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Work break to contemplate the doctor…. the doctor I draw leans more to the right side. But in his personality spectrum, he can still be bubbly and exciteable!!!

btw .. (ρ゚∩゚) the chocolate gasters weren’t tasty at all… I’m so sad!!! 残念だけどチョコガスターは不味かったの….全っ然美味しくない!!!。゚(´つω・`。)゚。うえぇん

I’ve received some messages in the past asking me how do i pick my colors… and i did this in an attemp to explain myself 💦💦 i might have failed.

Well the thing is, i don’t consider myself very good at painting nor i think i use really WOAH AWESOME colors so i get a little lost when asked how do i pick my palettes when really is not rocket science.

My best advice as a person who have no idea what are they doing is to E X P E R IM E N T.

Don’t limit yourself from what you see on the real world. Feel like coloring a girl with blue skin? using pink as a shadow? go for it! try stuff! even if it ends up looking hella weird! at least you tried you know. And tbh is fun.

I guess thats what my “creative process” is all about. How many different ways i can put pink on a drawing Hahaha

i hope yall have a good week🌸 i feel super stupid for doing this hahah!


Compared to other groups of animals, there aren’t all that many mammal species. But Cetacea, the order of the whales, with its mere 80-90 species is unusually small, even by mammal standards; primates for example have almost 400 species, and the order of the rodents has about 2200! And yet, despite their small numbers, there is such an incredible diversity between the whales, from the big and mighty bowhead whale to the small and sleek harbour porpoise. Not only do the depicted species illustrate this broad diversity in shapes and sizes, they also occur in a single geographical location for at least part of their ranges.

This is a really old drawing, but I still quite like it!

“The point with penguins”

With the gift of some fineliner pens came the perfect opportunity to try out pointillism for the first time. Lots of fun! I based all of these on photo references, but I can’t find them back on the interwebs :/ If you recognise any of these, please tell me! Then I can properly credit the photographers.

Fun fact: several penguin species, including King and Emperors, have square pupils!