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It says a lot that these days in an episode, whenever I see a scene where Daphne–

–actually has normal, proper human posture–

–it feels like I just found some rare easter egg, because in case you haven’t seen previous posts

–we’ve had some rather, uh–

”interesting” Daphne postures that make me worry for her Silly Putty spine.

*just a little later in the episode*

…well, that didn’t take long.

Back to her spine’s standard MO, alright.

*a few minutes after that*

Oh… uh… well. That’s not BAD per se, but it still seems a little… hmm.

It’s on the edge, so I’ll mark this one “spinally-questionable,” which is a nice improvement. Good on her!

*immediately after*


I guess we’re back to square one, folks.