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I don’t think you could tie your shoes without me.”
“I’d make it a week.”
“A week, really? What’s your social security number?”
“Five? You’re missing just a couple of digits.”
Right, the other eight. Well, I have you for the other eight.”


“Cookie … jar … empty. No … hot … towels! Waxy … buildup!  Zhu Li!

“Zhu Li always greeted me in the morning with a– a hot cup of tea.”

“I can’t be expected to work without an assistant! Without Zhu Li, I’m helpless!”

Female character I try to understand: Pepper Potts, from Iron 1, 2, and 3, and Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There’s no denying Pepper Potts is a badass.  There’s also no denying Tony Stark is a lovable rogue, but I’ve never been able to quite fit my head around why someone as clever, capable, and in-control as Pepper would put up with Tony’s shit.  I like to think it’s less that Pepper can’t help herself and more that Pepper made a conscious decision, and it wasn’t just that love made it worth it.  I like to think that he’s the only one who can give her the challenge that she needs, that she thrives on, that she’s a thrill seeker and he’s a joy ride, she’s addicted to danger and he is a precipice along which she chooses to stride.  She believes in compassion and patience and politeness and so she is compassionate, patient and polite, but there is something bored inside her that is hungry for danger and for dirt, it lusts to crush everything that is too simple and too ordinary and too easy; and Tony is the only thing that can feed that hunger.

I like to think that Pepper has a darkness and a peril inside her that is sharper and deadlier than anyone in her universe, and that’s how I understand her.