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also me: the closer you look at franky and his backstory, the more horrifying it gets. i mean, he turned himself into a cyborg using old scrap metal, on a dirty abandoned ship with no medical knowledge or tools, without any help. he was gone for four years. is that how long it took him? not to mention the cybernetics themselves. most of franky’s body is metal. but after getting hit by the sea train he was still mostly intact. this means, at some point, franky cut off his own arms and legs, his stomach, his nose, and at least one eye. like he wasn’t just adding metal to broken parts, he flat out replaced them. he had to make working nerves. he had to make veins that could transport cola. he had to cut out one of his own goddamn eyes. he had to, at some point, cut out his own stomach and replace it with a fridge. what the actual fuck.


Medusa, meaning “guardian, protectress” was a Gorgon, a chthonic female monster. Of the three mythological Gorgon sisters (Euryale, Medusa and Stheno), Medusa was the only mortal one.

Originally Medusa was a very beautiful maiden with luscious and soft hair. She grew up and became a priestess in one of goddess Athena’s temples. Like all priestesses she was bound by an eternal oath of chastity. Poseidon (“God of the Sea”) saw the beautiful Medusa one day and raped her in Athena’s temple. The goddess, enraged by the fact, could not harm Poseidon and so she unleashed her rage on Medusa. She punished Medusa by turning her into a horrifying monster, with hair made from snakes and the ability to turn onlookers into stone. As further punishment  Athena exiled Medusa to an island on the western edge of the world, were she awaited her fate. Years passed and eventually Perseus showed up with a magic shield that was given to him by Athena to slay the poor girl- by chopping off her head. From her headless neck sprung out Pegasus, a winged horse and a giant with a gold sword named Chrysaor. It is said that these were the children of Poseidon trapped inside the monstress due to her punishment.

Perseus used Medusa’s head as a weapon during subsequent battles prior to returning to Athena. Athena then took the head from Perseus and threw it into her shield where it remained.