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Supernatural: An Angelic Wake-Up Call

“Cas, why don’t you wake up Sammy? I’m gonna go get us some food to cook and hopefully to eat later.”

And the door was slammed behind him. Castiel sighed, not even sure how he got wound up in this. He really didn’t want to be the one who woke Sam up, but Dean had urged it, planning a special breakfast for Hunter’s Day. Though Cas tried to explain to Dean that the date was really designed for hunters of beasts and fishermen, the older Winchester didn’t care. So now the angel was left in the bunker with a sleeping moose to awaken. Cas sighed before he made the move to approach Sam’s room. He knocked on the door lightly first before opening it a crack. The light flooding in from the sliver of door shined directly on the back of a head of brown hair, otherwise the room was in complete darkness. The angel hated this job. Maybe if he just screamed really loudly….

Castiel felt the wall for the light switch and flipped it on, wincing when the room was filled with light. That didn’t seem to do much to Sam’s peaceful form. Now that Cas got a good look at him, he looked quite funny. Lying himself diagonally across the bed, Sam was on his stomach, one arm lying next to his head, the other somewhere beneath the covers. His legs were each laid straight on the bed, the tip of one foot hanging off the foot of the bed. And Sam was snoring lightly.

The angel cleared his throat before saying, “Sam?”

Cas knocked on the door he opened already and said a bit louder, “Sam.”

No reaction. Castiel tiptoed closer to the bed before he was standing over the younger Winchester. He tried to recall to memory what Dean would do to get his brother up in the past. Nothing really came to him so he just stood there, forehead wrinkled. Cas reached out a tentative hand before giving Sam’s shoulder blade a nudge. The Winchester’s finger twitched. Castiel exhaled through his nose, frustrated. He sat himself down at the edge of the bed not taken up by Sam’s massive body. Then the angel proceeded to gently rub the sleeping man’s back, fingers applying just the right amount of pressure so as to not keep him sleeping, but to let him know someone else was there. Sam was starting to move, leaning into the touch and stretching simultaneously. But all were very minor movements, none really illustrating that he was awake. That brief moment of hope ended quickly as Sam descended back into being practically lifeless.

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