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XVII century spanish writers you should fight
  • Lope de Vega: fight Lope. You might not win, and if you do he will write angry poems about you discrediting your whole life and work, and use this life experience in 28788273 of his works, but it’s totally worth it. Also, Quevedo probably won’t like it, 8/10 would fight.
  • Luis de Góngora: don’t fight Góngora. You might win if you try really hard but Quevedo would enjoy that a lot. Don’t. 4/10 I know it’s tempting, but don’t.
  • Francisco de Quevedo: do it. FIGHT QUEVEDO. You will win. He’s physically weak and, while he will roast you and your entire family in his poetry so badly you won’t want to be seen ever again, it’s so worth it. Please. Fight Quevedo. I will give you my firstborn child. 1000000/10 please do
  • Miguel de Cervantes: why would you want to fight Cervantes. This man has had a difficult life. He only wanted to be good at theater but instead he started a new narrative genre. 0/10 don’t fight Cervantes. 
  • Calderón de la Barca: fuck it. Why not. Fight Calderón. He had a very pessimistic view of life, and if you win you’ll probably feel bad for him, but maybe he’ll get something out of it. 7/10 i don’t really give a shit about this man but maybe he’ll get some inspiration for his work.