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Adverbs aren’t evil; said isn’t dead
Please stop hitting the wall with your head

Active is grand but not always the best
Sometimes it’s passive that passes the test

Some write with style, others write plain
Let’s all agree that writing’s a pain

The ‘rules’ can be broken, twisted, or bent
All that matters is that you are content

Make your own story and write your own way
This has been a writer’s PSA

Summary of TAZ discourse today

(Let me be clear I am likely to come across as defensive of taz in this)

Here’s the primary source of the controversy. Originally, preview images of the comic adaptation of the adventure zone showed it was going to portray all three main characters as white. New preview pages of the comic with revised designs were released today. (For the record, I am not 100% sure how much the Mcelroys are actually involved in the comic making process?)

So now we have; one pale skinned character, one dark skinned character and one character with non-human skin color. The brothers have made it clear that these design are not canon and there are no “canon” appearances for the characters (If you feel like that is also a bit of a cop out, thats fair tbh). A lot of people were unhappy for several reasons. 

- There still could be more poc representation.

- “We wanted dark skinned Taako and you give us blue??? wtf is this??” (Again, I can see why people read this as a lame cop out)

- Some people feel really strongly that Taako needs to be canonically Latinx because of the running gag of his name sounding like taco which has grown into him having some connection to inventing tacos. (Griffin has discussed his anxiety about this, and I think he is in a lose-lose situation. Having Latinx characters named taco and chalupa would probably create even more backlash)

- A lot of people have decided that giving Taako blue/green skin makes the design anti-semitic. (It takes some deep ass digging to figure out why green skin is antisemitic? But apparently the green skin+long nose+pointy hat look came from anti semitic stereotypes back in ye olde europe)

And then there are a couple things from the newest episode.

-There is a long-ish romantic scene were Barry Bluejeans and Lup become an official romantic pair. Some people aren’t happy about a straight relationship getting a lot of time, or think that the lgbtq relationships in the show didnt get a comparable amount of time. (For the record, Lup is a trans woman so Blupjeans is straight, but arguably still lgbtq representation)

-At one point Justin does a bit where Taako is reciting inspirational quotes from famous people and attributing them to himself. During this, Coco Chanel gets quoted and some people are pissed on account of Coco Chanel being a MEGA-Problematic person in a number of ways. (I am anticipating that Justin will figured out he goofed and publicly apologize bout that)

IDK what I am even going on about tho… I think for me the bottom line is its totally okay to be disappointed about some of this stuff. BUT there has been a lot of black and white “if the Mcelboys arent saints then they must be VILLIANS” stuff going around and??? Yeah they have made mistakes out of ignorance but have always shown a desire and willingness to take criticism and improve themselves. I mean, maybe they only act like they care about representation for the sake of pleasing there primary audience. But if someone seems to be trying as hard as Griffin is to do right by minority groups, I really think we should try to maintain our civility when they mess up and give them a chance to improve themselves.

But hey, then again, I could just be cutting them too much slack cause I enjoy TAZ. That not implausible. 

When a blind woman was named Inquisitor, none of her inner circle expected the task before her to be easy. Neither did any of them expect her to face it alone. Each of them has their own task, a duty they have assigned themselves to make Elera Lavellan’s life just a little easier, a role they carry out with stubborn dedication. None of them say it, but they all know that every one of them would rather die than see someone else take their place.

Solas walks with her in the Fade, drawing her into his memories, conjuring up images of the places they’ve been. Only her body is blind, and in the Fade, she can see the echoes he creates for her. They stroll the ramparts of Skyhold together, a smile flickering around her mouth as she looks out on the rolling mountains, and he helps her memorise every staircase and passageway so that she might navigate them more easily in her sightless waking world. He shows her the Emerald Graves, so that she can stand beneath the trees and gaze at the million different shades of green the sunlight creates as it falls through the leaves. He shows her, despite his scorn, the Dalish camp they visited in the Exalted Plains, so that she can remember her own clan and feel, for a time, at home. They walk the paths of his memories together, he her hahren, and she, a student and friend he is proud to teach.

Varric does what an author does best - he puts the world around them into words. When they reach the top of a slope and let out gasps of awe at a view that Elera can’t see, he steps up to describe it to her, painting every detail with the best words he can think of until she smiles and whispers, I can picture it. He does the same with the people they meet, telling her everything from the colour of their hair to how high she has to look to meet their eyes. Leave it to the others to do the basics, helping her to make it through the world. Varric’s duty is to make that world beautiful.

Sera is the one who climbs. Up the piles of rocks, balancing on beams and narrow ledges, clambering onto rooftops and jumping between gaps. She hates those creepy shards, but Elera says they’re important, and Sera’s damned if she’s letting a blind woman go hauling herself up those frigging rock piles to reach them. Elera would do it if someone else didn’t, stupid stubborn woman, and Sera doesn’t want to see her fall and get herself killed. Because even though she’s an elf, an elfy elf, a really elfy elf who wants those pissing elfy shards to open that elfy temple… somehow, they ended up as friends. Real good friends. And Sera was never one to let her friends get hurt.

