How many times have you said you were going to see a local band and you changed your mind? Maybe you were being nice, maybe something came up, maybe plans just changed. 

One thing that has not changed in the music industry is the attendance rates when it comes to people saying they are coming to a show. 

If 10 people say they are coming, count on 1. 
If you are playing a room that packs 200. Market to 2000 to fill the room. 

Market a show like the room is ten times the size and you will find better results and better attendance. - http://musicbizmemes.com/

Lots of things will go wrong when you are not making decisions in your right mind. 

The delusional approaches and half ass actions and effort you put in to your career will only deliver the same type of results. 

Step up, dont look for just the short cut  in the music business or in getting signed to a record label, and take time to dig, research and check every possibly opportunity presented to you. if it seems to good to be true… especially in the music business, IT IS! - http://musicbizmemes.com/

Step up, Step out, Step on or step the fuck down and get out of the way!

Looking for the easiest advice to follow, with the fewest details, no real proof of concept, that will take the least amount of time to achieve the most unrealistically amazing results you are looking for…is a foolish search.

If you think any action, approach or plan that allows for the following equation to work:…

Easiest Advice x Few Details - Proof + Least amount of time = Unrealistically Amazing Results!
….Then it is time to save yourself the pain, and get the hell out of the music business. 

This formula destroys most, and in the cases where it works less than one percent of the time, it costs people their lives, percentages and long term futures. 

STOP making your plan align with the 0.01 percent and work to create a plan of action that can help you survive, succeed and sustain in one of the most volatile (and at the same time) one of the most incredible industries out there. 

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Music Business Consultant & Speaker Loren Weisman is the author of TAG2nd (a book that doesn’t shortcut.) More about Loren and his music business book at http://lorenweisman.com/your-book/

‪#‎MusicianMemes‬ - If you give something away as a free download, don’t expect to pull it and charge for it later. A great deal of artists piss off fans and licensing folks, when they put something out for free, then want to charge for it later. 

If you give a song away for free. Either make it a cover song or make it a song that remains free and is used for strong ‪#‎musicmarketing‬ to bring people to your other songs and merchandise. 

Respect your fans, showcase your professionalism and see how things appear from another view. This will help you from making mistakes that can cost fans or hurt your career in the long run. - Musician Memes fromhttp://musicianmemes.com/

#MusicMarketingMemes -Speak the truth, speak your truth and keep your actions uniform and in line with your message. 

You will be worlds ahead of most that say different things in front of different people, talk nonstop hype with no delivery and do not practice as they preach. 

Be the proof of concept for your actions, your honor and your career. - http://musicbizmemes.com/

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‪#‎MusicianMemes‬ - A lack of planning, non existent marketing and zero promotion mixed with an excess of delusions, arrogance and thinking everyone else is going to make it happen for you, will keep you from your dreams, your goals and a solid career in the ‪#‎musicbusiness‬

The more you work, learn and organize yourself to create the most solid foundation to grow from, the more you will achieve. - Musician Memes fromhttp://musicianmemes.com/

‎#MusicianMemes - It seems that some seems to be better at giving advice than following their own. 

Inspiring others and helping other is a great thing, but dont forget to get your self inspired, get off your ass and get to the work you need to do in order to make your dreams come true in the ‎#MusicIndustry or any other venture. 

Inspire others by being leading by example and being a proof of concept, over just copying out pictures and quotes that you should be following yourself. - More Musician Memes at http://musicianmemes.com/

 — withGrumpy Cat Rules All.

For those that claim, all they need is for their music to be heard and then they will be on their way… If the same people are hearing the same music, every weekend in the same places, your career is going to stay in the same place it currently is. 

Get out. travel, Stretch your limits and limit the amount of times you play with in a certain radius. It will widen your fan base while at the same time, keep local fans more interested. 

If you are a “must see”, instead of a “I can see them whenever” - You will see audiences grow and maintain. #MusicMarketing for gigging  - http://musicbizmemes.com/

Amazing how so many, so easily forget the realities and the truths to the #musicbusiness. 

At the same time, its flat out sad that part of someones dream includes some one else, others or a record label to handle everything else. 

Then… if by the .000whatever percent chance, that artist gets picked up or has there career taken care of by others, they are the ones to bitch the loudest about being screwed over by their contracts, label or investors. - http://musicbizmemes.com/