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“Seriously, my best friends don’t even call me by my first name. Hell, I’m not sure they even know my first name.”

*incoherent screaming* I had the absolute joy of being able to commission @projectnelm for an illustration of my Shepard and I’m so psyched with how she turned out. Look at her! All ready to save the universe and punch bad guys in the face!

I can’t praise @projectnelm enough, she’s amazingly talented and lovely to work with. Thank you so much!


When you went up against Sovereign, there was no good reason to believe you’d win. But your crew didn’t seem to care. They went along anyway. Your trip through the Omega-4 relay? That was a suicide mission if there ever was one. Yet there your crew was, standing beside you, proud to serve. Why? Because they believed in YOU, their leader! That’s what I need now. Where we’re taking them is likely to get pretty hairy, and I know you’re the one who will get us to the other side.

Confession:  I romanced Suvi on my first play though, she kinda reminded me of Kelly Chambers and she was cute but after seeing no love scene, no real show of the love that her and Ryder are supposed to have I was a little mad. Then I see Vetra, Cora and a few others have sex scenes and to me they feel more connected with Ryder then the one with Suvi. Now I’m not saying there should be a sex scene with Suvi but just more romance between the two, like how they are adding more stuff with Gil and Scott.

mod note: as of the time of this confession, no new content has been added for Gil and Scott.