & label ’ narrative more creadible & believable , so they push the “we r free after 1D” thing & give those silly proofs as growing a beard or each one has a personality thing or Harry start to wear high waist pants !!!! … Not their closet , not how their sexual image is presented, not their public reputation as womanizer or using drugs & drinking, not the fake girflriends (beards)& babies , not the hating rumours bet. Them ….

“Two Ghosts” by Harry Styles 2013


Niall singing Fool’s Gold at the Olympia Dublin, 29.8.17