tag: moi

thank u @groovybb for making this lovely tag and also making this rly cute edit for me!

🍒 my name is Esther and I’m 16

🍒 I’m from the uk

🍒 I have a rabbit called cheeky and I love him very much

🍒 I’m doing a-levels at sixth form and I’m studying english literature, drama and sociology!

🍒 for music I love jorja smith, kali uchis, kendrick lomar and amy winehouse (I could crY when I listen to any of her songs)

🍒 my fav colours are orange, purple, pink and red (but not all at the same time)

🍒 my fav foods are strawberries and waffles w nutella and frozen fruit!!!!!!

🍒 my fav thing to Do is being w my friends either watching a film, going out somewhere new or literally just sitting in a park!

🍒 I have a low-key shopping problem and my fav shops are brandy melville and monki but I also shop at loads of vintage and charity shops as well as buying (and selling) loads of clothes on depop!

🍒 I love piercings and tattoos (even tho my mum hates them) and I can’t wait to get my first tattoo (idk what it will be yet tho)

ok those were a few facts abt me so that u guys can get to know me a bit better! u can all do it if u want to but I’m going to tag @fireable @ughpal and @spicedbby x