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Imagine Tony’s face the first time he opens one of Iron Man’s fan letter. Imagine him still reeling from the aftermath of his public coming-out–with Pepper and Coulson and SHIELD and the board and pretty much everyone being pissed at him– and after a long, long day, Tony opens this letter and finds a crude drawing of his suit with a shaky, misspelled You’re my favourite hero, Mr Stark and he just- stares at it with this expression of utter wonder, traces the letters in silent awe, feels this rush of warmth and affection and happiness that settles in a soft smile on his lips.

IronFam Scooters

For those who wanted Tony n his friends to all have their own scooters,

Now with 100% more ridiculousness. 

Tony, with his Iron Man scooter: 

I think he wanted to do the ‘leaning on one knee pose’ with his legs, but there was only one area he could ‘lean’ his leg on, and he couldn’t lean so much as precariously lay his ankle on it.

It’s not a very safe pose. 

Rhodey, with his own War Machine scooter:

You can’t see it, but he’s holding the scooter between his ankles and his thigh so it doesn’t fall over. 

(not sure if I got him looking right, or if I’m offending anyone but it was one of the lame poses I found on google so)

It is also not a safe pose. 

Pepper, with one special scooter Tony made because she doesn’t have her own merchandise, and another, cheaper scooter she bought in a store and painted her name on top of it so she can join the cheap merch quality Tony and Rhodey both has: 

Important PSA 1: do not lean on your scooter, it may fold.

Important PSA 2: do not balance your scooter on the front wheel. 

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Tony: Did you tell anyone we’re dating?
Bucky: Yes, Tony, I have no self-control and told the whole world we’re dating.
Tony: Okay, no need for sarcasm.
Bucky: No, seriously, I have no control and I told everyone we’re dating.

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When he's not on a mission, visiting Peggy, or sitting Sam's class at the VA, Steve spends all his free time hunting for decent pizza. There's got to be somewhere in DC that sells a passable, Brooklyn-style slice.

“Tony, I need your help.”

Stopping at a desk, Steve used his palm to smooth a long roll of paper right over a pile of lumpy parts.

Tony moved closer.

“What’cha got there?” Tony asked. The paper map was covered in colored dots. Reds, blues, blacks. Tony looked up at Steve’s unsmiling face. “Is this an alien invasion? I told you guys we needed to be ready” Tony took a raspy breath and started to sweat. “Is it hot in here?”

“No. No aliens.”

“Thank God.” He slumped into a nearby chair.

Finger pointing at the map, Steve said “Every evening, or afternoon, depending on when I have free time, I have hit a different pizza shop in DC. Cheese pizza should not be hard to find. They say they have Brooklyn style pizza, but …”

“Let me stop you right there. They won’t have it.”

“Why not?”

“It’s the water. Catskill/Delaware watershed. The low calcium content makes the best pizza dough and Bagels. Personally, I think the best tasting water comes specifically from the Catskill Mountains. Have you ever had water straight from a spring in the Catskills? Nothing else like it.”

“Is that why New York water tastes better than anywhere else?”

“You guessed it.”

“I thought I was just being nostalgic.”

“Nope. Not homesick, and not just enhanced taste buds. Regular people taste the difference too.”

[Tony and Bucky need something that’s in Steve’s room, so they sneak in at night]

Steve: [wakes up] Tony? Buck?

[Tony and Bucky freeze]

Steve: Is this a dream?

Bucky: Yeah, Stevie. This is a dream.

Steve: Are we gonna do it?

Tony: Uhh, yes, Cap. We’re gonna do it.

Steve: Ok. Tony first.