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One week ago, Facebook accurately predicted that MONQ Aromatherapy Inhalers would be of interest to me. So when I saw an ad for MONQ on my newsfeed while talking the train last Saturday I decided to browse through the MONQ website. I was interested enough to actually purchase one using my Amazon credit. I picked the one I thought could be of the most use to me (the Zen blend) and ordered it right there.
A little about me: I don’t smoke, I don’t care to be around smoke, and I detest vaping (mainly because I’ve made out with people who vape and they’ve tasted absolutely awful. Like chemicals). I’ve never smoked a cigarette, I’ve smoked hookah once or twice because of peer pressure, tried an herbal marshmallow root cigarette, and taken a pull off an E Cig but that’s the extent of my smoking experience. I’ve always been averse to the idea of smoking, I’m a singer so it’s always been a no-no. That coupled with my father’s disdain for smoking (his mother died at age 40 from smoking related cancers) has made me steer clear.
However, I’m always looking for soothing, herbal ways to ease my anxiety and insomnia. After reading about the ingredients on the website I felt okay enough with it to give it a try.
A little about MONQ: MONQ inhalers are made with different blends of organic essential oils paired to accomplish a certain affect. They contain no Tobacco, Nicotine, or unnatural chemicals. On the website (MONQ.com) it is referred to as a “personal essential oil diffuser”. The inhaler that I ordered, MONQ Zen, contains frankincense, orange, and ylang-ylang oils. It is supposed to help the user “find purity, sharpness, and coherence”. One inhaler is supposed to last “150-200 puffs” depending on the rate of usage and the depth of each puff.
I tried it almost as soon as it arrived, exactly one week after I had ordered it. It’s extremely easy to use, flame-less, and pretty. The first thing I noticed was the bright purple light activated when I took my first puff, then I noticed the extremely pleasant, tea-like smell of the smoke. It’s possible that it could be the placebo effect, but I actually DID feel calm today, despite having missed taking my Zoloft for the passed two days.

I don’t reek of smoke, my car, house, and clothes don’t reek of smoke, and it didn’t trigger my brother’s asthma like incense usually does.
It seems to work as promised.
It’s comforting and soothing.
It’s cute and easy to use.

The price - $20+ shipping for one inhaler is too steep for a broke college kid like me.
I don’t know if there are any health risks from inhaling diffused essential oil (MONQ is not FDA approved yet)
It leave a slight lingering smell of tea, which could be a pro or a con depending on if you care if you smell like delicious tea.

Overall I like this product, but I hate the price. I want every single blend but I can’t justify $26 each for 7 inhalers. That being said I will absolutely try the Sleep and Activity blends when I save up some money.

Product review?

Wtf am i doing with my life? Okay so i got a sample of some random korean beauty products the last time i ordered something online…like you always do, you know those little things. And there was this one packet of something with this long ass description of super vague korean trendy words translated into english that all make sense but like…what is this stuff? It said essence and i see the word moisture and so i put it on my face one night before bed because whats the worst that can happen right?

and i swear to god i woke up with my fucking FACE FEELING LIKE MAGIC holy shit it made my skin so nice.
So i tried it the second night and i swear to god ive gone BACK IN YEARS with only two days of using this stuff, what the actual fuck.
So i look at it again and its, hilariously called Snail 96. And im like okay so it has the souls of 96 snails in it, thats cool.

Well i bought a bottle today on amazon and AFTER i paid for it im reading and it says 96% Snail mucin….mucin sounds…kinda…

So i googled “what is snail mucin” and guys…its the slime.

Its 96% snail SLIME and im willingly rubbing it all over my face and ive never felt more alive.

I didnt even cancel the order. Im gonna let these fuckers slime me, i dont care.

okay the brand is Cosrx and its called Advanced Snail 96 mucin power essence and i got it for less than $15 bucks on amazon. Someone just said something about horse spit in the replies and im….man i love korean cosmetics, theyre so brave hahaha

Guys. This stuff. THIS STUFF. IS. AMAZING! I kept seeing it on Instagram and when I stumbled upon it at Winners, I decided to give it a go. The first time I tried it, it was a bit alarming to have all that charcoal in my mouth but thankfully I bought the citrus one. It really does whiten your teeth, I’ve had these yellowish stains on my teeth for years due to braces, but even those are fading! Totally inexpensive, bang for your buck, and it actually works! I cannot rave about this product enough!


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I made some purchases on Amazon while drunk and I filmed me opening them so you can see my remorse in real time!

Also it turned into an impromptu review of lipstick cause that’s how I roll apparently.


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SC cheesecake incredible

This big cheesecake is very rich and tastes scrumptious. The whole cake – 2.5oz is only 95 calories. I bought it several times from lindasdietdelight.com. I think that is the only place you can get it. It is pretty expensive.$3.99 for one cake plus more than $10 shipping. Am I able to trust the nutritional label? Can I get it cheaper somewhere else? 

I have to make a review!!!

So, Like, four days ago I bought a Limited Edition Flying Ointment called “Lavender Dreams” for @thiscrookedcrown after researching new ointments to try and seeing that she produced her own! 

So, I bought it immediately, no questions asked, while also talking to her about creating a custom ointment for me. Anywho, it shipped from Rhode Island and got here in TWO FLIPPING DAYS. Like I ordered it off Amazon or something! So that was awesome. 