Vivienne picks out her wardrobe, not only for all those soirees and balls that the Inquisitor is obliged to make an appearance at, but for day to day wear. Just because practicality is Elera’s greatest concern - finding something with few buttons she needs to fumble at and few fastenings to struggle with - doesn’t mean she should be forced to sacrifice fashion. Vivienne seeks out fine silk and velvet for her, fabrics that a Dalish elf could never have heard of or touched before. She finds tunics in rich turquoise to match her vallaslin, and, for special occasions, a ballgown in pale silvery-blue, so unearthly against her pale skin that she almost seems to be wearing moonlight.

Dorian reads to her. It starts with him making some remark about a book on spirit magic he’s been browsing through. That sounds interesting, she says, could you read that passage to me? And before long it’s a tradition. She comes to the library, he finds a book, they sit in chairs facing each other and Dorian reads. At first it’s mostly tomes on magical theory, but soon, he’s narrating a new chapter of Hard In Hightown every evening, and a little circle gathers around them to listen, all of them catching their breath in unison over the dramatic parts and groaning whenever Varric ends things with yet another cliffhanger.

Cassandra has always been at home on the battlefield, and right from the start, she appoints herself the task of making sure that Elera can feel at home there too. Two rage demons, approaching from the right, and three wraiths, she roars, as the rift splits open and pours the Fade’s denizens forward.  One Red Templar in heavy armour, one archer. Just the simplest things, the things that tell Elera where to stand and what spell to use. There’s nothing she can do to make the bellowing of demons and the clashing of weapons less chaotic - but she can try to bring some kind of order out of the chaos. That’s what she does best, after all.

Bull takes it upon himself to make sure she can indulge in all the things the others won’t let her. Honestly, they treat her like she’s made of glass sometimes, and he knows it infuriates her, knows that she doesn’t want to be coddled. She’s blind, not a child. So he’s the one who makes sure she drops into the Herald’s Rest like all the others, the one who buys her a drink and lets her vent. She rarely has more than one or two, but all the same, he walks with her back to her room afterwards. Leaders have as much right to let themselves go as anyone from time to time. The fact that this leader can’t see doesn’t make the damnedest bit of difference to that.

Cole helps. He appears from thin air to guide her up staircases and through passageways when she needs it - but only when she needs it, because he knows she wants to stand alone as much as she can. And since she can’t see the curl of another man’s lip or the twitch of his brow while she speaks to him, Cole reads people for her, telling her the things she can’t pick up from their words and their tone. To him, her lack of eyesight means nothing. She’s a person, like all the others, and her thoughts are the same as everyone else’s. 

And Blackwall stands beside her. Where he’s meant to be. He’s the shield between her and everything that could ever possibly hurt her, the hand that flashes out to catch her when she stumbles and the weapon that cuts down the enemy who dared to get close. He’s the arm she rests her hand on as they go about their travels, the voice that tells her the path’s getting steeper or take it slow, there’s a sharp drop to the right. At first it’s an obligation, the duty of a soldier who’s seen men suffer a thousand different wounds from war, losing eyesight and limbs and sanity and Maker knows what else. He knows how to help someone whose body isn’t quite whole. 

But it becomes more than that, so much more. She is so strong, so capable, so determined to face all the trials thrown at her by a world she can’t see - but she can’t protect herself from everything. Just as he has needed her, needed her calm kindness and her dauntless faith in him, so she needs him to be her first and last line of defence. He knows, as the rest don’t (all right, Cole probably does, but all the normal rest don’t) that the one thing Elera Lavellan fears is oblivion. Being lost and alone with nothing to guide her.

She won’t have to face oblivion while he’s still breathing. She will always be able to reach out for him and find him there, to hear him tell her, I’m here, my lady. To which she responds with a smile and a murmur - I know, vhenan. Thank you.

She is his fortress, he is her shield, and nothing in the world can touch them.

I feel sick

As soon as I walked in, you waved.
I smiled back but there was tears in my eyes
When I was watching the show,
It amazed me that
You were watching the same thing
But not thinking of me
When I thought of you.

In the interval, I saw you holding your can of coke.
The lid touched your lips
Like I had, so many times
But the difference is
You can’t live without coke.

When I heard clapping at the end
I wondered if it was your hands
Beating together
In passion.

I woke up this morning,
And in my harry potter pyjamas
I thought of magic
And you.

I realise now,
Love is merely a way to pass the time
My time has passed for you
So I will quietly move on
And forget about
The way you made me feel.

hey guys uuuhhhh pirate / mermaid au with pirate thief sloane and mermaid hurley bc the discord was talking abt it and i lov it

