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31 J2 Tinhat Facts (Updated Edition)

This is an updated version of the hot tea I severed back in 2016. You will see some of the same facts that I have used before in my previous TInhat facts post, along with a some of my own commentary/opinions. However, you will also see new facts added to this list, hence why this is now 31 Tinhat facts instead of 21. Many Tinhats already know these facts, but for those of you that don’t and for my new followers here you go.


1.) Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles both had mutual friends/acquaintances in common before they even met one another. 

2.) J2 shared a mortgage back when they lived together in the earlier seasons of Supernatural. (I have linked below one of my many “Friendly Reminders” that I made back in March of 2016 that shows the screen shots and proof of what Sona, the writer of the article had to say about how “we” (most likely meaning her and her team) fact checked the mortgage situation. Aren’t facts beautiful you guys? Keep in mind this was back in 2009 and while being a J2 Tinhat was certainly a thing and gaining traction. This was sort of before “Tinhatting” was HUGE on basically every social media platform like it is now.)

Link: Jensen and Jared Sharing a Mortgage

3.) Jensen Ackles “married” one of his former close friends and fellow actor Riley Smith’s ex-girlfriend Danneel Harris now known as Danneel Ackles on May 15th, 2010.

4.) Jared Padalecki worked with Jensen’s friend Riley Smith, who was dating Danneel at the time lol, in the Olsen twins movie New York Minute which was released in 2004.

5.) Cliff (the J’s “bodyguard”) has posted on Spn_gossip a few times in the past.

6.) Genevieve Padalecki’s sister posted on Spn_Gossip in the past too and said  regarding the J’s and I quote (grammar errors included): “What business of yours if they are gay and straight? They don’t owe you anything. You people sound vindictive and nasty.” Once Gen’s sister realized that she accidentally posted off anon, she deleted her comment. But it was too late, she’d already been caught lol.

7.) Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby on the show. Has publicly admitted to reading on Spn_Gossip for many years and has posted on there in the past as well.

8.) One of Jensen’s more publicly known “girlfriends” Joanna Krupa (from The Real Housewives of Miami) said she used to beard for someone. Keep in my Jensen was her only famous “boyfriend” that she “truly” dated. She has recently gotten divorced from her husband of many years. Also on the show another housewife accused her of being an escort and everyone knowing about it.

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Since it’s been causing such a stir on Twitter here’s my cockles photo op and auto story.

I’ve been planning this op since we got the preview for 13.06 Tombstone. (The best ep in s13 imo). Anyway. I was mostly inspired by Jensen’s love for all things western. The purpose of this photo op was to achieve him to get into the zone and to really enjoy himself (which I’ll get to in a minute through my auto story as well). Also it wasn’t supposed to be a shippy op so some of y’all can just zip it. It was a joke. A gag.

Anyway. I just wanna give a quick shout out to Natalie for giving me the immediate go ahead for the op idea and finding the reference picture. And then a shout out to Mckayla, Rachel, Niamh, Zerbe, and Scout for the support and helping me get past my anxiety to do this and reassuring me that Jensen was going to love it. Spoiler alert: He did.

Long story short (prolly not) because just getting the rope was a mini adventure all on its own, it was Sunday, and I was shaking with nerves because of my anxiety and because I love jensen and Misha so much and I was just hoping they had fun doing this. So I get up to the front of the line and I had the reference picture ready to go (side bar: apparently you have to give your phone to the volunteers so they can show jenmish the reference picture which I found kinda confusing but eh it’s okay 🤷🏼‍♀️). So here’s where the chaos starts. I didn’t get to talk to them about it to explain more. I didn’t get to propose it to them or tell them they didn’t have to do that. They DID THAT. On their own.

So I go up there, handed out the hats - I was going for the black/white cowboy hat trope, where the good cowboys wore white, and the not so good ones wore black. So that Jensen was our good cowboy in white and we wrangled ourselves a renegade - and Misha started to grab mine. I stopped him, told him that one was mine, put it on my head. Jensen - okay sidebar #2 or 3? Idk: I had made actual lassos the night before with the loop and everything. One for me, and one for Jensen. Again I didn’t get to say anything. Those two just took the reins or Jensen mostly did since he knew what he was doing 😂 - took one of the lassos, Misha took the other one and handed it to the volunteer and that’s where I was even more confused. I just stood there trying to figure out what was even happening at that point. Misha turns to me and asks, “so who’s getting tied up?” And Jensen yells at him, “YOU ARE!” Like get it together Misha. (Sidebar # whatever: my reference picture literally had arrows pointing at who was who and in what positions. It had their their literal names on it too lol poor Misha). So again I was just standing there, third wheeling like nobody’s business, while Jensen wraps the rope around Misha himself. It was all very fascinating to watch. 🤷🏼‍♀️

At that point I was wondering what hell I was doing there because Jensen was in his element. He got into position like the damn good cowboy/actor he is. Technically I had woken up at that point and realized I was supposed to be in this op too and I was like, “wait I’m supposed to-.“ Jensen goes, “Hold the other end?” And he hands it to me. We all get in position once again. Chris takes the shot.

I get all of my props back. Misha was getting to rachel who was behind me, and I hear Chris shout out, “RETAKE!” to mess with me. I froze. I probably looked nervous af, because Jensen and I were like looking at each other then he looked at Schmelke, and I guess there was some communication there because he started smiling (and I just don’t know, I was just focused on jensen at this point.) and he turned to me, laughed and told me [Chris] was joking. And I was like “Oh, okay.” Cause I honestly wanted to get out of there since I felt like I was holding up the line which, in my defense, was all of their faults.

So I was done. But before I left, I turned to Jensen again and I just blurted out with a pathetic look on my face probably, “I’m so sorry 😣.” And his face. His face literally slowly started with a small smile and grew into one of those dazzling full teeth smiles and eye crinkles included. Like oh shit my brain died, and it was all a blur and he was saying reassurances to me but I can’t remember what lol.

So I get my op back later and I had a jensen auto. I was going to originally have him sign something else that I had Misha sign on Saturday (which I regret now but w/e there are other cons) but I decided nah I needed a post reaction. I’m usually very shy and don’t know how to talk to people so the talk wasn’t too extravagant but his face said it all.

There were two people in front of me when I got up to the table. I gave my op to the first handler and she looks at it and laughs. When she passes it off to the next handler, jensen had finished with the first of the two and happened to glance down at my op before signing the persons poster in front of me. He instantly smiled and his shoulders were doing the thing where you’re trying to hold in laughter. And then when he actually got the op in front of him, he took his damn time examining it. He just had that eye crinkling smile on his face, and I go, “This was such a mess.” And that closed-lipped, eye crinkling smile turned into full fledged teeth and everything which made me start laughing because honestly he was such a sweetheart about everything. He really enjoyed it and poor guy was struggling to find a place to sign it. Someone behind me was commenting on it. I think she said, “he’s like ‘did I really take it that seriously?’” Because he was taking such a long time to sign it. And he laughs and goes, “Yup! I remember!” He signs it and gives it back to me and we thank each other at the same time. The whole experience was magical.

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