Then, I got it today, it’s all packed up nice and neat. My dad has his own knife business, and so I know the technique that was used for packing, which ensures that it can’t be opened, and if it does, it’s obvious and hard to get the product out. Second bonus, I appreciated the extra effort to secure it! 

So, I open it up, first thing I see is a lovely hand written note! Then, there’s a little pamphlet with information on the salve, on the use of the herbs, on tips for astral projection, medicinal cautions for using the herbs, and other tips and tricks. I’m literally about to put it into my new Spellbook!!

THEN. TO TOP IT ALL OFF.  She includes a piece of Amethyst, which is my number one favorite crystal!!! AND THEN. YES THERE’S MORE. She wraps the salve in LAVENDER COLOURED TISSUE PAPER. 


I am obsessed with Lavender! Plus everything was tied nice and tight with some type of thread which will ALSO be taken advantage of! 

So basically 11 out of 10, would recommend, buy from again, I mean I got basically 5 things for the price of one :D I can’t wait to use the salve! 

Thank you so so much!!!!! @thiscrookedcrown


Hi Witches!

I want to tell you all a little bit about this stunning Moon Deck from the Etsy shop TheHedgeWitchy (@hedge-witchy)!

Use the code WITCHTIPS5 for 5% off until 01/01/17!

What it is:

The Moon Deck is “a 21 card oracle deck for all selenophiles!”. The deck comes shrink wrapped in a pretty carrying sack with a booklet that explains the designs and meanings of each card. Every card is named after a certain phase of the moon, including some special seasonal new moons such as the Harvest Moon and the Wolf Moon. The card designs are:

  • The New Moon
  • The Crescent Moon
  • The First Quarter Moon
  • The Gibbous Moon
  • The Disseminating Moon
  • The Third Quarter Moon
  • The Balsamic Moon
  • The Lunar Eclipse
  • The Solar Eclipse
  • The Wolf Moon
  • The Storm Moon
  • The Seed Moon
  • The Egg Moon
  • The Flower Moon
  • The Strawberry Moon
  • The Stag Moon
  • The Grain Moon
  • The Harvest Moon
  • The Hunter’s Moon
  • The Beaver Moon
  • The Cold Moon

How It Works:

The Moon Deck functions as most oracle decks do. The diviner shuffles their cards, cuts their deck (depending on their personal preference), draws 8 cards, and places them in a clockwise circular pattern. The spread is as follows.

Card 1 - What Was

Card 2 - What You Changed

Card 3 - What Is

Card 4 - What You Are Changing

Card 5 - What Will Be

Card 6 - What Will Be Changed

Card 7 - What Will Help You

Card 8 - What Will Hold You Back

My Thoughts/Experience:

When @hedge-witchy messaged me about trying out The Moon Deck I was extremely flattered and excited. Hedge-witchy lives in Australia, so I expected a bit of a wait for the cards to arrive, but they came much sooner than expected! They were shipped to me on 7/26 and arrived 8/8.

As soon as I opened the package and slid the cellophane-wrapped cards out I was mesmerized. Not only are the cards sleek and detailed, but their designs are unique and captivating as well. I’ve never worked with round cards before but when getting used to these I found that I really like doing so! I’m usually pretty bad at shuffling cards but these posed no problem for me. I think the spread that is outlined in the booklet is really useful and can be used for general or more specific readings. In the description on the Etsy page it says that “ As there is a smaller number of cards than a typical tarot deck this oracle deck is excellent for beginners”. I think this is a perfect deck for beginners but is also good for those who like to have a variety of decks or who want a deck that is easy to travel with. I plan on taking The Moon Deck with me to the West Coast next week.

I adore this deck and I am so thankful to @hedge-witchy for thinking of me! I’d also like to mention that there are some absolutely gorgeous skull-shaped crystal pendulums and pendulum boards in TheHedgeWitchy shop as well! I plan on purchasing one very soon! I also plan on doing a little video demonstration of these cards later this week!

Again, so much love to @hedge-witchy and so much love and adoration for these cards! They’re so beautifully designed and professionally packaged. I would recommend them to anyone who practices card divination.

- WitchTips ❣

Product Review #36!!!
If you are looking for an awesome face cleanser search no more. This. Stuff. Is. Awesome!!!!!! You just rub it into your face and it takes off all your makeup like magic even waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick! And you don’t even have to rinse it off if you don’t want to….just take a warm damp wash cloth and wipe it all away. Your face will feel like a baby’s booty afterward too! I seriously love it and am so glad I picked it up. Also not pricey and can be found at any drugstore. Got my at Walmart!


For those of you wondering how I prepped my long hair for wearing wigs, this answers your question!  Huge thanks to HeaHair for collaborating with me on this video!!

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVHpu9p_c8w)


 Organifi Green Juice Product Review - YouTube

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My weighted blanket, made by @chinchillinfloof, came today! It’s soooo soft and heavy. I made it 17 lbs because I like a lot of weight on me when I sleep, hence why I usually sleep on my stomach with my neck turned to the side. No more neck pain with this! I chose to theme it with my special interest, Doctor Who, with yellow on the back. Isaac, who made it, was excellent to work with. They were fantastic! And the best part? It was much more affordable than other weighted blankets. With shipping, it came out to about 113 dollars. For a weighted blanket, that’s a really really good price. Thank you, Isaac!


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Here’s a wig review I did a while ago for EvaHair!  I adored this wig SO MUCH, and I’d definitely recommend this company!

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MnvIA1EULs)


Amazing <3