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2013 Movie Challenge

178. The Help (2011, Tate Taylor)

My residence has a monthly movie night I think, but I’ve never gone. I saw that they were screening this movie and my family have all nagged me about seeing it, somehow I’ve avoided it thus far but I figured, having nothing better to do on a Thursday night and the date coinciding with my roommate moving back (after a 4 week absence) we decided to take the plunge.

I can’t say I was disappointed because I really wasn’t all that jazzed about seeing it. I just didn’t think it brought anything new to the table. Good story perhaps and worth telling, but I feel like I got everything out of this movie just by seeing the trailer and the pie scene (which I had seen already). Maybe I’m made of stone (but I don’t think I am) I just wasn’t moved, I wanted something more. 

It wasn’t the white saviour film to the extent that I expected, so that was good I guess. I also liked the bit with the Bob Dylan song. And Jessica Chastain. 

That’s about it. Sorry The Help fans. 

Oh yeah, a week later one of my German roommates asked how I liked it and I said “it was ok,” and she said she really liked it, she didn’t know anything about the segregation of white and black people in the States so she thought it was interesting. I couldn’t really explain why I didn’t think it was all that great, nor did I feel like dampening her enthusiasm. I just felt bad because clearly she wanted to gush to me about it in some way but the communication broke down somewhere along the way.