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Harrison’s to do list

underappreciated camp camp things:

  • david crouching to be on eye-level with the kids
  • that thing neil does when he’s mad and he flails his arms around
  • the way nikki’s hair kind of acts like puppy ears
  • harrison’s accent
  • preston in general
  • momgwen aus
  • the fact that max and neil have a coffee machine in their tent and no one in universe has pointed it out or questioned it
  • nikki copying david during the camp camp song song
  • all the phrases on bonquisha’s shirts
  • nerris’ sidecut/undercut
  • max’s expression when he says “david-” after david swears
  • literally all of gwen’s book and magazine titles
  • nurf being ready to dress up as gwen at any given time

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anonymous asked:

Hey for the maxpres roommates au, would preston have like, a type writer? Because he likes that the paper and font seems really theater-y and that's where he types most of his scripts? (Maybe also types notes to Max?)

He most certainly does. Max spent way too much money on it as a Christmas gift, and ever since, his life has been filled with Regrets. 

Okay, but an AU where the Sole Survivor is instead Shaun’s grandmother/grandfather. Just a sweet, adorable elderly person who will kick ass, but adopts all the companions and others as their grandchildren.

“Hancock, no jet in the house!”

“Oh, Preston, sweetie, you are such a wonderful young man! I’m so proud of you!”

“Piper, your writing is magnificent! I framed your issue up on the so all my friends can see it!”

“Robert Joseph MacCready, get your feet off the table! Did your parents teach you etiquette?”

“Strong, Grandma/Grandpa has the milk of human kindness here… With your cookies.”

“Oh, you’re Maxson? You must have been eating your vegetables and drinking your milk because you’re such a big, strong boy!”

“Danse, honey, make sure to wear the sweater I made over your suit! The Brotherhood is going to be so jealous when they see you! You’ll be the coolest boy in the Commonwealth… Well, you always were to me!”