  • so sloane is an infamous thief in the pirate world, but no one knows what she looks like as she disguises herself each time she joins a crew
  • she joins thm & gains their trust during their long voyages, but unbeknownst to thm, she’s robbing thm fucking blind
  • when she’s gotten all she thinks she can afford to steal, she scoots off at the next stop, not rlly wanting to stay longer than she needs to
  • the treasure isn’t just for her tho. she gives it to those who are going thru hard times, to ppl who actually need it
  • when all tht is done, she heads back to find another crew to sucker; she’s been doing this same plan for forever and she hasn’t once gotten caught
  • not yet anyways
  • this new crew is cautious, too cautious for sloane’s liking, but she still joins thm. she knows they must hav some good treasure if they’re being this careful abt it
  • but her worst fear becomes reality when a crew mate sees her sneaking a big ol gem into her pocket. sloane was too slow, and god does tht shock her for a while
  • as they decide what to do w her, sloane is freaking out. what the fuck is she going to do ??? she can’t get out of this one, there’s no where else to go
  • she knows it’s over when they decide to make her walk the plank. it’s always the fucking plank with these people
  • as she looks down into the sea, she prays to any god tht will listen. this isn’t how she wanted to go, not so soon
  • thank god someone had been looking out for her then, someone she had no idea even existed
  • hurley. hurley had been spying on the ship for a while now. she always spied on ships, but this time it was different bc. well bc she saw sloane

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brienne is good.  she’s very good, and she learns quickly.  it’s that, more than anything else, that makes arya glad that she was training with her and not the master at arms.  the master at arms was a good man, and had his hands more than full teaching children and girls who’d never held a bow in their lives how to shoot.  arya could have swept the floor with him.

but not brienne.  brienne’s big, but she’s quick too.  that’s what makes her so powerful.  and it’s not long at all before she’s started to read arya’s little tricks.

arya’s good–she’s trained hard for years now.  the feel of needle in her hand is right.  she refuses to use a broadsword when sparring brienne; she trains with it separately, but with brienne she is testing herself, testing them both. needle is a part of her in a way the way other steel never truly will be.  jon gave me needle.  needle, which had gotten her through anything.  she wishes he were here.  if i’d come straight here instead of going to the twins…but she hadn’t known…

the flat of brienne’s sword smacks her side and she lets out a cry.

“you’re distracted,” brienne barks.  arya crouches and lets out a growl and this time, when brienne swings, she dodges easily.  no distractions, she reminds herself.  she wasn’t allowed distractions–not ever.  it’s why she was good, it’s how she’d survived.  never letting herself give in though gods only knew how the world had tried to make her.  she steps aside as brienne swipes and snakes needle through the woman’s outstretched arm.  brienne pulls away, and arya presses forward.  quick as a cat.

oysters clams and cockles! she’d been a girl named cat once–cat for her mother.  her mother had once watched her chasing bran through the yard and–

“you’re distracted,” brienne repeats, knocking needle from her hand.  the steel spins across the courtyard and brienne’s sword swings for her chest, halting just short of it.  “you’re not usually distracted.”

she’s not.  it’s true.  she looks around the courtyard and her eyes fall on needle.  i’m home, she thinks.  home, except home’s not quite right.  sansa’s the lady of winterfell, and bran doesn’t smile anymore, and jon’s not here.  and robb, and rickon, and mother and father… somewhere deep down inside her, that old hole in her heart aches.  it’s strange being here without them.

in all the years she’d dreamed of coming home, the years of empty bellies and lies and fear–gods, so much fear–she’d not really imagined what it would be like to be home.  and not like this.  

she bends down and picks up needle.  the sword is the size of a toy in her hand, and much smaller than brienne’s valyrian steel blade.  she closes her eyes for a moment and remembers for just a moment the way it was, when father had been alive, when jon had been here…

she opens her eyes and turns back to brienne, sinking back to a guard stance.  she’ll fight for that.  fight for how it was, fight for how she remembers it, because if she can do that, then it’s not over, not truly.  winterfell beats in her heart so long as she lives.

First little one shot of character relationship exploring I’m doing for TAZ characters. This one got lengthy, as some do. I’m leaning toward a full fledged AU with single dad Taako and this was me getting a feel for it. Feel free to send in some requests for drabbles so i can explore some more relationships!

“Ango, let’s go, Lup is waiting on us!”

Taako slung a picnic basket over his arm, fixing the collar of his shirt in the mirror. He looked fucking cute, and the almost hour he’d spent doing his makeup seemed to be totally worth it. They were meeting everyone at the park for a picnic, their usual monthly meeting with their ‘family.’ Lup was waiting in the car outside with most of the rest of the food, and Angus was still in his room.

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The Cat’s Meow

A/N: My third entry for the 2017 @oqpromptparty! This one isn’t nearly as polished as I’d like it to be, but the deadline is already here. A fluffy little drabble for your Wednesday night.

Based on prompt #118: Roland finds two kittens, they love Regina the most.

Also available on FFnet.

Regina had never had a pet. Yes, she had Rocinante as a girl, but he wasn’t really a pet. He served a specific purpose, as did all the horses in her family’s stable. They were raised as a means of transportation. Aside from Daniel, Regina was the only person who ever visited the horses for anything other than necessity.

Oh, but how she had wanted one. A large, loyal dog that would trail after her in the castle and play fetch in the gardens. A fluffy, regal cat to pet during her studies in the library and snuggle with during long, lonely nights in the castle. Anything that would provide her with the companionship she desperate desired but never asked for aloud.

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Slightly freaking out here because I thought I had a planned-out roadmap to the chapters for my Kastle multichapter and I can’t find it anywhere right now and I am not about to wing 30 chapters off the top of my head so prayer circle for me pls