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anonymous asked:

Comment fais-tu l'effet de flou sur Sai comme dans ton dernier dessin posté ? (je voulais te le demander en anglais, mais je ne savais pas comment le dire lol) (je ne sais pas si tu m'as comprise)

“How do you do that blur effect with SAI, like in your last drawing? (I wanted to ask it in english but I didn’t know how to say it lol) (I don’t know if you understood me)”

Okay, I’m replying in english because maybe there are people who want to know it too. 

I actually don’t use SAI for that effect because SAI can’t do it. lol I use something called “Photofiltre”. I’m pretty sure you can do it with Gimp or Photoshop.
I wouldn’t recommend to use Photofiltre for editing because it’s pretty outdated. But it’s been like 5 years I haven’t tried to use Gimp, so I can’t tell much about it.

Okay, since I’m using the french version, I don’t know how they translated it in english but I’m either using “Flou gaussien” (gaussian blur) or “Flou de mouvement” (motion blur).

1) So first, open your file. Then set is as “motif” (or “pattern”? Idk how they translated it).

2) Once you’re done, throw the blur effect. 

You’ll get this if you use the motion blur:

Too much motion blur, right? You can tone it down by lowering the opacity (I didn’t):

3) Grab the stamp tool and check “Motif”. You can change the pressure/size too.

4) Then, you can now remove that blur effect with the stamp tool.

[Okay, I tried to upload a gif, but tumblr broke it. So here you go if you wanna see it.]

I hope this will help you! 

                             DELIVERANCE -  救出 - Kyūshutsu

the action of being rescued or set free. 

                       Never forget how much I love you, you’re FREE now.